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Grocery Store Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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Grocery Store Survey

Grocery Store Survey

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Grocery Store Survey

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  1. Grocery Store Survey Spring 2010 Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

  2. The Survey Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce hosted an online survey to gather information from the community on grocery stores for the White Lake Commons Plaza. Survey was started January 28, 2010. 1,932 people have taken the survey by March 30, 2010 when this report was compiled. Background: In 2007 Farmer Jack announced the closing of many stores in SE Michigan, two of the stores were in the Clarkston Area, leaving vacant anchor stores in two shopping plazas in our community. For those businesses in the plazas, retail dropped dramatically. Some businesses closed their doors and others are hanging on, hoping for a new tenant to take the anchor spot and spur commerce once again. For the Chamber businesses on Dixie Hwy., and particularly for those in White Lake Commons, it matters a great deal that there isn't a store anchoring the plaza, providing additional foot traffic and commerce. For residents, who frequently call the Chamber, it matters that they must drive to surrounding communities, sometimes 30 minutes or more to shop at grocery stores they wish were in the Clarkston area.

  3. Question 1

  4. Question 2 Please share with us why it is important to you for a grocery store to be in the White Lake Commons area. • Competition • Increased Selection/Quality • Convenience • Healthier Choices, more Organic foods • Prefer shopping locally—but have to drive to find variety • It’s a great location for a grocery store • Would offer increased variety to area shoppers • Protect Property Values • Offers jobs for our community • Needed to help area businesses generate foot traffic/business. • Diet, allergy, and health concerns—need more vegetarian, gluten-free and whole food options

  5. Question 3

  6. Question 4

  7. Concerns about Service Station 13.5% of respondents said they had some concerns about a service/gas station at this location. Common free response answers to this questions included: • Traffic congestion • Water table/Water quality concerns • Do we need another gas station? • Would like another gas station option/competition. • Speculation about which grocery store would bring a gas station brought heated answers of “Not another Kroger!” • Concern about unhealthy food options at the service station not being a good fit with a healthy/organic/upscale type of grocery store they’d like to anchor the plaza. • Concern about visual impact to plaza. • One respondent wrote, “Have it inclusive to the parking lot like the one at VG's on M59.”

  8. Question 5 If you could choose which grocery store goes into White Lake Commons which would you choose?

  9. Question 6