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Imagine Google and Discovery Channel creating an ad-supported, free university and hosting it on Facebook... WELCOME TO PowerPoint Presentation
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Imagine Google and Discovery Channel creating an ad-supported, free university and hosting it on Facebook... WELCOME TO

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Imagine Google and Discovery Channel creating an ad-supported, free university and hosting it on Facebook... WELCOME TO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Citizen One Summary. Imagine Google and Discovery Channel creating an ad-supported, free university and hosting it on Facebook... WELCOME TO Citizen One . Citizen One Summary.

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Presentation Transcript

CitizenOne Summary

Imagine Google and Discovery Channel creating an ad-supported,

free university and hosting it on Facebook...

WELCOME TO CitizenOne.


CitizenOne Summary

  • CitizenOne is a for-profit initiative of REALeadership Alliance, Inc. founded in 2003 to help businesses and not-profits develop socially-strategic business models to respond to the urgent demands of employees and consumers for responsible, sustainable capitalism.
  • Core Beliefs: The growing demand to create a sustainable future is forcing a change in leadership responsibility, free-market capitalism, and social entrepreneurship that is as big as the industrial revolution.
  • Our business framework is CitizenOne University focused on teaching a new generation workforce and forward-thinking leaders to focus on their business and careers on socially-strategic impacts: products or services that actually cause 1) human well being and 2) sustain our planet. To make money by saving the world (Socially-Strategic Capitalism).
  • CitizenOne University is a creative integration of education, content, rich media, and corporate sponsorship designed to enable both seasoned present-day leaders and a new generation of young leaders to vastly accelerate positive change.

CitizenOne Key Elements

The key elements of CitizenOne:

  • CitizenOne Course. A fully accredited multi-media high school and college course in social entrepreneurship distributed online to 22,000 U.S. high schools and 4400 colleges.
  • CitizenOne University. An ad-supported online tuition free university that is a “Facebook with classes.” It will initially offer a tuition-free fully accredited bachelor’s degree in global citizen leadership. This will revolutionize online learning using social networking platforms.
  • CitizenOne U Extension. Socially-strategic leadership training for business and social entrepreneurs.
  • CitizenOne Institute. Executive leadership education to help transform large enterprises into a global force for good.
  • CitizenOne Job Board. A job posting website where only socially responsible companies who provide a “great place to work” can post jobs.
  • A social networking website and eCommerce portal targeted at 18-39 year-olds who are seeking to live their dream life and make their difference. (Social networks, blogs, text, ecommerce, video, live events, television.)
  • An ongoing sponsored multi-media marketing campaign, live event forums, and digital magazine to attract advertisers, students, job seekers and an engaged audience and a community of users.

Revenue Streams

  • Target Users: (1) The 80% of the 18-25 year-olds who say they want to make a meaningful difference. (2) College educated (26 to 39) year-olds looking for a purposeful career, social entrepreneurs, and free agent professionals. (3) Executive leaders who are motivated to implement socially-strategic business initiatives.
  • Target Sponsors: Large and medium size corporations who recognize the need to build brand equity around social and environmental causes.
  • Revenue Streams:
    • Sponsorship
    • Advertising
    • Job Posting
    • Learning & Lifestyle Products
    • Training/Consulting/Licensing Fees
    • Grants & Donations

CitizenOne - Management Team

In 2004 REALeadership Alliance started the American Dream Project, a research and media outreach to help redefine the American Dream for a new generation of young Americans anxious to create a sustainable future. (Over 10,000 Americans filled out extensive surveys, an Emmy Award winning PBS learning documentary was produced and aired across the nation and public events were held to honor social entrepreneurs.) The results of the American Dream Project has lead to the creation of CitizenOne, a for-profit university, leadership institute, and job search enterprise focused on transforming for-profit and non-profit organizations using free-market principles to promote a sustainable future.

Will Marre, CEO. Will Marre, the founder of CitizenOne/REALeadership Alliance, was the co-founder of the Covey Leadership Center. (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), the largest private leadership training organization in the world. In 1992, Marre co-founded Seacology, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the coral reefs, rainforests and culture of the South Pacific. He formed a unique “branded” partnership with a New York Stock company (NuSkin International) to create a sustainable commerce model for remote pacific islands. Seacology became a model of socially-strategic enterprise.


CitizenOne - Management Team

William Hogan, COO. William Hogan, served as CEO of several global high technology companies and recently was CEO of Global Giving; raised over $115 million in venture capital with M & A and IPO exits; PhD in computational physics; thirty-year background in high-performance computing, online information and search, networking, and semantic web technology; currently a judge of social-challenge at Stanford University.

Michael R. Johnson, CCO (Chief Content Officer). Michael Johnson, multi Emmy-award winning documentary film producer; has created interactive education for Sony, General Motors, IBM, Toyota, Raythem, and others; serves on Advisory boards of two post-secondary educational institutions.

