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BEN Buys & the Penn Marketplace A Competitive Advantage for Participating Suppliers Ralph Maier & Vira Homick Purchasing Services November 11, 2005. Presentation Agenda. BEN Buys Purchasing System About the Penn Marketplace

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BEN Buys & the Penn MarketplaceA Competitive Advantage for Participating Suppliers Ralph Maier & Vira Homick Purchasing Services November 11, 2005

presentation agenda
Presentation Agenda
  • BEN Buys Purchasing System
  • About the Penn Marketplace
  • Benefits to Penn & Participating Suppliers
  • Supplier Enablement Strategy
  • Community & Diversity Supplier Inclusion
  • Diversity Supplier Manager
  • Supplier Requirements & Statistics
  • Penn Marketplace Demo
  • Supplier Showcase Demo
  • Next Steps
ben buys purchasing system
BEN Buys Purchasing System
  • Electronic purchasing system that provides point-of-demand ordering for authorized faculty and staff
  • Delegated order creation and final approval for orders <$5,000 to over 1,700 system users
    • Requires suppliers to be in the approved supplier database
  • All purchase orders are transmitted to suppliers via auto-fax or electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • At a minimum, suppliers must be able to receive fax orders
    • Suppliers must plan for a future of electronic document transition and electronic invoicing
about the penn marketplace
About the Penn Marketplace
  • Penn’s private online supplier exchange containing preferred supplier catalog contract & Penn specific pricing
  • Launched in January 2002, a third party application hosted by SciQuest Incorporated
  • Over 5M items from 136 suppliers available to 1,700 authorized faculty and staff
  • Integrated into the BEN Buys electronic purchasing system
benefits to penn
Benefits to Penn
  • Makes purchasing easy for faculty and staff which drives utilization of approved buying methods and preferred suppliers
  • Provides easy access to products, product availability, and related information
  • Automated purchase-to-pay process reduces effort, cycle time, and administrative costs
  • Increases accuracy of data and dramatically reduces errors and rework
  • Enables Penn to leverage buying power and shift spend to participating suppliers resulting in lower cost for products and services
benefits to participating suppliers
Benefits to Participating Suppliers
  • Provides product visibility to authorized buyers in the Schools and Centers
  • Opportunity to develop new or enhance existing business relationships
  • No-charge business model with flexibility of hosted catalog content or punch-out to supplier’s Penn specific ordering site
  • Opportunity to participate in the Supplier Showcase for internal web based marketing of new products and Penn specific promotions
  • Participation in the annual Penn Marketplace Supplier Show
supplier enablement strategy
Supplier Enablement Strategy
  • Provide maximum value to the Penn buying community by targeting suppliers for all major commodities
  • Primary focus on Penn’s high transaction volume suppliers
  • Recruitment of targeted “mission critical” suppliers
  • Recruitment of local community based and diversity owned suppliers
community diversity inclusion
Community & Diversity Inclusion
  • Participation in Penn’s eBusiness initiatives is a challenge for most small and diversity suppliers
  • Gap between Penn’s eBusiness requirements and supplier capabilities
  • Required innovative approach to community and diversity supplier inclusion
  • Basis for a partnership between Penn and SciQuest for the Diversity Supplier Manager Project
diversity supplier manager project
Diversity Supplier Manager Project
  • Partnership launched in July 2004
    • Penn was SciQuest’s 1st DSM customer
  • SciQuest to provide supplier specific training and content development assistance to targeted suppliers
    • Penn assumed cost for supplier specific training
    • Target of five new suppliers per fiscal year
    • Suppliers to develop skills to assume responsibility after one year
  • Five Phase I suppliers successfully enabled in FY 2005
  • Details available at:

supplier requirements
Supplier Requirements
  • Participating suppliers must partner with SciQuest to manage Penn specific catalog content and pricing
    • Designated supplier resource to work with Penn Purchasing and technology business partner
    • Requires the development and on-going management of electronic catalog content and price files
    • Timely content and price file updates in accordance with the terms and conditions of negotiated pricing agreement
    • Hosted catalog content or punch-out to Penn specific ordering site for high product volatility commodities
supplier statistics
Supplier Statistics
  • 136 participating BEN Buys suppliers as of November 1, 2005
    • 25 of 136 are diversity owned suppliers
  • Participating suppliers received 68% of all purchase order transactions in FY 2005
    • Approaching 70% in FY 2006 (YTD)
  • Purchase dollars with participating suppliers was approximately $115M in FY2005
    • $27M in FY2002
  • No enabled supplier has ever dropped out of the Penn Marketplace
next steps
Next Steps!
  • Suppliers interested in establishing a new or expanding an existing business relationship with Penn should contact Vira Homick, Associate Director for eBusiness
    • E-Mail:
  • How to Join the Penn Marketplace Web Site
  • An electronic copy of this presentation is available in the “Purchasing Presentations” section of Purchasing in the News web site