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Cultural differences

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Cultural differences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 3 Reading. Cultural differences. Can you think of any other customs that are different in different parts of the world?. Fast Reading. 1. Which country is Waled from? Waled is from Brunei. 2. Where does Peter come from? Peter comes from the UK.

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Unit 3 Reading

Cultural differences

Fast Reading

1. Which country is Waled from?

Waled is from Brunei.

2. Where does Peter come from?

Peter comes from the UK.

3. Does everyone in Brunei wear yellow?

No. Yellow is the royal colour for the Sultan and his family.

Detailed Reading

1. What does Thanksgiving celebrate?

It’s to do with celebrating the first harvest after the settlers from Europe went to live in the USA.

2. What is eaten at Thanksgiving?

The huge turkey.

3. In the West, when is the polite time to open a present? Why?

In the west , it is polite to open a present when someone gives you one. Because people want to see the person’s reaction.

4. What can you not drink at a wedding in Brunei?


5. What should you do instead of pointing with your first finger in Brunei?

Pointing with our thumb.

6. What customs do Chinese cities and Brunei have in common?

Taking shoes off before you go inside someone’s house.

TheAmerican: talk much about Thanksgiving

the British: know nothing about it

The American open it when receiving it

while the British not

The guests give

presents to the

newly-weds in the

UK while it is

opposite in Italy

Men and women sit in different area

in Brunei and with no alcohol in the wedding

Reading Strategy: understanding the use of examples

The text we read is a dialogue on cultural differences. So in this kind of text we should use examples to explain concepts and ideas.

Sometimes we use examples to support arguments and sometimes used as interesting stories.

Try to find out the sentences supporting the argument that there are differences as well as similarities between West weddings.

In the UK, the guests are expected to give

presents to the newly-weds, but in Italy …

Try to find out the example used as an interesting story about cultural misunderstanding.

The British teacher who opened the present as soon as he was given it at the end-of-the term ceremony…

Read the dialogue carefully and try to find out the sentences explaining the concept of cultural differences between English speakers from different countries.

Our American teacher is always talking about Thanksgiving…

The British teachers didn’t know what he was talking about…

fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks


Mali has to do her homework on1______ differences. So she goes online to chat with others and find some 2_____she needs.

She gets to know English and American people have 3__________ differences in culture even though they both speak English. For example, The British may be 4_____ when Americans talk about thanksgiving and the huge 5____ they eat.






There are different 6______ in the West and the East Whey they get presents. Westerners like to open them as soon as they get them. Though there are 7_______ between wedding 8_____ ___in the west, there are also differences between different western countries. In Italy, guests except to get presents from the 9________ while the guests are expect to give presents to them in the UK.




In Brunei, a male guests has to sit with the 10 bridegroom and the other men and a 11female guest has to be with the bridge and the other women in a different area. What’s more, if you go to Brunei, you should point with your 12 thumb instead of your index finger. You shouldn’t wear 13 yellow either.

Appropriate 14 behavior is always welcome. So remember when in Rome, do as the 15 Romans do.


1. Write a short passage about differences between the southerners and the northerners in China.

2. Finish the workbook exercises.