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Interview Techniques and Tips

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Interview Techniques and Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interview Techniques and Tips. Interviews techniques. SCREEING INTERVIEW Screening tools to ensure that candidates meet minimum qualification requirements. Computer programs are the tools used to weed out unqualified candidates. Facts about your skills is more important.

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Interview Techniques and Tips

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interviews techniques

Interviews techniques


Screening tools to ensure that candidates meet minimum qualification requirements.

Computer programs are the tools used to weed out unqualified candidates.

Facts about your skills is more important.

tips for maintaining confidence
Tips for maintaining confidence
  • Highlight your accomplishments and qualification
  • Answer question directly and honestly.
  • Show your winning personality for the person making decisions!
  • Be tactful about addressing income requirement.
tips for maintaining confidence4
Tips for maintaining confidence
  • Give a range, and try to avoid giving specifics by replying , “ I would be willing to consider your best offer”.
  • Come prepared with thoughtful questions about the field and the company.
  • Write a thank you note to the interviewer.
some of the performance pressure
Some of the performance pressure
  • Gain references to other people and make sure that the interviewer would be comfortable of referring them.
  • Give the interviewer your card, contact number and resume.
tips for interviewee
Tips for interviewee
  • It might begin with a statement like “tell me about yourself”, which you can use to your advantage.
  • The interviewer might ask you another broad, open-ended question before falling into silence.
  • The interview style allows you to tactfully guide the discussion in a away that best serves you.
interview preparation
Interview preparation
  • Highlight your skills, qualities and experience in the interview.
  • Remain alert to the interviewer
  • Learn more important information about the company & its needs.
body language
Body Language
  • Posture: In the interview, sitting up in your chair &leaning forward tend to indicate your interest.
  • Hand shake: Shaking hands well is an art
  • A firm handshake during the introduction can show confidence & assertiveness
  • Facial expression: Be sure your facial expression matches with what you are saying.
body language9
Body Language
  • Eye contact : The frequent of eye contact may suggest either interest or boredom.
  • It is important to maintain good eye contact.
  • If you have more than one interviewer, include each one in your answers by moving your eyes from one to other.
body language10
Body Language
  • You will never get second chance to make a good impression
  • Conservative & neat extremes of clothing
  • Combine personal style with good taste
  • Wear something that make you feel comfortable
  • Wear simple jewelers
  • Avoid aftershave lotion, scents and perfumes
stress interview
Stress interview
  • You might be held in the waiting room for an hour before the interviewer greets you
  • You might face long silences
  • The interviewer might openly challenge your beliefs or judgment.
  • Insults and miscommunication are common.
  • All this is designed to see whether you have the mettle to withstand the company culture, the clients or other potential stress.
interview preparation12
Interview Preparation
  • Prepare and memorize your main message before walking through the door.
  • Even if the interviewer is rude, remain calm and tactful
  • Go into the interview room relaxed and rested
  • If you go into room feeling stressed, you will have a more difficult time keeping a cool perspective.

Behavioral interview

  • Many companies increasingly rely on behavior interviews since they use your previous behavior to indicate your future performance
  • Depending upon the responsibility of the job and the working environment, you might be asked to describe a time that required
  • Problem-solving skills
behavioral interview
Behavioral interview
  • Leadership skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Initiative or stress management
  • You will be asked how you dealt with the situations.
behavioral format
Behavioral format
  • Anticipate the transferable skills and personal qualities that are required for the job
  • Review your resume
  • Reflect on your own professional, volunteer, educational and personal experience, highlight these skills in the interview
  • Keep your responses concise and present them in less than two minutes
behavioral format16
Behavioral format
  • For some positions, such as computer programmers or trainers, companies want to see you in auction before they make their decision
  • They might evaluate your skills through key boarding skills
  • Communication is half the battle in real life, and you should demonstrate to employer
  • Treat the situation as if your are a professional with responsibility for the task laid before you
behavioral format17
Behavioral format
  • Treat the situation as if your are a professional with responsibility for the task laid before you
  • Take ownership of your work
  • Brush up on your skills before an interviewer if you think they might be tested
helpful tips
Helpful tips
  • Treat each person as an important individual
  • Wish them while entering into the room
  • Make eye contact with each person and speak directly to the person asking each question
  • Use the opportunity to gain as much information about the company
helpful tips19
Helpful tips
  • Be ready to illustrate your main message in a variety of ways to a variety of people
  • Be more alert in a interview
  • Stay focused and adjustable
  • Be relaxed and charming while attending the interview
some tips for managing second interview
Some tips for managing second interview
  • Be confident
  • Accentuate what you have to offer and your interest in the position
  • Be prepare for anything that company asks for in the interview