the middle colonies l.
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The Middle Colonies

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The Middle Colonies. Chapter 6 section 2 Pages 157-162. The middle colonies:. Included: New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware. Farming. Farmers in the middle colonies had many advantages: Rich soil Mild climate Long growing season Deep rivers. Crops for sale.

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the middle colonies

The Middle Colonies

Chapter 6 section 2

Pages 157-162

the middle colonies2
The middle colonies:
  • Included:
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
    • New Jersey
    • Delaware
  • Farmers in the middle colonies had many advantages:
    • Rich soil
    • Mild climate
    • Long growing season
    • Deep rivers
crops for sale
Crops for sale
  • Because of good soil and climate people could produce crops to sell
  • These became known as Cash Crops- crops grown to sell for profit
  • They produced so much grain they became known as the bread basket colonies
port cities
Port cities
  • Many farmers in the middle colonies shipped their goods through Philadelphia and New York
  • They shipped them via the Delaware river and the Hudson river
conestoga wagon
Conestoga Wagon
  • Many of the Pennsylvania Dutch utilized the Conestoga wagon
  • It was:
    • Larger
    • More sturdy
    • Covered
    • Large wheels
new york farmers
New York farmers
  • Owning land was very important to the colonists
  • 5 families owned most of the land (their estates could cover up to 2 million acres)
  • The owner or Patroon ran their estates like tiny kingdoms
  • People who farmed the land had to pay rent
cities grow quickly
Cities Grow Quickly
  • By the mid 1700’s Philadelphia and New York were the two largest cities in the colonies
  • They were important trading and manufacturing centers
  • Cities were a contrast to the quiet countryside
    • Streets were paved with brick or cobblestone
    • They were lined with shops and inns
    • Crowds of people spoke many languages
a different kind of community
A different kind of community:
  • The middle colonies were settled by people from many countries with different:
    • Beliefs
    • Customs
    • languages
many religions
Many Religions:
  • The colonies did not have any single religion that was more powerful then the others
  • Religions included
    • Roman catholic
    • Jewish
    • Amish
    • Mennonite
    • Calvinists
    • Quaker
    • Lutherans
country customs and fun
Country Customs and Fun
  • People worked together to:
    • Clear land
    • Barn raising
    • Sheep shearing
    • Quilting
the frontier
The Frontier
  • Early colonists settled along the Atlantic coast and the banks of large rivers
  • As more people arrived they moved further inland
  • Frontier- a thinly settled area on the outer limits of the colonies
  • For the middle colonies the frontier was the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains
people on the frontier
People on the frontier
  • People who settled here were mainly seeking new adventure and freedom
  • They had to partake in extra chores like:
    • Cutting logs for their house and fires
    • Make furniture
    • Make candles
    • Make clothes
    • Educate their children
dangers on the frontier
Dangers on the frontier
  • Because families on the frontier all faced many dangers and hardships:
    • They gained a spirit of independence and equality
    • Women worked alongside men
    • Different culture groups shared thoughts and ideas
    • There were no social class distinctions