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P.I.M.B.S Ltd.

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P.I.M.B.S Ltd. The Professional Institute of Marketing & Business Studies Limited. P.I.M.B.S Ltd. Partners in Education. P.I.M.B.S Ltd. Offers a Wide Variety of Learning Options for… . Certificates and Diplomas Associates and Bachelors Degrees Masters Degrees. Tertiary Passport.

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p i m b s ltd

P.I.M.B.S Ltd.

The Professional Institute of Marketing & Business Studies Limited

p i m b s ltd offers a wide variety of learning options for
P.I.M.B.S Ltd. Offers a Wide Variety of Learning Options for…
  • Certificates and Diplomas
  • Associates and Bachelors Degrees
  • Masters Degrees
tertiary passport
Tertiary Passport
  • P.I.M.B.S Ltd. very own program that provides you with the skills to compete in today’s competitive business landscape:
  • Develop writing skills
  • Build your command of English
  • Plan and organize your work
  • Develop good study skills
  • Express yourself clearly and persuasively
  • Construct logical arguments
  • Improve your knowledge of Consumer Mathematics
institute for the management of information systems certificates and diplomas
Institute for the Management of Information SystemsCertificates and Diplomas

Setting the standards for excellence in Information Systems Management

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) is an international professional association devoted to supporting and promoting the profession of Information Systems Management.

imis diplomas
IMIS Diplomas

Foundation Diploma

  • Communication Skills
  • Arithmetic
  • Computing Awareness
  • Use of packages
  • Book Keeping
  • Office Practice


  • Information Systems Practice
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Communications and Business Technologies
  • Programming and Web Applications
  • Business Information Systems
  • Information Systems Building
imis diplomas1

Higher Diploma

  • Management Information Systems
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Contemporary Information Systems Development
  • Database Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Information Systems Project
chartered institute of management accountants diplomas
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Diplomas

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), founded in 1919, is one of the oldest professional organizations devoted to Financial Management and Cost Accounting that offers a globally recognized professional Management Accounting qualification.


CIMA Diplomas

  • Level 1 – Operational Level
  • The Global Business Environment
  • Information Systems
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Level 2 – Management Level
  • Strategic Management and Assessing the Competitive Environment
  • Project Management
  • Management of Relationships
  • Level 3 – Strategic Level
  • Interacting with the Competitive Environment
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation of Strategic Options
  • Implementation of Strategic Plans

Chartered Institute of Marketing Diplomas

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the largest, longest established, most respected and recognized marketing organization, bar none. CIM’s qualifications will make a real difference in your career.


CIM Diplomas

Introductory Certificate in Marketing

  • What is Marketing
  • Understanding Customer Relationships

CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Assessing the Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Information and Research
  • Stakeholder Marketing

CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing

  • Marketing Planning Process
  • Delivering Customer Value through Marketing
  • Managing Marketing
  • Project Management in Marketing

CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing

  • Emerging Themes
  • Analysis and Decision
  • Marketing Leadership and Planning
  • Managing Corporate Reputation

CIM Diplomas from


  • PIMBS Ltd. Marketing instructors are graduates of CIM
  • The highest number of marketers in Caribbean are graduates of PIMBS Ltd.
  • Consistently high pass-rate
  • Job placement both locally and internationally

Association of Business Executives Diplomas

Association of Business Executive programs are taught at institutions worldwide, and such institutions are given approval to run ABE only after they have submitted full details of their prospectus, teaching staff and site facilities which must meet the criteria set by the ABE Education Committee.


ABE Diplomas

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Business Management

Business Information Systems Program

Human Resource Management

Financial Management


Institute of Administrative Management

Certificates and Diplomas

Established in 1915, the Institute of Administrative Management is the only international professional body for both practicing and aspiring Administrative Managers and all those who work in administration.


