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Today’s WLAN and the Future PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s WLAN and the Future

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Today’s WLAN and the Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s WLAN and the Future. Brent Nixon Director of Product Management 3Com Wireless. Wireless LAN Evolution: Enterprise Market Deployments. Strategically planned infrastructure and client deployments tied to increased ROI. Wired Replacement. Network expansion increased mobility.

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Today’s WLAN and the Future

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    1. Today’s WLAN and the Future Brent Nixon Director of Product Management 3Com Wireless

    2. Wireless LAN Evolution:Enterprise Market Deployments Strategically planned infrastructure and client deployments tied to increased ROI Wired Replacement Network expansion increased mobility Opportunistic Ad-Hoc Basic Access 1990’s Present 3Com Confidential

    3. What Are Converged Wireless LAN Solutions? • The Integration of Voice and Data into a single wireless solution • Both data and Voice (VoWiFi) co-exist on the same wireless network • Complete mobility for all users for both data and voice at all times LAN Switch Access Point Wireless IP phone 3Com Confidential

    4. Cell Phone / WiFi Example of a Future Application Internet Main Office IP Telephony module Home Office Blackberry 7270 Bob 802.11 802.11 802.11 GSM GSM 3Com Confidential

    5. Today's Wireless LANs • Last generation of Wireless LAN infrastructure was not designed to be integrated into the network • Each AP is an island, managed separately • Planning for the complete solution is very difficult • Most deployed Wireless LANs were designed for data and are not ready for VoWiFi • Important features required for voice are not available • QOS • Security 3Com Confidential

    6. Using Voice On Today's Equipment • VoWiFi used on WLANs today does not have access to the full range of features required Low quality as there is no QoS, so “best effort” only Low level of security – latest higher levels of encryption are not supported Moving from AP to AP when roaming is often not possible Patchy Coverage 3Com Confidential

    7. Security of the Wireless Environment is Critical • Still the #1 concern for enterprise customers • Increased exposure with VoWiFi • Wireless can be a serious business risk • Malicious attempts to snoop on your data • Employee’s access point • Adjacent company’s AP in your airspace • Wireless LANs can be as secure as a wired network 3Com Confidential

    8. 3Com Secure Converged Wireless Architecture Mobility Domain 3 Com Wireless Switch Manager WX4400 4400PWR MAPs WX4400 WX1200 4400PWR Fat APs AAA Servers 3Com Confidential

    9. 3Com Wireless Mobility System • Makes wireless LAN as secure, manageable and easy to use as a wired network • Robust security • Ready for voice • Simple site planning • Centralized management • Supports future capabilities • Cost effective • 3 components to the system • Wireless Switch • Access Points • Wireless Switch Manager s/w 3Com Confidential

    10. What 3Com Delivers • Robust Business Security • Automated Site Planning and Deployment • Simplified Network Management • A Plan for the Future • Significant Cost Savings 3Com Confidential

    11. 3Com Makes Wireless A Wise Investment • Wise spending of IT budget is a concern for every organization • 3Com makes wireless a wise decision right now: • Increases employee productivity • Is a reliable, cost-effective way to connect multiple buildings • Overlays existing network • Standards-based products • Supports future capabilities 3Com Confidential

    12. 3Com’s Plans for Converged Wireless • Partnership with Market leader Research In Motion (RIM) • March 2005 announced partnership RIM to co-market convergence solution with RIM’s new Blackberry 7270. 7270 is capable of VoWiFi. • Convergence solution includes wireless mobility system and 3Com’s VCX platform • 3Com has additional plans to develop its own VoWiFi handset that will integrate with its VCX platform and wireless mobility system • Future plans may include further integration of wireless switching into wired platform 3Com Confidential

    13. Where to go from here? • Examine the need for wireless convergence in the business going forward • Mobile data needs • Mobile voice needs • Inventory of existing Wireless Equipment • Coverage • Security, QOS, etc • Integration of existing wireless equipment in the overall network • Define a strategy for going forward • Use the 3Com planning tools to produce an overall plan for the site 3Com Confidential

