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Virgin Islands Energy Office

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Virgin Islands Energy Office. How To Save On Your WAPA Bill. Three Steps to Reduce Your WAPA Bill. Identify energy burners in your home Control energy usage Water Conservation methods. Energy burners in your home. Central air conditioning systems Water heaters Appliances lighting.

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virgin islands energy office

Virgin Islands Energy Office

How To Save On Your WAPA Bill

three steps to reduce your wapa bill
Three Steps to Reduce Your WAPA Bill
  • Identify energy burners in your home
  • Control energy usage
  • Water Conservation methods
energy burners in your home
Energy burners in your home
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Water heaters
  • Appliances
  • lighting
controlling energy usage
Controlling energy usage
  • Consult A/C contractor for proper sizing of central A/C systems.
  • Set water heater thermostat to 100 degrees
  • Purchase energy star logo equipments and use energy guide label to compare operating cost.
  • Use fluorescent as your primary light source (tubes,or compact)
sizing of electric water heaters
Sizing of electric water heaters

Family Size

2 – 4 people

Tank capacity

30 gals.

5 – 7 people

50 gals.

7 & up

80 gals.


Turn thermostat down to 100-115 degrees

Insulate tank with blanket

Insulate 20’of hot water pipe from the tank

Turn off or unplug when not in use

Install a timer

Consider purchasing a solar water

water conservation methods
Water Conservation Methods

One drop per second from a leaky faucets, showerheads,and Pipes can total 2,400 gals per year

Use aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets

  • Save an average of 900 gals per year

Use low –flow showerheads 1.6 – 2.0gals per minute

All toilets now sold should have capability to flush with 1.6gal or 1gal per flush

Full loads when washing clothes

85% of energy use for clothes washing is to heat water

WAPA’s residential water rate $16.90 per 1,000gals

Home water delivery services average rate $53.00 per 1000gals

energy star logo
Energy Star Logo

A voluntary partnership of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U. S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency,manufactures, retailers, Utilities,and State organizations worldwide. Energy Star promotes the development and sale of high quality energy efficient products that exceeds federal specification for energy use.

energy guide label
Energy Guide Label

This label is required by Federal law to be displayed on major home appliances that consumers can compare energy operating cost with other models of comparable size and type. Some appliances like kitchen range(Stove) and microwave are exempt from the labeling rule. That’s because there is little difference in energy use between different models.

how to read my monthly bill

How To Read My Monthly Bill


Charges On My Bill