alcohol rehab program and how it helps n.
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Alcohol Rehab Program And How It Helps PowerPoint Presentation
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Alcohol Rehab Program And How It Helps

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Alcohol Rehab Program And How It Helps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> 3 Ways an Alcohol Rehab Program can Help Save Lives.\n>> What to Expect from an Alcohol Rehab Program.\n>> 4 Ways to Help a Loved One Enter an Alcohol Rehab Program.\n>> How to Avoid Relapsing in Alcohol Rehab Programs.\n>> Tips for Finding a Good Alcohol Rehab Program.\n

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  • 3 Ways an Alcohol Rehab Program can Help Save Lives
  • What to Expect from an Alcohol Rehab Program
  • 4 Ways to Help a Loved One Enter an Alcohol Rehab Program
  • How to Avoid Relapsing in Alcohol Rehab Programs
  • Tips for Finding a Good Alcohol Rehab Program
3 ways an alcohol rehab program can help save lives
3 Ways an Alcohol Rehab Program can Help Save Lives
  • Addiction Treatment
    • The main purpose of the program is to achieve sustainable and substantial sobriety that leaves no room for a relapse. Although will power can help keep one away from alcohol temporarily, the brain keeps sending signals to initiate regular cravings. What one needs to counter these signals being sent by the brain is the strength of sharing things with a group. Group therapy in alcohol rehab programs can be a real advantage.
  • Peer and Family Support
    • The fact that you have individual counselling coming from a dedicated professional, and group therapy sessions with a group of people sharing your will power for change; is just amazing. This can work in favour of the individual in the rehab program, as the peer support that is needed to counter an addiction is easily found in a rehab program.
  • Relapse Prevention
    • Someone who has been addicted to alcohol for a significant time period out of their life would feel like getting back towards the addiction even during the rehab period. A good alcohol rehab program would realize the need for relapse prevention and would use the group therapy sessions to make all the members help each other in achieving the goals together.
what to expect from an alcohol rehab program
What to Expect from an Alcohol Rehab Program
  • No Locks
    • There are literally no locks on the doors at a rehab program. The choice of coming to the program was yours and leaving it if you feel uncomfortable is also yours. Almost all alcohol rehab programs give their members a certain amount of luxury when it comes to practicing their freedom. You are literally free to leave the program at any time. You can leave the program even if the criminal justice system has enrolled you into it, however, there will be some repercussions involved later in this particular case.
  • Facilities
    • Not all alcohol rehab programs have the same facilities. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for here. The facilities at a rehab program range from the most primitive camp, usually set up for troubled teens, to the most lavish facilities and everything that in comes in between.
  • Counseling and Group Therapy
    • During a complete alcohol rehab program, you will get to experience both counseling and group therapy sessions. You will receive the counseling sessions individually from a trained counselor who will help you overcome the addiction. On the flip side, you will also be required to participate in group therapy sessions that involve many others from the facility as well.
4 ways to help a loved one enter an alcohol rehab program
4 Ways to Help a Loved One Enter an Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Educate Them about the Dangers
    • Although you might have already tried telling your loved one about the dangers associated with alcohol addiction, it is imperative that you follow some care and precision in delivering the message. Telling them of the dangers of alcohol addiction without any prior setup would only lead to them getting angry or hyper.
  • Don’t Ignore the Problem
    • One mistake that you shouldn’t make while addressing the problem of a loved one’s addiction is to ignore it. Most people often end up ignoring the addiction by thinking that the addict will get over the addiction over time. This is a flawed approach that is going to be detrimental both in the short and long run.
  • Create a Supportive Environment
    • There is going to come a time when your love one will give way to the pressure you’re exerting on them and will join an alcohol rehab program. The most you can do to ensure that they don’t relapse is provide a supportive environment to them.
