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Web Page Design

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Web Page Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Page Design. Jill Philpot Web Branch Office of the Chief Information Officer.

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Web Page Design

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web page design

Web Page Design

Jill Philpot

Web Branch

Office of the Chief Information Officer


"Come and learn about the ARS web site! With one consolidated web site, each location and management unit has a web presence at the ARS web site. We will explore the design of the ARS web site, review how ARIS data is used to fill ARS web pages, and demonstrate the in-house web publishing tool, SitePublisher. Our focus will be on how YOU can create informative, useful, and appealing web pages at the ARS web site."

ars web site
ARS Web Site

Q: Who came up with this design?

A: USDA Style Guide.

Q: Who came up with these categories?

A: ARS Web Architecture Group.

ars web site general information
ARS Web Site General Information

Two views of ARS web site:

  • Headquarter level
  • Location level

Who does what?

  • OCIO Web Branch
  • Headquarters staff
  • Local webmasters
how are pages filled
How are pages filled?
  • The Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) Database

2. The Research Education and Economics (REE) Directory

3. SitePublisher web publishing software

pages with aris data
Pages with ARIS Data

About Us – Mission statement, person responsible, and address from ARIS

Research – Project (416) information and national program from ARIS

Products & Services – Publication (115) information from ARIS

pages with ree data
Pages with REE Data

People and Places – employee name, phone number, email, address, working title from REE

pages made in sitepublisher
Pages made in SitePublisher

Local webmasters use SitePublisher to publish all non-ARIS and non-REE web pages


News & Events



web site design
Web Site Design

What is the goal of your web site?

What information do you want to convey?

What information goes where?

design annoyances
Design Annoyances
  • Excessively large graphics. Excessively tiny graphics.
  • Too many animations.
  • ‘Under Construction’ signs.
  • Bad color choice.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Text that is too small. Text that is too large.
  • Having a horizontal scrollbar.
  • Broken images. Broken links.
  • Too much blank space between sections. Too little blank space between sections.
  • Using abbreviations in sentences.
  • Use of ALL CAPS.
  • No paragraph breaks on long pages.
design tips
Design Tips
  • Keep it Simple
    • Download faster
    • Visually appealing
    • Easier to create
    • Use appropriate spacing
    • Make long or complex documents available in PDF
    • Use plain language
design tips15
Design Tips
  • Layouts
    • Knowing HTML may help
    • For precise spacing or alignment, use tables
      • Set exact table or column widths
      • Align cell contents vertically and horizontally
      • Use cellpadding and cellspacing
      • Set border = 0
      • Apply table or cell background colors
design tips16
Design Tips
  • Graphics
    • Use alternate text tag
    • Reduce the number of images
    • Reduce the size of images
    • Use thumbnails
    • Use horizontal and vertical space and alignment tags for text around images
    • Use image maps instead of words


Hands on demonstration…

contact information
Contact Information

Jill Philpot


ARS Webmaster