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Famous Explorers

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Games that you can play: Match the Explorer to his ship or map (use control card with both ship and a traveler as a reference)

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Famous Explorers

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famous explorers
Games that you can play:

Match the Explorer to his ship or map (use control card with both ship and a traveler as a reference)

Build an origami boat with the enclosed directions (I included the simplest; there are plenty more types of boats. This site seems to have good interactive instructions: http://www.origami-kids.com/paperairplanes-1-paperboat.php)

Traverse each Famous Explorer’s journey on the map: put your Explorer into an origami boat and “sail” across the map over the places he traveled to.


- - - - - -Herodotus

---------Christopher Columbus

--------- Leif Ericson and other Vikings

---------James Cook

---------Ferdinand Magellan

---------Amerigo Vespucci

(white) Samuel de Champlain

---------Alexander Humboldt

--------- Roald Amundsen

--------- Thor Heyerdahl

--------- Hedin, Sven Anders

(rocket ship) Yuriy Gagarin

Prepare Your Materials:

Cut each explorer, each ship and each description (it’s your choice weather to cut the control card)

There are more travellers in the “Explorers” PDF file. (I wish I found them earlier – it would have saved me a great deal of work)

Glue together (or laminate) the traveler and his description back to back

Laminate the ships with maps

Create bases for your travelers: you can use origami ships, or make a 12 little balls out of playdough, flatten one side and insert travelers into these balls

Print and laminate the mapsNOTE: you can either print a small 8x10 map or you can print 4 pieces of a large map and scotch tape them together to make one large traveling surface.

NOTE 2: Herodotus' pathway: I made a few navy dots around places he was describing, but it is hard to pinpoint how much he actually travelled, and how much information he recorded from stories by other travelers.

Famous Explorers