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Areas of interest

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Areas of interest. Sound editing systems Image editing systems Desktop Video technologies Software and hardware codecs DVD Storage Video editing software systems. Sound Editing. Sound editing tools tend to look quite similar Waveform view

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areas of interest
Areas of interest
  • Sound editing systems
  • Image editing systems
  • Desktop Video technologies
    • Software and hardware codecs
    • DVD Storage
    • Video editing software systems
sound editing
Sound Editing
  • Sound editing tools tend to look quite similar
  • Waveform view
  • Mark sections of waveform for cut, copy, paste, clear, amplify
Can you see the relationship between the two displays?

The show the same sound

CoolEdit2000 provides

a waveform view

a spectral view

Use waveform mode!

what not to do with a sound editor
What not to do with a sound editor
  • Remember the first time you used a DTP or presentation graphics system?
    • You were tempted to use every colour
    • Every font
    • Every transition effect
    • Every piece of clip-art…
  • Use special effects sparingly!
  • Echo, reverb, distortion and so on are for experts
image editors
Image Editors
  • Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard tool
    • Full featured
    • Powerful and extensible
    • Versatile
    • Lots of good documentation available
    • Excellent at manipulating, combining and retouching
    • But not great for creating artwork from scratch
  • Paint Shop Pro is similar but easier to learn
digital video
Digital Video
  • You may be familiar with sound and image editing
  • But you are much less likely to have experience of digital video editing
  • The following slides introduce
    • File formats
    • Encoder and decoder systems – “codecs”
    • Video editing software
desktop video output technologies
Desktop Video output technologies
  • Apple’s Quicktime is available on Macintosh, PC and other platforms
  • This video player is known for good frame rates, reasonably good video quality and good file size
  • Quicktime movies are “.mov” files
  • QuickTime movie files can contain video images, animation and sound
desktop video output technologies10
Desktop Video output technologies
  • Microsoft’s Video for Windows is available on the Windows platform
  • VfW files are in “.AVI” or “audio-video interleaved” format
  • There are many different compressors available, causing compatibility problems
  • DivX format is becoming popular – very high compression
  • AVI’s have a 2GB file size limit
desktop video output technologies11
Desktop Video output technologies
  • MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) format, available on the Macintosh, PC and many others
  • MPEG movies are known for excellent compression with some blurring and blocky artefacts when over-compressed
  • MPEG movies are usually “.mpg” or “.mpeg” files
  • MPEG1: desktop video, MPEG2: broadcast-quality video, very low bit-rate video streams
desktop video output technologies12
Desktop Video output technologies
  • MJPEG (Motion JPEG) is a format widely used as an intermediate editable format
  • MJPEG individually compresses each frame with no reference to previous or following frames
  • MJPEG easy to edit any frame at any position
  • Most MJPEG movies are converted to another format (often MPEG) for publishing
desktop video output technologies13
Desktop Video output technologies
  • Streaming Web-style (often extremely low bandwidth) media
    • Real Player, Real Video
    • Vivo
    • MPEG (MPEG2 good for this)
  • Streaming data formats require noise immunity and drop-out tolerance, so they are often quite different to desktop video formats
software and hardware codecs
Software and hardware codecs
  • Software codecs are common, often as plug-in library components
  • For example, Video for Windows may use:
    • Intel Indeo compression (v2 to 5)
    • Microsoft Video 1 format
    • Radius Cinepak (Mac-derived)
    • RLE (run-length encoded)
    • DivX MPEG-style coding
hardware codecs
Hardware codecs
  • Hardware to decode MPEG streams (in real time) is incorporated into DVD players
  • MPEG decoder cards for PC’s are relatively inexpensive, some parts built in to video cards
  • Real-time MPEG2 encoders are relatively expensive but getting cheaper
  • Software codecs are many times slower than their hardware counterparts, but are correspondingly cheaper
dvd storage
DVD Storage
  • The acronym DVD has two parallel meanings:
    • Digital Video Disc if the context is video
    • Otherwise it stands for Digital Versatile Disc
  • DVD can store 4.7GB of movie data, allowing high quality video plus multiple soundtracks, text overlays and surround-sound information
  • DVD requires some hardware acceleration for decoding and viewing
video editing software systems
Video editing software systems
  • Popular editing software packages include;
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Ulead Media Studio
    • IMSI Lumiere Video Studio
    • VideoWave 3
    • Vegas Video 2
  • They have much in common but often vary in their terminology
video editing software systems19
Video editing software systems
  • Video editing software has a common look:
video editing software systems20
Video editing software systems
  • This is a snapshot from DigitalOrigin’s EditDV package
  • We have briefly seen
    • Audio editing systems
    • Image editing systems
    • Movie editing systems
  • And commented on the similarities of one package to another
  • We have discussed some details of video formats and codecs