IAM Diplomas

The Certificate in Administrative Management

  • Inside Organizations
  • Working with people
  • Administrative Practice
  • Learning Diary and Project Report


  • People in Organizations
  • Professional Administration
  • Information for Decision Making
  • Administrative Systems and Processes
  • Case Study or Project Report

Advanced Diploma

  • Administrative Systems in the Organization
  • Strategic Issues in Administration
  • Administrative Management of Resources
  • Human Resource Management and Practice
  • Case Study or Project Report

P.I.M.B.S Ltd. Advantage:

  • Has a Fellow of ABE and its teaching staff.
  • Has a Fellow of IAM and its teaching staff.
  • Consistently high pass-rate
  • Accredited Centre
occupational safety health standards association
Occupational Safety & Health Standards Association

OSHA's role is to promote the safety and health of America's working men and women by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach and education; establishing partnerships; and encouraging continual process improvement in workplace safety and health.

10 hr general industry 30 hr general industry 29 cfr part 1910
10 Hr. General Industry &30 Hr. General Industry 29 CFR Part 1910
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Hazard Communication
  • Egress and Fire Protection (Exits Routes, Emergency
  • Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plan and Fire Protection)
  • Electrical and Lockout/ Tagout
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Blood Borne
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Machine Guarding
  • S&H Programs
  • Walking and Working Surfaces
p i m b s ltd environmental science division
P.I.M.B.S Ltd. Environmental Science Division
  • The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Limited is the only institute in he Caribbean to offer all three (3) levels of Environmental Science in one institute:
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Masters
the environmental science program
The Environmental Science Program
  • M.Sc Course Content:
  • Critical Issues about the Environment
  • Earth as a system
  • Life and the Environment
  • Sustainable Living Resources
  • Energy
  • Water Environment
  • Air Environment
  • Environment and Society
  • Global Warming
  • The Certificate Course Content:
  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Air Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Water Quality
  • Solid Waste
  • Agricultural Management
  • Laboratory Experiments
  • Diploma Course Content:
  • Advance Qualitative Methods for Healthy for Health Policy
  • Chemistry and Issues in the Environment
  • Chemistry and Physics of Atmospheric Pollution
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Geology
p i m b s ltd computer short courses
P.I.M.B.S Ltd.Computer Short Courses

The Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. offers a wide range of Computer Courses. These courses would help you to apply yourself better in the work place.

