light leader led guitar trainer l.
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Light Leader LED Guitar Trainer

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Light Leader LED Guitar Trainer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Light Leader LED Guitar Trainer Design II Final Presentation April 19, 2007 Team Members Michael Breazeale Responsibilities: Software, Firmware, Circuit Design, Research, Documentation, Testing & Debugging Harry Lam Responsibilities: Software, Research, Documentation, Testing & Debugging

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Presentation Transcript
light leader led guitar trainer

Light LeaderLED Guitar Trainer

Design II Final Presentation

April 19, 2007

team members
Team Members

Michael Breazeale

Responsibilities: Software, Firmware, Circuit Design, Research, Documentation, Testing & Debugging

Harry Lam

Responsibilities: Software, Research, Documentation, Testing & Debugging

Truong Nguyen

Responsibilities: Circuit Design, Research, Documentation, Testing & Debugging

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Problem Description
  • Our Solution
  • Technical Constraints/Test Results
  • Practical Constraints
  • Teaming and Division of Labor
  • Design Refinements/Packaging
  • Field Test
  • Conclusion
  • Questions
typing without letters
Typing Without Letters
  • Remember when you first began typing.
  • Imagine if there were no letters on the keyboard.
  • Diagram
how can you learn guitar
How Can You Learn Guitar?
  • Teach yourself [1]
    • Books, DVDs, and Software
  • Instructor [2]
  • FretLight FG-421 [3]
fretlight has advantages
FretLight Has Advantages…


  • Teaches interactively
  • Guides users through lessons and songs
  • USB powered


  • How do people begin playing guitar?
    • Borrow or buy a cheap beginner guitar
    • Learn through books, or taking lessons from a friend or guitar instructor


  • Limited guitar styles
  • Expensive to repair
  • Costs $500-$900


the solution light leader led guitar trainer
The Solution - Light Leader LED Guitar Trainer

Light Leaders advantages

  • Teaches interactively
  • Guides users through lessons and songs
  • USB powered
  • Can be used with any standard guitar
  • Inexpensive to repair
  • Costs $99
light leader basic overview
Light Leader-Basic Overview
  • Thin LED strap
  • Adjustable for various guitars
  • USB Data/Power
  • Low cost materials
  • Software
technical constraint test result weight and thickness
Technical Constraint/Test Result:Weight and Thickness
  • Less than 1 lb
  • Test Result: 7oz.
  • Less than 1mm thick
  • Test Result: 0.7mm
technical constraint test result current draw
Technical Constraint/Test Result:Current Draw
  • Test Results: Current Varied
  • Max Current: 90mA
  • Average Current: 44-50mA
  • Correlation between USB data stream and current
  • Light Leader should draw less than 50mA
  • USB recommended current is 100mA
  • Why not use the recommended current?
    • LEDs fluctuate
    • microprocessors fluctuate
    • safety of overall design
technical constraint test result visibility
Technical Constraint/Test Result:Visibility
  • Viewable from a 1 m distance
    • LEDs provide 3 mlx of illuminance
  • Test Results: 13mA through LEDs
    • LED illuminance at 13mA is 4.6 mlx
technical constraint test result software functionality
Technical Constraint/Test Result:Software Functionality
  • Chords must match LEDs
  • Metronome must be consistent
  • Audio samples must be accurate
  • Confirmed in field tests
technical constraint test result responsiveness
Technical Constraint/Test Result:Responsiveness
  • Under 1 ms delay
    • Appear “instantaneous”
    • Tested in software timing
  • Transmit minimal data
    • Code optimization
practical constraint economic bill of materials
Practical Constraint:Economic-Bill of Materials

Total Cost: $49.39

*Costs based on the purchase of 100 units

practical constraint manufacturability
Practical Constraint:Manufacturability
  • LED Strap must be thin and durable, and must accurately fit the neck of the guitar.
  • Labor cost should be minimized.
  • Connection between the USB communication system and the LED strap must be secure.
teaming and division of labor
Teaming and Division of Labor
  • Three subsystems
    • GUI, USB, LED
  • Maximize individual strengths
    • Designs co-dependent on each other
  • Product testing joins all parts together
    • Collaborative debugging and problem-solving
design refinement packaging software
Design Refinement/Packaging:Software
  • Change audio output from beeps to recorded guitar.
    • Makes sound more natural and accurate.
  • Package a user-friendly installation program to setup all files on other PCs.
design refinement packaging led strap
Design Refinement/Packaging:LED Strap
  • Use one FPCB, instead of 13 individual FPCBs
    • Reduces labor costs.
  • Space LEDs out to reflect the widening of the strings along the neck.
  • Utilize 2-layer FPCB to centralize the connection between the LED strap and the USB Communication System
design refinement packaging usb communication system
Design Refinement/Packaging:USB Communication System
  • Used SMT microprocessor-smaller board
  • Light Leader is–
    • interactive
    • versatile
    • affordable


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  • [2] Ralph Perreta. (2007, Feb. 22). “Guitar Instructor," Guitar Lessons: Brooklyn, New York (Bay Ridge) Teacher. [Online], Available:
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prototype design software
Prototype Design: Software
  • Text-based tablature
    • Scrolls two spaces
  • Data streaming over USB
    • Use of pipes
  • Simple user options
    • Audio and timer settings
prototype testing software
Prototype Testing:Software
  • Verify tablature and LED accuracy
    • Visual comparison
  • Verify USB data
    • Oscilloscope and sniffers
  • Verify audio correlation
    • Hands-on testing
prototype design led strap
Prototype Design:LED Strap
  • Attachment of the Velcro to FPCB
  • Soldering LEDs and wiring connections
  • Assemble connection pins for strap to USB communication system
  • LEDs protective covering
packaging plan
Packaging Plan
  • USB communication system housing
  • Software and drivers will be included on a CD
  • Package dimension 5” x 14” x 3”
prototype testing led strap
Prototype Testing:LED Strap
  • Verified all 78 LEDs function
  • Weight restriction verified using a digital scale
  • Tested the fret and string LED selection
  • Verified visibility at 1m
  • Tested strap thickness with a caliper
prototype design usb communication system
Prototype Design:USB Communication System
  • Schematic
  • Transistor Biasing
  • Firmware





prototype testing usb communication system
Prototype Testing:USB Communication System
  • Current Draw
    • 58 mA with 3 LEDs lit simultaneously
    • 90 mA with 6 LEDs lit simultaneously
    • Does not meet constraint, but is acceptable