Mark Effinger, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Mark Effinger, serial entrepreneur who was a chief architect of P.R. Web, the first company to fully utilize Search Engine Optimization to strategically publish content on the web; has spent the past 12 months developing a “Rich Content” optimization engine for video, audio, image, and text on the web.


What We’ve Accomplished

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Over the past three years REALeadership Alliance, Inc. has produced nearly $3 million in revenue and created significant intellectual property all without incurring debt.
  • TRANSFORMATION PROCESS. We developed and implemented a business transformation process enabling large companies to implement socially-strategic business models.
  • BRAND CHARITY. We’ve helped a NYSE company create a “Brand Charity,” created web based interactive educational games, multimedia training, and live events.
  • AMERICAN DREAM PROJECT. We launched the American Dream Project, a national educational initiative and a community of change leaders designed to re-ignite the real American Dream.
  • PBS DOCUMENTARY. We produced an Emmy award-winning documentary shown on PBS stations across the country.
  • SPEAKING TOUR. We’ve conducted a National Speaking Tour and accompanying webcasts sponsored by 1,000 alumni groups from America’s Business Graduate schools.
  • EXTENSIVE RESEARCH. We’ve conducted national research with over 10,000 Americans using in-depth assessments.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. We’ve published a book, 4 DVDs and created a personal development course.
  • SOCIAL NETWORK WEBSITE. We launched, a social-networking site aimed at 18-30 year-olds.
  • PARTNERSHIP. We established a strategic relationship with Global Giving.

Success Drivers

What’s Driving American Employees and Consumers

According to the 2007 Cone Cause Survey of American Consumers and Employees:

  • 92% have a more positive feelings of companies that visibly support good causes.
  • 83% say companies have a responsibility to support good causes.
  • 87% say they would switch brands (price and quality near equal) to one’s associated with good causes.
  • 61 million Americans have dedicated over 8 billion hours to volunteer service in 2006.

“The only cause Americans care about is to save the world.” - Clotairre Rappaille, Cultural Anthropologist and Market Researcher

Source: 2007 Cone Cause Survey


Success Drivers

What’s Driving Young Americans (Ages 13-25)

  • 80% want to work for companies that directly contribute to society but aren’t sure how to find them.
  • 56% would refuse to work for an irresponsible employer.
  • 83% will trust companies if it is environmentally/socially responsible.
  • 74% are more likely to listen to advertising from companies associated with good causes.

More than Talk

  • There are now an estimated 3,000,000 citizen organizations worldwide attempting to provide social services, health care, disaster relief and environment healing. This is the fastest growing sector of employment and human enterprise worldwide.

Source: 2007 Cone Cause Survey


Success Drivers

What’s Driving Global Business Leaders

In a McKinsey & Co. Global Survey of 4,238 Senior Executives report:

  • 84% of senior executives now believe business should directly contribute to solving social and environmental problems.
  • Being viewed as socially or environmentally irresponsible by employees or consumers was listed as one of the top three strategic threats by global CEOs in 2007.
  • 75% state the prime responsibility for socially-strategic leadership should be the CEO and the senior executive team.
  • 70% of these leaders say they need to improve their performance to solving social and environmental problems but are not sure what to do.

Source: 2007 Cone Cause Survey


The Case for Education

The greatest single strategy to increase human well-being worldwide is to increase access to quality education.


  • Earn 73% more over a lifetime than high school graduates.
  • Are substantially less likely to divorce, abuse family members, smoke, become over weight, suffer from addiction, depression or be imprisoned.
  • Are 55% more likely to be in good health than high school graduates at age 50 and are 50% less likely to die before 50.
  • Report the highest level of life satisfaction and happiness.
  • Are twice as likely to volunteer and provide community service.
  • Are twice as likely to vote and participate in civic activities.


  • In 2005 less than 29% of American adults were college graduates.
  • The average cost of a Bachelors Degree from a private university is $151,000 and at a public university is $64,000.
  • There are 500,000 college-eligible young Americans every year that don’t attend college because it is unaffordable.
  • Over 50% of college graduates with bachelor’s degrees in 2007 have college debt exceeding $20,000. These loans often exceed $50,000 and are now being paid over a 30-year term.

Source: The College Board, World Band World Values Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics


Isn’t it time for CitizenOne University?

We have been educating students the same way for 3000 years.

It is time to harness our collective wisdom, productive technology,

and entrepreneurial innovation to accelerate education worldwide.

CitizenOne offers a new business model for efficient, engaging, world-class education drawing from the world’s best professors, professionally produced media, and action learning all within social networks.



We believe the timing of social trends, demographics, and business opportunity is ideal for the right investor. We are looking for $5 million equity investment for 33% of ownership with revenue exceeding $60 million in 3 years and operating profits in excess of $45 million. We believe this target could be dramatically exceeded if we are able to secure a single global brand sponsor already strong in our target. (Think Virgin or Starbucks.)


