qin shi huang di l.
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Qin Shi Huang Di

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Qin Shi Huang Di. 1 st Emperor of China. How do you unify a whole nation?. Connect Standardize. From. To. Connecting China Allowed Shi HuangDi to easily…. Collect taxes Send armies to villages to stop rebellions Send important messages or laws to everyone. From. Connecticut.

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qin shi huang di

Qin Shi Huang Di

1st Emperor of China

connecting china allowed shi huangdi to easily
Connecting China Allowed Shi HuangDi to easily…
  • Collect taxes
  • Send armies to villages to stop rebellions
  • Send important messages or laws to everyone


New Jersey


  • Money
  • Cart axels
  • Weights a measures
  • Law Code
  • Writing Systems
  • Thoughts (tried)
quote from the han dynasty
Quote from the Han dynasty

“The King of Qin, with his arches long eyes, puffed out chest like a hawk and a voice of a jackal is a man of scant mercy who has the heart of a tiger or wolf. When he is in difficulty he readily humbles himself before others, but when he has gotten his way, he thinks nothing of eating others alive…if the King of Qin should ever get his way with the world, then the whole world will end up his prisoner.” (Qian: 1993:38-39)

quote from qin dynasty adviser
Quote from Qin dynasty adviser
  • “The ruler alone should possess all the power, wielding it like lightning and thunder.” (Han Fei-tzu)