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Technology Evaluation Template

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Technology Evaluation Template - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Evaluation Template. Quality Control & Testing. Software. The two software packages we chose are: SPSS 13.0 and SYSTAT 11.0

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technology evaluation template

Technology Evaluation Template

Quality Control & Testing

  • The two software packages we chose are:
  • SPSS 13.0 and
  • SYSTAT 11.0
  • These software packages are advanced data analyses tools. Which enable users to convert raw data into statistics and understand those statistics through graphic representation.
  • They allow users to share their output with others through many methods including web publishing.
  • They help the user uncover important facts, patterns, and trends.
  • The function of this software would be to analyze data collected by the Quality Control and Testing division of petPRO.
  • This would enable us to make important discoveries, which otherwise might be missed.
  • It could also be used by other division of petPRO to monitor their and analyze their data.
the decision process
The decision Process
  • This auto filter helps isolate which software meets the most criteria. (SYSTAT scored higher)
the decision process con t
The decision Process Con’t
  • This custom auto filter puts information into an easy-to-view comparison format which allows you to directly compare the two software packages. (SYSTAT scored higher)
the decision process con t6
The decision Process Con’t
  • This pivot table uses only the financial values (25,26,28), and calculates the total costs. (SYSTAT costs marginally more)
  • SPSS was slightly more expensive.
the template itself
The Template Itself
  • The template was a useful aid, but far from the be all end all of the decision maki.
  • At times concrete and guesswork questions were paired together.
  • Often the template asked very specific questions which were hard to answer without actually using the software.
  • After reviewing all the pertinent information regarding the two software packages, it is our belief that SYSTAT 11.0 would be a useful, and cost effective tool for petPRO.
  • Although it is slightly more expensive after reviewing all the data we found this extra expenditure is more then made up for by its more advanced functionality.