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Heartcode . May 20,2010. HeartCode. HeartCode ACLS. HeartCode BLS. Learning technology by Laerdal. What is HeartCode?. Self-directed, self-paced alternative to the traditional classroom-based course for the American Heart Association’s BLS/HCP or ACLS course.

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May 20,2010


HeartCode ACLS

HeartCode BLS

Learning technology by Laerdal

what is heartcode
What is HeartCode?
  • Self-directed, self-pacedalternative to the traditional classroom-based course for the American Heart Association’s BLS/HCP or ACLS course.
  • Uses eSimulation Technology, Scenario-based Learning with intelligent debriefing on correct and incorrect actions
  • Allows students to practice at their own pace, and to receive feedback on their skill proficiency using Voice Assisted Manikins (VAM)
  • Combines educational material with entertaining interactivity to engage learners
  • Approved for both the initial and renewal certification.
key players
Key Players

Learning technology by Laerdal

how does the heartcode bls program work
How does the HeartCode BLS Program Work?

Healthcare Providers can receive

AHA course certification in just 3 easy steps!

Part 2: Skills Testing

2 options - manikins

or live

Part 1: Cognitive portion

what are the benefits of heartcode
What are the Benefits of HeartCode?

Benefits to the Student/Provider…


  • Mini games & interactive patient scenarios test cognitive knowledge – Learning Made Real
  • Immerse yourself in learning by virtually treating patients
  • Provides instant feedback on strengths/weaknesses via detailed debriefing
  • Fun, challenging, change of pace from traditional course

Competence + Compliance

  • Research-proven to be effective
  • Acquisition of skills made easy
  • Allows students to earn up to 12 CME/CE/CEH credits from AHA (HeartCode ACLS only)


  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • At work, at home, on the ward, or in the dorm
  • Less time than traditional course

What are the Benefits of HeartCode?

Benefits to the Institution …


  • Moves beyond knowledge to decision-making
  • Adapts to the skill level of the learner
  • Combines educational material with entertaining interactivity

Compliance + Competence

  • Standardized instruction helps ensure competence across an institution
  • Helps monitor staff performance and certification status
  • Addresses risk management concerns for regulatory compliance
  • Measurable outcomes with a completion card


  • Train more people in less time
  • Motivates staff due to convenience, fun & challenging testing
  • Eliminate the need to hire replacement staff
key questions
Key Questions
  • How many students do you train in BLS/HCP & ACLS annually?
  • Where do your students go now ?
  • Courses structure – Where? When? What equipment?
  • What are biggest challenges/obstacles (over full classes, physicians not attending, lack of instructors, etc.)?
  • Do you charge for the course? How much do you charge employees vs. non-employees?
  • What does it cost you per student to teach the course? Don’t forget hourly rates in OT, replacing staff on the floor, books, facilities, etc.
heartcode bls delivery methods
HeartCode BLS Delivery Methods
  • On a single PC
  • Multiple PCsor Your Intranet
  • Web-basedHealthStream or any LMS

Available Now.

web-based available via www.laerdal.com & www.onlineaha.org