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Marvelous Mars

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Marvelous Mars By: Kyle Staton Introduction

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Marvelous Mars

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marvelous mars

Marvelous Mars


Kyle Staton


We have been on a quest to Mars for quite some time. We have also been sending probes to research it. Mars is the new frontier. There is a lot to discover on this planet. It is the most similar planet to Earth. I will present information on this magnificent planet.

marveling at mars
Marveling at Mars
  • Red because if its composition, of iron oxide
  • Very desert like and rocky
  • Has two moons, Probos and Deimos

atmosphere of big red
Atmosphere Of Big Red
  • Many huge dust storms
  • Dry and cold
  • Thin air
  • We can live on this planet with the right equipment.

how far away are we from mars
How Far Away Are We From Mars?
  • 227,633,260 km away from the sun.
  • 54,500,000 km from Earth.
  • A trip would take about 25 months.

what equipment do we need
What Equipment Do We Need?
  • I want to send a probe to see if Mars is habitable.
  • Also I want to have a large space ship to bring parts for a base.

mission goal what i d like to know
Mission Goal: What I’d Like to Know
  • Is there are any life forms like one-celled organisms?
  • If it’s possible, I would like to have a fuel station and living quarters on Mars,_original.jpg

  • From this presentation you can see that Mars is totally magnificent. There is so much information on Mars that we have not even found out about.