weber state university department of radiologic sciences computer orientation l.
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Weber State University Department of Radiologic Sciences Computer Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Weber State University Department of Radiologic Sciences Computer Orientation

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Weber State University Department of Radiologic Sciences Computer Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weber State University Department of Radiologic Sciences Computer Orientation. Computer Overview:. You will need to use a computer to get through your program. All examinations are given on computer.

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computer overview
Computer Overview:
  • You will need to use a computer to get through your program. All examinations are given on computer.
  • Computers are available to registered students here in the Radiologic Sciences department in our computer lab. There are computer labs throughout the university.
If you have computer problems related to WSU (can’t access the servers, Chi Tester, or the internet using wireless account) you can contact the WSU computing support department for assistance at:

801.626.7777 or

801.626.6000 ext. 7777.

Wireless access on campus
    • The College of Health Professions (the Marriott Health Building) and the Department of Radiologic Sciences currently have Wireless Internet connection available. If you have a laptop and would like to be able to access the internet on campus (no fees), you may do so through the WSU website.
two ways to get access
Two ways to get access:

1. The student can take his/her laptop to Lampros Hall and go to the Help Desk on the second floor. There are technicians there that can help them register their laptop into the University system.

it can be done online
It can be done online.

1. Go to the WSU home page (

2. Current Students

3. Login using your Wildcat ID and password

4. Click on the tab titled Student Services Fall 2005-Spring 2006

5. Under the Miscellaneous box, there is a link titled Wireless, University Village & other public access accounts. Click this.

Read the legal disclosure and Continue
  • Click on Request Wireless Network Access
  • Input the Ethernet or MAC address* from the wireless card and the Operating System, and Create Account.

* To find the Ethernet or MAC address, the user can go to Start, Run, type CMD, and Enter. At the DOS prompt, enter ipconfig/all. Locate the Wireless card (most laptops have a wire and a wireless entry on this screen), the Physical Address is there. It's a twelve characters, with no zeroes or L's (only 0-9, A-F).

That will put the computer into the database for access to the system. It can take 10-15 minutes before the account is active and ready. Most laptops will require you to reinitialize the card by restarting or doing a Repair (release and renew) of the wireless card. Then simply connect to the WaveLAN Network (an unsecure connection).
e mail
  • Preferred method of communication for most faculty and staff.
  • Please allow 24 hours minimum for a response to e-mail.
  • Put a subject in the subject line.
    • It is recommended that you identify the program and course you are writing about in the subject line:

1st year Outreach RADT 1022 – Exam 1


You will find faculty and staff e-mail address on the:

    • WSU Main website
    • Department of Radiologic Sciences website
    • RadSci1 Bulletin Board
*** make sure to check you account often, as your instructors will be utilizing this e-mail address ONLY to get in contact with you
Weber State University


Wildcat Account

All students must register for a Wildcat Account. Do this as soon as possible. To do so access current student under the WSU homepage and follow the instructions.
Radiologic Sciences

Home Page







If you search for all tests, this will you give you ALL exams that are listed on Chitester …

DO NOT DO THIS … it will take forever!!!

If you experience difficulty while taken an exam, DO NOT PANIC!

Simply close your browser.

Reopen the browser, go to Chi Tester, sign-in again, go to the list of tests, and select the exam you were taking when you got bumped off.

Chi Tester should give you a message like: Would you like to resume this test?

Be sure to contact your instructor if you experience problems.