    14. 3Com’s Complete End-to-End Solution Convergence Security Core E- mail CRM PSTN SCM VCX Aggregation WAN / Internet Access • Wired • Wireless • Voice WAN Client 3Com Confidential

    15. 3Com Confidential 14 Proof Points

    16. Adoption in Wireless is Growing Rapidly • Large campuses • Hospitals • Hot spots • Critical part of many businesses Dell ‘Oro, Feb 2005 3Com Confidential

    17. Enterprise Wireless Market • Enterprise WLAN Market showing strong growth • $212M in Q3 FY04, 5% qtr/qtr growth • WLAN switch segment $40M in Q3 FY04 • Technology shift from 1st to 2nd generation wireless • 1st generation: Independent Access Points • 2nd generation: Fully managed centralized Wireless Switch solution • ASPs on Enterprise WLAN solutions remain strong as technology is still advancing • Deals sizes have increased with the WLAN switch solutions • Many deals >$100K 3Com Confidential

    18. Wireless Switch Market Forecast Western Europe Revenue Forecast 2004-2009 Source: IDC 2004 3Com Confidential

    19. Wireless Switch Market Forecast Worldwide Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure Revenue 2003-2008 Source: IDC 2004 3Com Confidential

    20. What is Voice over WiFi? • Voice over WiFi is the use of VoIP over a Wireless LAN • Allows you to conduct phone calls over the wireless LAN instead of on a mobile or analogue phone • An Example: A sales manager uses a dual VoWiFi/mobile GSM phone. • He can roam the sales floor while still receiving calls without using mobile phone minutes (because his calls are running over the company’s wireless network) • He can eliminate the need for a desktop phone, because his VoWiFi/GSM handset is now a universal way to reach him • While out of the office with an end user, his calls route to the same phone, but it is in GSM mode “Voice over WLAN usage will skyrocket from 6% currently to 27% by August 2006” – Infonetics Research. November 2004. – Richard Webb, Infonetics directing analyst. 3Com Confidential

    21. 3Com Wireless Customers 3Com Confidential

    22. Win a Wireless Travel Router • Q1 What is my Sons name? • Bruce • James • William • Q2 Which RIM model is available for VoWiFi? • 7250 • 7270 • 7290 • What is the number 1 concern for enterprise customers? • Cost • Security • Compatibility with existing devices 3Com Confidential

    23. 3Com Confidential 22 Robust Business Security

    24. 3Com Wireless Security • Encryption at the AP • Most competitors do encryption at the wireless switch • 3Com houses encryption at the AP to increase security • AES encryption • AES is the strongest encryption available in wireless LAN today • It would take 149 trillion years to crack a 128-bit AES key (the smallest possible key size with AES) • Mobility System also supports TKIP and WEP encryption • Group and User profiles • Authentication 3Com Confidential

    25. Securing the Airspace • Rogue Detection and Isolation • Mobility System scans the airspace (can be set up as an automatic scan) to ensure no rogue APs are connected to the network • If rogue APs are detected, Mobility System • Alerts the IT manager • Spoofs the rogue AP to ensure no clients connect to it accidentally (so passwords aren’t captured) • Isolates the rogue AP • Modifies power levels and channel assignments of to ensure performance doesn’t suffer 3Com Confidential

    26. 6. Traveler A enters First Class. Traveler B enters Coach Class 5. Tickets are rechecked before boarding 4. Luggage is scanned to ensure it is safe. Luggage tags verify it belongs to a specific traveler. 3. Passport and tickets are checked by gate agent and access is granted. 2. Tickets are issued at the reservation desk. Seats are assigned. 1. Travelers A & B arrive at the airport How it Works Together – Layers of Security User & Group Profiling Access based on Profiles Encryption Authentication 3Com Confidential

