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The American Way Celebrated World-wide. All American Toys. Presents Thomas Edison, the latest MENSA Action Hero. T. E. TE. Biographical Information. Introduction

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American Way



All American Toys

Presents Thomas Edison, the latest MENSA Action Hero




  • Biographical
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In the long history of world famous inventors, there are many great names like Leonardo DiVinci, inventor of the first tank, and submarine; Ben Franklin, inventor of bifocals and the lightening rod; and screen actress Hedy Lamarr, inventor of a top-secret communications system that helped America and the Allies win World War II. These inventors won fame not just for their genius but for the many admirable personal qualities they displayed in the course of their work, as well. They are heroes because of who they are as people. When one considers the many inventor/heroes worthy of our respect and admiration, there is one who stands among the greatest. That man is Thomas Alva Edison whose independence, tenacity, and creativity qualify him as a perfect MENSA action hero.

  • Independence
  • Tenacity
  • Creativity
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