industrial energy efficiency l.
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Industrial Energy Efficiency:

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Industrial Energy Efficiency: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial Energy Efficiency: Linking State Partnerships with Universities Chad Nelson Director, National Environmental Technology Institute Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Massachusetts State Partnership University of Massachusetts Amherst 310 Hicks Way, Blaisdell House

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Industrial Energy Efficiency:

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industrial energy efficiency

Industrial Energy Efficiency:

Linking State Partnerships with Universities

Chad Nelson

Director, National Environmental Technology Institute

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Massachusetts State Partnership

University of Massachusetts Amherst

310 Hicks Way, Blaisdell House

Amherst, MA 01003-9280

Phone: (413) 545-5526 Fax: (413) 545-2304

office of industrial technologies
Partner with industry and other stakeholders to

Improve process yield / conserve resources

Improve competitiveness

Increase use of renewable energy

Reduce reliance on foreign oil

Reduce environmental impacts

Improve quality of life

Office of Industrial Technologies

Improve the energy efficiency of U.S. industry through coordinated research and development, validation, and dissemination of innovative technologies and practices.


a full range of support
A Full Range of Support

Technology for Today

Technical Assistance

Technology for the Future

Plant Audits


Basic R&D

Analytical Tools

Applied R&D

Grant Programs


Technical Information


Training Workshops




Technology Delivery

  • Technical Assistance
  • Plant-wide Assessments
  • Industrial Assessment Centers
  • Clearinghouse
  • Software Tools
  • Training
  • Information (Case Studies, Tip Sheets, etc.)
industrial assessment centers iacs
Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs)

Teams of engineering faculty and students from 26 university-based IACs around the country conduct no-cost, on-site industrial assessments at eligible facilities.

~240 students in training each year

Average 7-year savings per assessment: $74,000

industrial assessment centers
Industrial Assessment Centers

Qualification Criteria

  • Annual sales under $100 million
  • 500 or less employees at plant
  • No designated energy manager
  • Energy bill less than $2 M/yr and greater than $100K/yr
  • Plant located 150 miles or less from IAC school
energy sustainability programs for umass amherst
Energy Sustainability Programs for UMass Amherst
  • Steam Trap Program

Undergraduate Research • Partnership with Physical Plant • Energy Efficiency

Steam loss improved, condensate return was increased as a result of the program. Annual cost savings of approximately 10% were achieved.

  • Building Commissioning at UMass, Amherst

Graduate Research • Partnership with Physical Plant • Energy Efficiency

If all buildings on campus were continuously commissioned, CEERE researchers estimate that Amherst campus could achieve savings of approximately $100 million in utility bills over the next 20 years.

  • Computer Model Development for New UMass, Amherst Power Plant

Graduate Research • Partnership with Physical Plant • Combined Heat and Power (Co-Generation)

  • Computer Simulation of the UMass, Amherst Low Pressure Steam Distribution System

Energy Efficiency • Model Development • Performance Monitoring • Partnership with Physical Plant

tools available on our web site
Motor Master + - Assists in energy-efficient motor selection and management.

Air Master+ - Provides comprehensive information on assessing compressed air systems.

Pump System Assessment Tool - Helps industrial users assess the efficiency of pumping system operations.

Steam System Scoping Tool -Profiles and grades steam system operations and management.

Steam System Assessment Tool -Assists users in assessing potential benefits of specific steam-system improvements.

3E Plus Insulation Assessment Tool -Helps to evaluate the thickness of insulation on steam lines.

Tools Available on Our Web Site
eere industrial energy efficiency training opportunities
EERE Industrial Energy Efficiency Training Opportunities

Steam Systems Improvement

Pump System Assessment

Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT) Specialist Training

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems

AirMaster+ Specialist Training

Insulation Assessment

  • Motor Systems Management
  • Optimization of Process Heating Systems
  • Process Heating Assessment Tool (PHAST) Specialist Training

EERE State Partnerships

Create an information pipeline

Establish network to access emerging EERE technologies and practices

Tap into National Labs and other Federal R&D

Build alliances among key industries and R&D resources in the State

Reinforce relationships through Regional Offices to address future needs

resources information







DOE Regional Office

Connecticut IOF

Regional IAC

Judy Wlodarczyk


1090 Elm St., Suite 202

Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Phone: (860) 644-9718

Fax: (860) 529-5001

Beka Kosanovic

University of Massachusetts

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: (413) 545-2505

Fax: (413) 545-0648

Scott G. Hutchins

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

JFK Federal Building, Room 675

Boston, MA 02203-0002

Phone: (617) 565-9765

Fax: (617) 565-9723

Resources & Information

Fact Sheets


Tip Sheets



SoftwareDecision Tools



On-call team of 17 professional engineers, scientists, research librarians, energy specialists, and communications information staff