    27. Authentication Rogue Detection 1. Authorized traveler packs luggage with hazardous material 2. During scan, luggage is identified then is isolated and destroyed. 2. Access is denied 1. Person without tickets attempts to go enter the gate area How it Works Together – Layers of Security 3Com Confidential

    28. 3Com Confidential 27 Automated Site Planning and Deployment

    29. 3Com Makes Site Planning Simple • Manual site planning is one barrier to large deployments • 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software makes site planning simple • Create a custom site plan without going onsite • Import CAD drawings • Create site plans for multiple clients in a few hours • Automatically generate work orders 3Com Confidential

    30. Automatic Channel and Radio Management • Auto-discovery of clients and APs and their spatial relationships • Dynamic adjustments to power and channel of access points • Continuous monitoring & optimization of RF environment • Bandwidth can be dynamically ‘directed’ at the need • Network RF is optimized using a complex decision algorithm • Re-tuning and load balancing of the wireless network • Environment is scanned and RF footprints are all managed Optimized Channel Assignments APs channels no longer adjacent Result: Improved performance 3Com Confidential

    31. Valdosta State University • Deal Size: $133K • Competitors faced: Extreme, Cisco, Foundry • Products Deployed: • (3) Wireless Switch Controller WX4400 • (150) Wireless Access Point 2750 • Wireless Switch Manager • Wired Switches • Switch 7700 • Switch 4400 • Switch 3200 • Switch 4900 • Why 3Com Won • Planning and management capability on the Wireless Switch Manager • Good experience with 3Com AP8250 ‘fat’ APs 3Com Confidential

    32. 3Com Confidential 31 Simplified Network Management

    33. 3Com Makes Wireless as Simple to Manage as a Data Network • 1st generation Wireless LAN deployments required APs to be individually configured • 1st generation Wireless LANs could not be viewed comprehensively – APs had to be managed as individuals • 3Com Mobility System makes management simple • Push out configurations from a desktop to all APs • See the Wireless LAN as a comprehensive network rather than component parts • Get visibility down to the end user level 3Com Confidential

    34. Network Management • See everything on your wireless network from one console including: • Traffic on each access point • Traffic on each switch • End user roaming (last 5 roams) • Bandwidth usage • Centralize upgrades and downgrades, synchronize and rollback capabilities from one console to all APs and Switches • Even manage wireless switches at branch offices from headquarters 3Com Confidential

    35. Bunzl • Deal Size: $333,000 • Company Background: Leading supplier of food packaging, supplies, cleaning products for supermarkets, caterers, and hotels. • Deployment Information: • 1 Corporate Headquarters • 75 remote warehouses/branch locations. • Competitors faced: Aruba, Symbol • Products Deployed: • WX1200 wireless switch • AP 2750s • 3Com Routers • Testing Switch 8800s • Why 3Com Won • Superior management and security • Wireless Mobility System opened the door. Add on sale: Routers. Also, seeded Switch 8800. 3Com Confidential

    36. 3Com Confidential 35 A Plan for the Future

    37. Mobility System Supports Voice-over-WiFi • VoWiFi will be the next big trend in Wireless LAN • 3Com supports this capability now • Enterprises ready to try VoWiFi can deploy it now • Enterprises who aren’t ready can ensure they’re investment is protected 3Com Confidential

    38. Mobility System Supports Voice-over-WiFi • Prioritizes voice traffic over data traffic for high-quality sound • Fast Roaming • Doesn’t drop or delay calls when a user travels across access points • 3Com has teamed with Research In Motion • The company that created Blackberry, to joint-market the 3Com Mobility System with RIM’s voice-over-WiFi handset 3Com Confidential

    39. Mobility Domain enables Fast Roaming Mobility Domain 3Com Wireless Switch Manager WX4400 Fit APs 4400PWR Fit APs 3rd Party APs WX4400 WX1200 Switched LAN Infrastructure Fat APs 4400PWR AAA Servers 3Com Confidential

