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Garfield – Save Odie A trilogy of Java games featuring the well known world's laziest feline The Story

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Garfield – Save Odie

A trilogy of Java games featuring

the well known world's laziest feline


The Story

When Garfield realizes that Odie has been kidnapped, his joy is only short-lived. Of course it is good to be rid of that annoying, drooling and stupid fur-ball, but on the other hand - who will Garfield bully and push off the table? And so, knowing the (absence of) talents of his owner and feeder Jon, Garfield has no other choice than to set out on a dangerous journey and rescue Odie all by himself...


Game Description

Garfield - Save Odie is a trilogy of adventure games with RPG elements. Garfield's task is to get safely through the dangers of Jon's garden (episode 1), nearby city streets (episode 2) and finally a TV studio (episode 3). Due to constant fights with the rude inhabitants of these locations, Garfield has the opportunity to improve his attack and defense by gaining experience points. But mere fighting will not allow him to win!

Episode 1 – Jon’s garden

Episode 2 – city streets


Game Description

He also has to complete several tricky quests using his intelligence, imagination and wits, as well as numerous items he can find inside the locations.

Using a special code which a player receives on completing the first or second game he can transfer his previously gathered experience points to another part of the Garfield - Save Odie trilogy. Or he can start from scratch with a preset hero.

Episode 3 – TV studio


Game Features

  • single-player games
  • thrilling, funny storytelling
  • 3 large locations (one per episode) with unique graphics
  • 10 types of monster
  • constantly improving skills
  • characters that talk, ask for favours and give rewards
  • various items to use during progress of game
  • transfering experience points among episodes
  • automatic game save
  • easy controls
  • support for 60+ handsets (constantly adding more)

Time Schedule

The releases of the individual games are planned for May 2005, July 2005 and September 2005 respectively. The timing will maximize the impact of the games, and will bring additional awareness to the trilogy.

As all three games are ready to deliver starting Apr 2005 the timing can be easily adjusted to suit a partner's needs.


Extensive Support

  • Extensive support and additional materials have been prepared for the games:
  • dedicated English web page
  • walkthroughs for each episode
  • moderated user forum
  • additional marketing materials including print quality graphic elements and rich videos

Jon: I`m terribly sorry but Odie`s been kidnapped.Garfield: And now I`m afraid noone else can save him but me.Jon: It isn`t my fault. Really. Please -- you have to help Garfield with his quest or we`ll never see Odie again!Garfield: See? So it is up to me. I`m sure I`ll have to make my way through Jon`s garden, then through our city and the TV station will probably come last - and I`ll be looking for Odie everywhere. I`ll beat lots of evil things and maybe complete a few tasks on the way. Let me face the adventure now... Or after a short nap, maybe.


Other Content

There's a chance to deliver other types of Garfield related wireless products under special terms - to be discussed individually with every interested partner. The products include wallpapers / still images, animations, b&w and color logos of different sizes, themes, monophonic and polyphonic ringtones and two more Java games.


Contact Information

NOSTROMO ICT s.r.o.Jeseniova 1164/47130 00Prague 3Czech Republicphone: +420 222 592 655fax: +420 271 774 524e-mail: