fact or fiction hollywood life lessons l.
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Fact or Fiction: Hollywood Life Lessons

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Fact or Fiction: Hollywood Life Lessons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fact or Fiction: Hollywood Life Lessons. An interesting look at the life lessons Hollywood provides…. Submitted by Bridget Walsh, Resident Assistant, Colorado State University. Alcohol + Sex = BAD IDEA. Knocked Up FACT

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fact or fiction hollywood life lessons

Fact or Fiction: Hollywood Life Lessons

An interesting look at the life lessons Hollywood provides…

Submitted by

Bridget Walsh,

Resident Assistant,

Colorado State University

alcohol sex bad idea
Alcohol + Sex = BAD IDEA

Knocked Up

  • FACT
  • Just like in real life, drinking and having sex can lead to some unwanted complications, whether it’s pregnancy, STD’s, or emotional distress.
party it up you ll be fine tomorrow
Party It Up, You’ll Be Fine Tomorrow

Can’t Hardly Wait, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, American Pie

  • Unlike what the movies show, there are consequences to drinking, whether it’s an MIP, a write-up, or at the very least a hangover
it only takes 1 maybe 2 people to save the world day
It Only Takes 1 (maybe 2) People To Save The World/Day

5th Element, Bad Boys, Rush hour, any action flick, really

  • It’s ok to ask for help. No one expects you to solve all of your problems and everyone else’s problems on your own.
you will meet one person fall in love and live happily ever after
You Will Meet One Person, Fall In Love, And Live Happily Ever After

Any romantic movie ever created

  • Finding the right person is difficult and takes time. When you meet the right person, you’ll know, but there’s no use trying to make someone who isn’t right, into the person for you.
love is tricky love sucks
Love is Tricky/Love Sucks

Eternal Sunshine, Garden State, A Lot Like Love

  • FACT
  • Being in love takes work and when it’s over, well, it sucks. But don’t worry, life goes on.
kids are big responsibilities
Kids Are Big Responsibilities

Daddy Day Care, Cheaper by the Dozen, Big Daddy, Raising Helen

  • FACT
  • Taking care of kids is a LOT of work. There’s a time to have kids, and college isn’t the time.
if you start a musical number everyone will know the moves and join in
If You Start A Musical Number, Everyone Will Know The Moves And Join In


  • Sadly, if you started singing and dancing on the plaza, no one may join in. They might call the police, though. And the police wouldn’t join either…
serial killers freak accidents and supernatural phenomenon are all actually very common
Serial Killers, Freak Accidents, and Supernatural Phenomenon are all, actually, very common

Horror Films

  • No, death will not hunt you down. No, there aren’t really Vampires or Werewolves.

RA’s, though, are scarier then all of those combined.

if you are in a foreign country everyone will speak perfect english
If You Are In a Foreign Country, Everyone Will Speak Perfect English

James Bond, Austin Powers, The Italian Job, The Terminal

  • America isn’t the center of the world and other countries speak different languages.
The moral of this story? While movies show great examples of what life is really like, you should think twice before you believe everything you see.