the tennis kids day initiative an introduction l.
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The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative An introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative An introduction

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The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative An introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative An introduction. events. promotion. education. Objectives of the Tennis-Kids-Day initiative. Our goal is to provide kids with sports activities and social values. The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative is about.

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Objectives of the Tennis-Kids-Day initiative

Our goal is to provide kids with sports activities and social values.



The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative is about

actively recruiting people to join tennis clubs


instead of





to do sports



image of tennis

applying new scientific methods

The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative operates independently of any clubs and organizations.

It came into being by people interested in sports in general as well as by partners willing to especially promote tennis.

We take responsibility for sustainably motivating children to do sports and for familiarizing themselves with social values.



Activities of the Tennis-Kids-Day initiative

The Tennis-Kids-Day initiative is privately funded and honorarily organized. We will achieve our goal through popularizing sports in general in pre-schools/kindergardens and regular schools. We actively contribute towards the socialization of children by way of sports.

Integrating instead of isolating is our motto.

The first Tennis-Kids-Day was put into effect in 2004 in conjunction with Germany‘s application for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to be held in Leipzig. More than 800 children participated.

When Leipzig failed to qualify in the running for the games on May 18,2004 we went on with our task.

Gladly and with pleasure, we reminisce about the positive and powerful moments of the then application phase. This is one of the reasons why, in the spirit of the Olympics, we keep the initiative alive. Sustainability is not a matter of repetition, but a matter of heart.



An old Chinese aphorism contains the term red circle.

Several people, unknown to each other and from different biographical backgrounds, meet at the same place at a specific point in time. When they part, each and everyone will have changed through this gathering and they will take something with them from this gathering in the red circle.

What does this metaphor have to do with the Tennis Kids Day?

In the course of the 23rd International Senior World Championships held in Hanover on August 21, 2003 Jürgen Teutsch and Reimar Bezzenberger met.



World Championships‘ participants such as Anders Jarryd (Sweden), Pablo Arraya (Peru), Thomas Emmrich (Germany) and Rafael Ruiz (Spain) could not help taking part in this spectacle and, along with 450 kids, they were an active part of the LOW-T-BALL games.

It was in Wolfenbüttel on May 2004 as the Leipzig project had been given the thumps up when Jürgen Teutsch, Oliver Engst and Liesel Westermann-Krieg, the 1972 Munich Olmypics‘ participant, gathered.

The three of them came up with the idea of testing this game in Leipzig, an activity that is great fun with kids and grown-ups alike.

On September 10, 2004 we started out with our first Tennis-Kids-Day in Leipzig.

Well, it goes on – beyond the red circle.



Our concern

What we have on our minds is the following: this privately funded initiative is to sustainably motivate children to do sports within a club, i.e. to make them join tennis clubs owing to various events.

As a result of which the initiative provides scholarships.

Up until now, more than 250000 children have participated in our events. A great number of them plays in tennis clubs now.

These events are always held in cooperation with schools and tennis clubs, at times they are held on the schools‘ premises proper.

Events of that kind have been held within pre-schools/kindergardens likewise.



DTB-VDT Bundeskongress 2006

Am 08. Januar 2006 stellten Reimar

Bezzenberger, Dr. Daniel Memmert sowie Peter

Koch vom 500 anwesenden Trainern aus

Deutschland und dem benachbarten Ausland in

München anlässlich des 19. DTB-/VDT-

Bundeskongresses das Projekt „Spielend Tennis

lernen“ vor.

Einer der Schwerpunkte der Vortragsreihe war

die spielerische Einführung in die für Kinder

komplexe Sportart Tennis. Hierzu wurden

neuartige Lern– und Lehrmethoden, die von

Reimar Bezzenberger und Peter Koch

gemeinsam entwickelt wurde der Öffentlichkeit


Neben der Praxisdemonstration mit Kindern im

Alter von 3-9 Jahren wurde den

Kongressteilnehmern das Konzept sowie die

Zielsetzung der „Initiative Tennis-Kids-Day“

detailliert erläutert.

Als einhelliges Fazit der Vortragsreihe „Spielend

Tennis lernen“ lässt sich zusammenfassend

sagen, dass die anwesenden Trainer von dem

neuen spielerischen Lernkonzept begeistert

waren. Vor allem die Praxisdemonstration mit

Kindern zeigte deutlich, auf welch abwechslungsreiche

und gleichzeitig spannende Art und Weise sich Tennis

erlernen lässt.

Tennis ist ein Spiel und als solches soll es von

Kindern erlernt werden. Durch die Demonstration

haben sich weitere Kontakte ergeben, um „Tennis-

Kids-Days“ bekannt zu machen.



Persons reputed to be dead live longer

Because it is a necessity !

Bild-Zeitung from 01.23,2004



Celebrities supporting the initiative

Roger Federer

Anders Jarryd

Patrik Kühnen

Thomas Emmrich

Rainer Schüttler

Thomas Haas

Nikolas Kiefer

Roscoe Tanner



Our Partner, the Roger Federer Foundation

We proudly present the social

commitment of Roger Federer

"Lieber Herr Teutsch und Team,

Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrem Team mit dem sehr interessanten Projekt "Integrieren statt Isolieren" viel Erfolg und hoffen, dass Sie bei vielen jungen Tennis-Cracks Begeisterung auslösen und diese für's Tennis gewinnen können. Schließlich ist Tennis eine großartige Sportart; ich liebe dieses Spiel und hoffentlich viele Junge in Ihrer Umgebung auch!“

Roger Federer



Celebrities supporting the initiative

Angela Merkel

Gerhard Schröder

Guido Westerwelle

Georg Frhr. von Waldenfels

Georg Milbradt

Christian Wulff

Klaus Eberhardt




Jürgen Teutsch

Graduate business economist

Graduate psychologist


Reimar Bezzenberger

Sports scientist M.A.


Andrea Groß



Jan Kahlert

Sports scientist