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Tyler Davenport

Sean McEvoy



The conflict with this United Nations mission is between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The conflict began in May of 1998 due to a border conflict. The leaders of these two countries are the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and the Eritrean Prime Minister Isaias Afwerki. Despite many meetings at the United Nations and in their separate countries, neither have agreed to back down. The important personnel in the United Nations with this mission are Mohammad Taisir Masadeh, Azouz Enifar,and Joel. W Adechi. The conflict between these two countries caused great suffering and starvation for the already poor people of Africa.



  • The United Nations UMNEE mission has many goals and purposes for the mission. They include:
  • Monitor both countries troops.
  • Monitor the temporary security zones. ( TMZ)
  • Monitor the cessation of hostilities.
  • Assist in the security commitments agreed to by the parties.
  • There were also less significant commitments to do with the mission.
what continued
What Continued….
  • The United Nations committed 4200 troops to the UNMEE mission. It was upped to 4300 military personnel in 2001. These troops include 220 military observers.
  • Their have been 12 deaths as a result of the mission.
  • These troops come from over 46 countries.
  • An agreement was made at the 1999 OAU Summit in Algiers that both countries would redeploy their troops to where they were before the territories that were taken when the conflict started in May of 2000.
  • The document called for demilitarization and delimitation of the entire border between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  • The UN was still afraid conflict might brake out so high seniority officials visited both countries.



May of 1998 was when the conflict between the two countries started.

In 1999 at the OAU Summit the two countries made an agreement to redeploy their troops to where they were before the conflict began in 1998.

In May 2000, the two countries went back to war, and broke the agreement made in 1999.

The UNMEE mission is currently set to end on July 31st of this year unless the mission is extended.



The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea is due to the border conflict that the two countries share. It is the northeast Ethiopian border, and the southwest Eritrean border. The United Nations has UMNEE offices in strategic locations in both countries as well as in Adis Ababa,and Asmara. Many troops are located along the TMZ or the Temporary Security Zones. It is in these areas where much of the conflict and tension has happened.



The conflict started in May of 1998 over a border conflict. It has continued ever since the Eritrean government became independent. Eritrean government officials first became upset when Ethiopia issued a new map that included Eritrean territory as part of Ethiopia. The conflict became worse when unprovoked Ethiopian soldiers attacked Eritrean patrol unit inside Eritrean territory. Ethiopia then continued to push into Eritrea. This took control of the government and put new Ethiopian government post deep inside Eritrea.