    40. 3Com Confidential 39 Significant Cost Savings

    41. 3Com Makes Wireless A Wise Investment • Wise spending of IT budget is a concern for every organization • Most enterprises have deployed Wireless LAN on a limited basis, usually in executive areas or in pilot programs • 3Com makes wireless a wise decision right now: • Increases employee productivity • Is a reliable, cost-effective way to connect multiple buildings • Overlays existing network • Standards-based products • Supports future capabilities 3Com Confidential

    42. Wireless LANs Increase Productivity “The majority of companies exploiting wireless notebooks as part of their overall business objectives find a payback in end-user productivity, business efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness in as little as 6-12 months” –META Group, April 2004 • Wireless LAN increases employee productivity • Makes collaboration easier • Allows employees to be connected to business-critical data from anywhere within the wireless network • Unchains the employee from their desk, so Survey respondents indicated that wireless LAN technology enabled their employees to work and additional 90 minutes per day. – Wireless LAN Benefits Study, NOP World. November 2003 3Com Confidential

    43. Bahrain Ministry of Education • Background: • 13,000 employees • Applications: e-books, online simulations, experiments, animation, student records, internet access • 3Com deployed as part of a 6-school e-learning pilot program with plans to deploy similar solutions through all 200 state schools by 2011. • Bridges used to network remote classrooms • Products Deployed: • 3Com Wireless LAN Outdoor Bridge Solution • 3Com Wireless LAN AP 7250 • Wired Switches • Switch 4005 • SuperStack® 3 Switch 4228G 24 Port Plus 2 10/100/1000 and 2 GBIC slots • Why 3Com Won • Ease of management • Flexible performance • Superior business value 3Com Confidential

    44. 3Com’s Key Differentiators • Strong security at the Access Point • Encryption in the switch only is not secure • Strongest AES encryption • Rogue Detection and Isolation • Future Proof • Mobility and Fast Roaming for users on the move with true session integrity • Voice-ready traffic management • Automated Site Planning • Customized, automated site planning tools • Greatly save on installation costs • A complete end-to-end Secure Converged solution 3Com Confidential

    45. 3CRWX440095 WLAN Switching and management Enterprise Management Tools Enterprise 11a/b/g WLAN Solutions Management 54Mbps Wireless B2B and Client Bridging Enterprise 11a/b/g Modularity End-to-End AES Extensive mgt tools Bridges Complete Breadth of Wireless Solutions Standard Connectivity with OfficeConnect® WLAN products Small Business 3Com Confidential

    46. 3Com Confidential 45 Identifying and Qualifying Customers

    47. Target Markets • Medium to Large Enterprise with interest in a comprehensive wireless deployment • Enterprises with branch offices • Education – especially campuses with multiple buildings • Healthcare with increasing capacity & security concerns • Public access environments with both private and public access needs (e.g. Hotspots) 3Com Confidential

    48. Perfect Fits - Qualifying • User with a complex wireless environment that needs easier and automated control • We can do automated AP management & load balancing • Our Wireless Switch Solution can optimize AP power & channel assignments to reduce cross channel interference • We can automatically detect rogue APs • Entities with many branch offices • Requiring remote management capabilities • Environments with: • High security requirements • Wireless Switch Solution adds to our already strong AES encryption • Complex RF environment • Future VoWiFi requirements 3Com Confidential

    49. Handling Objections • We have a Cisco LAN already that we aren’t going to change. • No problem, we’ll work on top of any L2/L3 infrastructure • We already have switches in our network • This product does much more than the name implies. • AP placement • Wireless security • Centralized RF environment controls • We already have wireless. Why do we need a switch? • Helps centrally manage & place your access points • Improves your wireless security with user & group policies • Helps grow your network – scalable, great planning, better security, and mobility & fast roaming • Your network now includes the air – exposes potential threats 3Com Confidential

    50. 3Com Confidential 49 Where to go for More Information