4 ways to help a loved one enter an alcohol rehab program 1
4 Ways to Help a Loved One Enter an Alcohol Rehab Program
    • Pay attention to all aspects of the environment that could impede the journey of abstinence that your loved one is going through. Keep reminding them about the moral obligation that now lies on their shoulder. Talk to them about the rehab program and how it is working out for them. Keep motivating them throughout and ensure that they don’t go back to the addiction.
  • Join a Support Group Yourself
    • There are numerous support groups that work for the moral support of individuals who have a loved one going through an addiction. You can join such a support group to ensure that you remain emotionally stable yourself. You need to be motivated and stable yourself to be able to motivate your loved one into joining an alcohol rehab program.
how to avoid relapsing in alcohol rehab programs
How to Avoid Relapsing in Alcohol Rehab Programs
  • Will Power
    • Will power is an interesting term, with a lot of meaning to it. You can use the power of your will to achieve whatever you want in this world. For obvious reasons, most addicts do not test their will power until they get to join a rehab program. In a rehab program, while getting over the addiction of alcohol, most addicts get the temptation to relapse and fuel the addiction through alcohol. Will power comes in handy over here as it stops an individual from giving way to the addiction. Your will power is definitely helped by all the assistance you get in a rehab program as you will have rejuvenated spirits and the motivation to test your will power to its extent.
  • Support Networks
    • Other than the group therapy sessions you have at the rehab program, you also need to have a support network outside the program to keep you motivated. Your friends, family and relatives come in handy in this struggle. The motivation they give you and the support they provide you during this time will play an imperative role in defining how successful the rehab is.
how to avoid relapsing in alcohol rehab programs 1
How to Avoid Relapsing in Alcohol Rehab Programs
    • On the flip side of the coin, you will have the presence of those friends and family members that play the role of a trigger. These close friends and family members will be toxic for your recovery as they will be influencing you into getting more alcohol. To make your alcohol rehab program successful, it is important for you to cut these ties off, because being in their company will bring you back to square one.
  • Stay Active
    • You will be reminded of staying active numerous times during the rehab program, since is no better way to keep yourself busy than being active. By being active, you’re not only keeping your mind busy, but are adding a new activity to compensate for the addiction you’re dropping. The best way to stay active is to wake up early with a morning jog and then to initiate a workout regime in the evening. This routine will perfectly complement your rehab program to accelerate the recovery process.
tips for finding a good alcohol rehab program
Tips for Finding a Good Alcohol Rehab Program
  • Get Rehab Centers Assessed by a Professional
    • The varieties in rehab centers has meant that people have a lot of options to choose from, however there is also the problem of choosing which rehab program would be best for you. The first tip that you can implement for doing so is to reach the places assessed by a professional. A professional physician or substance use disorder expert would let you know whether the rehab program you’re going to opt for is just faux, or really worth it. A professional would know exactly what you require and would give suggestions based on that information. They would refrain from giving the wrong suggestions because that could ultimately mean that your addiction deteriorates further.
  • Visit the Group Therapy Sessions
    • Group therapy sessions are a major part of any alcohol rehab program and it is thus imperative that you visit these sessions before choosing the program for yourself. By visiting these sessions in advance, you would know what to expect from a place.
tips for finding a good alcohol rehab program 1
Tips for Finding a Good Alcohol Rehab Program
    • If they have an authentic program, the participants should all feel motivated and will have the right buzz to them. On the flip side, if the program and its group sessions are not motivating enough, the participants would all feel restrained and might even be stopping themselves from fully participating.
  • Go for a Facility Offering Longevity
    • Any facility or alcohol rehab program that has been operating for quite some time is the best option for you. Any rehab program that has been in business for less than a couple of years is a no-go area, since the program might not have cemented its trust by now. Rehab programs that have helped addicts come out of their addiction in the past, would know all about what is needed to make the change happen. Moreover, you should also assess the individuals offering individual therapy in the program. If the individual looks inexperienced then that is evidence for you to back out.
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