Michal Y. Noah

Certified life coach and a clinical hypnotherapist,

The Best Selling, Award Winning children’s book “A-Z the Universe in Me”, by Michal Y. Noah, is a colorful inspiring and empowering 27 page journey, through the ABC of Self Empowerment. Parents, educators and care providers everywhere have endorsed this project, and reviews are raving; “...full of fantastic affirmations to fill our children with the good, the pure, the positive, and the powerful! I speak to thousands of parents and teachers on Self-esteem in schools this is the new tool, I’m recommending to my audiences,” says Jerry Criss, Speaker, Teacher, and Parent, while Bob Burg, co-author of ‘The Go-Giver’ claims, “This terrific little book should be in the library of every young boy or girl who you, as a Parent or Grandparent, want to equip with a positive Self-Image. This Book has an ‘alphabet’ we can all truly believe in!” “A-Z the Universe in Me,” embraces the child reader with love, compassion and acceptance, while teaching viable personal tools intended to ignite social responsibility, authentic expression, a sense of personal power, and a healthy self concept. Michal is a native of Israel, arrived in America with nothing but hope in her heart. Having had to overcome many challenges along her journey, she came to a realization that she was not a victim of circumstances, but one with the Source of the greatest power, which she discovered was within her all along. Today, she feels compelled to share this message, and created “A-Z the Universe in me” as a catalyst to do just that. Already, “A-Z the Universe in Me” has won the honorable Gold Medal in the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Contest, and has placed #1 on the Best Sellers list. With thousands of copies yet to print, and millions of children still to serve, “A-Z the Universe in Me” is set to reach the hands and hearts of many for years to come.