Exit Strategy

The ideal exit strategy is to be acquired by a global brand sponsor whose brand equity and stock price premium is positively impacted by our socially-strategic activities. Alternatively, an IPO under the right market conditions is likely to command premium valuation because of our unique brand/business model.



We are continuing to implement socially-strategic business transformation training and consulting to a NYSE company and are forming alliances with other training firms to expand capacity.

  • We have developed course outline content for our first social entrepreneur course. This course will be developed by REALeadership Alliance and licensed from Global Giving for distribution to 22,000 high schools and 4400 colleges and post secondary schools.
  • We are in discussions with one of America’s largest private university’s offering both classroom and online degrees to be our CitizenOne University partner.
  • We have secured an agreement from Talent Zoo, an industry job bard (marketing and advertising sector), to provide our technology infrastructure and management for our CitizenOne Job Board and social network.

Readiness (continued)

  • We are reaching out to organizations such as the Global Clinton Initiative, Virgin Unite, and “TED” (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) to form content, brand and distribution partnerships.
  • We are developing a Facebook application to speed community building of our social network.
  • We are expanding the research of the American Dream Project initiative through additional media development and search engine optimized blogging. We will be merging the American Dream Project into Citizen One within the next 6 months.
  • We are implementing a newly developed Rich Content™ platform to get our video, audio, image, and text content published to hundreds of established web portals. This will drive both our educational content and our inspirational message to accelerate our brand.
  • We are recruiting sponsors for our live event tour, which features music, inspirational education, and success stories of local social entrepreneurs.
  • We are recruiting editorial partners and advertisers for a digital online, multi-media magazine featuring how-to articles, user generated success stories, socially-strategic business profiles and personal life satisfaction strategies.

Next Step

We are engaged in developing an online multi-media class entitled, “Change the World Right Where You Stand.” This three-class module will be a resource for teachers and students of high school and college-age students to introduce key principles of social entrepreneurship, how to discover your own strengths and interests, initiate projects, and collaborate local organizations. This is our proof-of concept model that will be instrumental in soliciting sponsors and advertisers.


CitizenOne Summary


  • Cause marketing, socially responsible investing are strongly trending up.
  • Employee recruitment and retention are increasing impacted by a company’s environmental, social cause reputation and activity.
  • Corporate reputations are enhanced by supporting education. CitizenOne directly educates high school and college students and working adults to become social entrepreneurs and socially-strategic leaders through accredited courses.


  • CitizenOne’s bold tuition-free university aimed at educating the citizens of the future is a disruptive application of existing technology, media and content.
  • CitizenOne directly promotes jobs with socially-strategic companies.
  • CitizenOne uses sponsored media, live events, web, television and film to engage a large, sustainable community.
  • CitizenOne provides content for leadership training/consulting for businesses seeking new business models.
  • Business model has a strong, high growth, high profit design.
  • CitizenOne has a credible non-profit partner, GlobalGiving Foundation, to expand sponsorship quickly to individual employees of large companies.
  • CitizenOne has an experienced management team.

CitizenOne Phased Development





CitizenOne U

CitizenOne Institute

CitizenOne World

  • PHASE 1
  • H.S. & College Social Entrepreneurship Course
  • PHASE 2
  • Sponsor paid development of full college degree curriculum.
  • PHASE 3
  • CitizenOne University
  • PHASE 1
  • CitizenOne Institute
  • Leadership training for socially-strategic leaders.
  • PHASE 2
  • CitizenOne University Extension
  • Online socially-strategic management training.
  • PHASE 3
  • Business transformation consulting. (Licensed consulting partners)
  • PHASE 1
  • Social network website for millions of engaged idealists designed and implemented.
  • Launch CitizenOne course, and Facebook application.
  • Launch beta site for CitizenOne Job Board
  • PHASE 2
  • Launch CitizenOne World eCommerce portal for green lifestyle products and services.
  • PHASE 1
  • LIVE “CitizenOne” Tour
  • Monthly CitizenOne Forums/ Webcasts
  • Weekly “We Are CitizenOne” vMail
  • Monthly “We Are CitizenOne” Forums/Webcasts
  • Monthly Web/Multimedia Magazine
  • PHASE 2
  • Weekly Cable/ITV Show
  • Annual Documentary Film
  • Global Giving Foundation
  • Corporate Giving Fundraising
  • Fiscal Agent for Non-Profit Initiatives

Sustaining Revenue Sources:

Sponsorship, Advertising, Non-Profit Grants

Sustaining Revenue Sources:

Sponsorship, Advertising, Non-Profit Grants

Sustaining Revenue Sources:

Product Fees, Advertising, Educational Products, Product Commissions

Sustaining Revenue Sources:

Sponsorship, Advertising, Non-Profit Grants

Sustaining Revenue Sources:

Grants and Donations


What if we really could change the world?

quality education

We believe that

will do more to solve our world-side

combined with

socially-strategic leadership training

human and environmental

problems than any other

single initiative.