computer literacy
Computer Literacy
  • History of the Computer
  • Parts of computer and their functions
  • Using commands to perform functions
  • About viruses and anti-viruses, electrical hazards and safety measures.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Windows XP.
computer touch typing
Computer Touch Typing
  • Learning about the different parts of the computer
  • Learning about the different parts of the keyboard.
  • Achieving a speed of 25 wpm (introductory level)
microsoft office
Microsoft Office
  • This course is an intensive program which includes:
  • Computer Literacy
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
the internet
The Internet
  • This course is tailored to help students understand and learn about the Internet.
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Connection to the Net
  • Surfing with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Using the E-mail service
  • Creating a Web page.
web page design
Web Page Design
  • Introduction to HTML
  • The HTML Language
  • Formatting Tags
  • Structure and Attributes of Web page Design
  • Book-keeping
  • Invoicing
  • Using QuickBooks Navigator
  • Creating Progress Billing Invoices
  • Tracking Accounts Receivable
  • Making Chequebook Adjustments
  • Balance Sheets
  • Budgeting
graphic arts
Graphic Arts
  • Introduction
  • Using toolbox functions
  • Using menu functions
  • Using panel functions
  • Creating paths
  • Design car advertisement
  • Design Billboard/Dangler Ads
  • Design food advertisement with intro Ad
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Define the role and value of marketing in today’s increasingly competitive and dynamic environment
  • Define the management of marketing situations
  • Apply marketing mix
  • Ethics in marketing
  • Apply marketing principles to the analysis, planning, implementation and control of policies designed to achieve marketing and corporate objectives in both profit and non-profit organizations
travel tourism
Travel & Tourism
  • Understanding the concept of the relationship between leisure, recreation and tourism
  • Stress inter-relationship between component parts of tourism
  • Understand the main and total components of transport activities
  • Be aware of the different administrative organizations for tourism in the public sector
  • Identify the main sectors of the tourism industry and be aware of their operating characteristics
selling sales management
Selling & Sales Management
  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • Psychoanalyzing the sales force
  • Role of the sales force
  • Characteristics of sales people
  • Creating sales opportunity
  • Dealing with objections
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
international business manager
International Business manager
  • The International Business environment
  • The idea of trade, barriers of trade
  • Negotiation skills
  • Business communication
  • Business French
  • Business Spanish
  • International Marketing
  • The business plan
  • Leadership
international marketing
International Marketing
  • The International Environment
  • Global Markets
  • International Marketing Decisions
  • Modes of entry into overseas markets
  • Organizing International marketing
  • International Marketing mix
  • Standardization and Adaptation
  • International Trade
human resource management
Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of organization behavior
  • Introduction to HRM
  • Selecting, Recruiting, Motivation
  • Employee Turnover
  • International Human Resources
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Group Dynamics
  • Job Enrichment and Empowerment
project management
Project Management
  • The nature and Context of Project Management
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Roles, Interfaces and systems
  • Project Planning
  • Team and Organization
marketing communication
Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Communication Strategy
  • The Marketing Mix
  • Consumer response to persuasive communication
  • The influence of the social and cultural environment
  • To communicate a global message
  • The role of the International Advertising Agency
  • Financial Implications
  • Long term effectiveness of Branding
  • The development of the electronic media (Internet) in communications
environmental sciences
Environmental Sciences
  • Introduction to ecology
  • Air Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Water Quality
  • Solid Waste
  • Agricultural pollution
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental modeling
  • Laboratory Experiments and Field Trips
effective management
Effective Management
  • Nature of Management
  • Business Cycle
  • Different levels of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Describing an organization
effective customer service
Effective Customer Service
  • General Grooming, Body Language
  • First Impressions and Empathy
  • Understanding the role of the supervisor/manager
  • Leadership and morale
  • Time budgeting and planning
  • Business Etiquette
  • Human Relations, Speech and Communication.
  • Telephone Etiquette
negotiation mediation
Negotiation & Mediation
  • The 7 elements of Principled Negotiation
  • The process of mediation: stages and techniques
  • Handle difficult issues
  • Deal with emotional people
  • Resolve difficult problems
  • Negotiate your way out of thorny situations
  • Resolve disputes while preserving relationships
  • The role of Advertising in Marketing and Business
  • The Advertising Department
  • The Advertising Agency
  • Advertising Media: Above the Line
  • Advertising Media: Below the Line
  • Copywriting
  • Layout and typography
  • Advertising Research
  • Law and ethics of advertising
  • Planning and Executing the advertising campaign
business writing communication
Business Writing & Communication
  • The process of Communication
  • Principles of Effective Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Writing Business letters
  • Memoranda
  • Using e-mail
  • Using and Designing Forms
  • Writing Notices
  • Writing to persuade
  • Internal Company Documents
  • Oral and Non-Oral Communication
  • Technology and Communications
  • Visual Communication
  • Communication in Organizations
events management
Events Management
  • Identifying event stakeholders.
  • Defining the parameters of the event
  • Creating event concepts
  • Evaluating and briefing the event concept
  • Creating vision and mission statements
  • Identifying event objectives
  • Using Schedules, Action sheets, and Gantt charts
  • Creating the ‘look’ of the event
  • Venue selection and design
  • Staffing the event
  • Running the event
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the event
public speaking presentation techniques
Public Speaking & Presentation Techniques
  • Effective Public speaking
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Oral and Visual Presentations
  • Becoming a winning presenter
  • Team and individual presentations
  • Includes taped sessions
p i m b s ltd1

P.I.M.B.S. Ltd.

The Professional Institute of Marketing & Business Studies Limited