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Mormonism Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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Mormonism Facts

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Mormonism Facts
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Mormonism Facts

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  1. MormonismFacts • Commonly known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints • Claim that their Church, as established by Christ, did not survive in it’s original form, and was restored in modern times by divine means through the modern prophet, Joseph Smith.

  2. MormonismWhat do they Believe? • Although Mormons regard the Bible as the Word of God, they say the record is incomplete. • They also consider The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price to be divinely inspired, and they regard them as holy scripture.

  3. MormonismWhat do they Believe? • Since man was created in God’s image, they believe that the Supreme Being of God the Father, who is a living, eternal Being, has a glorified body of flesh and bone • They believe God created people as spirit children before the earth was made • They believe Jesus was the first spirit child and he created the world under the direction of God the Father.

  4. One God of the Universe One God makes up the Trinity God’s power is unlimited, beyond human understanding God is without beginning or end One God of this world but many gods in the universe three separate gods make up one godhead God’s power is limited by human attributes God has a beginning - is an offspring of another god MormonismChristianity vs. Mormonism

  5. God created the entire universe ex nihilo God is unchanging Jesus is Savior - His perfect life and sacrificial death gain eternal life for all who believe God didn’t create the universe but arranged what was already in it God was once a man who worked his way to godhood Jesus is Savior - His atonement gains physical resurrection for all His people MormonismChristianity vs. Mormonism

  6. Through faith, Christians receive Christ’s work and perfection Jesus paid our debt to sin so that we don’t have debt our life, spirit, and body begin at conception Must prove own worthiness and earn own perfection Jesus refinanced our debt to sin but we still have our entire debt to pay him spirit life begins in the pre-existence where we mature as spirits before coming to earth MormonismChristianity vs. Mormonism

  7. Adam committed original sin and so, the entire creation was cursed Man is born sinful - man’s natural inclination is to sin Man is saved by faith in Christ alone Adam fell so that man could have the joys of physical bodies, procreation, and opportunity to gain eternal life Man is born without sin - natural inclination to do good Man is saved by faith and works MormonismChristianity vs. Mormonism

  8. All who believe in Christ’s redemptive and substitutionary works are members of the invisible (True) Church The only true church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints MormonismChristianity vs. Mormonism

  9. MormonismWitnessing Fundamentals • Afraid of leaving Mormonism? • Trust in God’s Word (The Bible) • Read and Study God’s Word • Turn to God’s Word for all your answers • Recognize the true nature of God • Build a relationship with Jesus

  10. MormonismWitnessing Fundamentals • Recognize the unconditional blessings of the Christian life • learn to use and not fear Christian freedom • “Unlearn” conditioned responses • Come to grips with the errors of Mormonism and having been deceived • You are welcome into our church setting

  11. MormonismResources • • the “M” World Book Encyclopedia - Mormons