why i m wearing the stone island military n.
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Why I'm Wearing the Stone Island Military Camouflage Inspired Sportswear PowerPoint Presentation
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Why I'm Wearing the Stone Island Military Camouflage Inspired Sportswear

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Why I'm Wearing the Stone Island Military Camouflage Inspired Sportswear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why I'm Wearing the Stone Island Military Camouflage Inspired Sportswear
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  1. Why I'm Wearing the Stone Island Military / Camouflage Inspired Sportswear When we wear vintage army inspired clothing, like a ​Stone Island jacket​, we are going through the fashion of the past. The clothing that was famous in earlier days is termed as retro (imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past). Such old fashion clothes are odd and a little bit uncomfortable as most people are not used to these clothes but they give a classic and stylish look. We will be able to experience the style and fashion of past people by wearing them though. To choose vintage fashion means we are respecting and giving tributes to our previous fashion. You may have noticed people wearing military clothes. How do you find it? I am sure everyone notices and loves that. Military clothing is one of the stylish and unique fashions of today. The majority of military clothing are in khaki, green, olive and camouflage. No one is allowed to wear an exact copy of military clothing so as to avoid such an issue so you mix any color in that has your own unique style. Wearing such military apparel may give you a feeling of a being a soldier. You will be very confident walking down the street as it will give you a tough look. In today’s fashion world producing a military uniform is a very much profitable business and there's a huge market for it. The most used and famous military product is the camouflage jacket which gives you attitude and confidence when you wear it. You should try military clothes in a very different way to look better in case you want a style of that of a female. Just put a coat over the top. To look more fashionable with coat tight your mini skirt and add a heel. This style gives you the look of cutting edge and daring. Combats pants will fit on any kind of other clothes and give you a very stylish look also. Military fashion has been loved by a many fashion lovers as it is more cool, and very comfortable and easy to wear. The combination of mirror aviators or cool glasses and bomber jacket is a perfect style that blows away the mind of everyone. You can add combat trousers to give a more extra dashing look.

  2. In the past, these clothes were made for military use only for a special purpose. Because of the stylish and cool look of these cloths, it has become the iconic fashion in today's world. Military shirts made us think of the royal air force in the past but now we are more likely to think of lucky dude or the clash when we see these t-shirts and other army like gear. A lot of hippies wore a military t-shirt with love beads and bell bottoms when the soldiers returned from Vietnam during the late sixties. This scenario was amazing and breathtaking. Luckily no one was harmed. After these incidents, military clothing was used for this purpose also. Mostly pop cultures and rappers use and love military clothing. Ska wore it and it becomes more famous after that. Hip lovers and fans considered these clothes as very much a stylish and in fashion for the time. Many military cloths from your nearest store can give any kind of style to that so that you will look cooler wearing it. Don't hesitate to wear combat gear because the military person and their clothing are a pride of a country. Since military clothes are very stylish, it is likely never to go out of fashion. The Stone Island Military / Camouflage Inspired Sportswear The ​Stone Island​ mens collection covers all of your wardrobe needs. You can choose from a wide selection of jumpers, t-shirts, polos, coats, jackets, comfy joggers, jeans, hoodies and accessories. Known for their innovative approach to sportswear styles Stone Island continue to bring fresh ideas to men's contemporary fashion today. Having launched their new ​Spring/Summer 2018 Shadow Project lookbook​​ recently, Italian label ​Stone Island​​ has now unveiled this season’s “​Ghost​​” capsule. The sub-line is inspired by the concept of camouflage, with every piece in this season’s drop coming in a monochromatic color palette. The monochrome theme even extends to the signature Stone Island badge, which comes in a special version that blends into the piece.

  3. The capsule covers all different categories, with “Ghost” takes on jackets, knitwear, over shirts, sweatshirts T-shirts and trousers. All of the outerwear pieces are made using a signature Stone Island technology, with “multi-layer fusion” laminating a performance membrane to the base fabric which gives the garment increased water resistance and breathability. You can watch the video lookbook below, and head over to the Stone Island web store to pick up the pieces. Check out the full array of the Stone Island new 'Ghost' collection like the ​Stone Island jumper which is sure to turn heads and give you that edge when it comes to the latest fashionable item.