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Walking the Talk:

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Walking the Talk:
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Walking the Talk:

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Presentation Transcript

    1. arshall Public Schools Walking the Talk: The Role of Leadership in Implementing an RtI Framework Presented By: Barb Sramek, District Administrator Barb Johnson, Elementary Principal

    2. arshall Public Schools

    3. arshall Public Schools Shared Vision District Vision and Goals Goal: Create a culture of excellence for everyone Focus: Increase student achievement Action Steps Student, teacher and administrator commitment to excellence Staff development in pursuit of excellence Curriculum and instruction focused on excellence Data informed decision making leading to excellence Outreach that broadens the sphere of excellence

    4. arshall Public Schools Shared Beliefs and Understanding Philosophical foundation Equity Excellence Teachers of ALL children

    5. arshall Public Schools Research Foundations Valencia Skrla & Scheurich Capper, Frattura, & Keyes

    6. arshall Public Schools Legal Underpinnings Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Education for All Handicapped Children Act (PL 94-142) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

    7. arshall Public Schools Undoing Deficit Thinking What is special education? Overidentification Parent education Efforts to address identification rates Professional development reframe thinking about special education

    8. arshall Public Schools RtI Our Journey Giving Directions vs. Showing the Way

    9. arshall Public Schools RtI Our Journey Service delivery shift Is a label necessary in order to receive services? Staffing General education initiative

    10. arshall Public Schools Service Delivery Continuum of Services Inclusive Best Practices Access to the Curriculum Supporting Students Who Struggle

    11. arshall Public Schools Creating Common Understanding Administrative leadership/common vision Board of Education support Professional development Development of common language with a tiered approach Identification of building leaders District RtI Council Action plan

    12. arshall Public Schools Developing and Monitoring a Guaranteed Curriculum Curriculum review process Math and literacy Alignment to state and national standards Learning goals Assessments Academic vocabulary Grade-level monitoring meetings Data analysis Supervision and evaluation

    13. arshall Public Schools School Improvement Process- RtI Process?

    14. arshall Public Schools Professional Development Initiatives Early literacy strategies Literacy ELL instructional strategies Reading in the content areas Grading to communicate student learning Differentiation Assessment literacy Data-informed decision making

    15. arshall Public Schools Professional Development Strategies Learning walks/drives Professional resource studies Professional learning communities Conferences/workshops

    16. arshall Public Schools Assessments Universal screeners DIBELS (K-3) Fountas & Pinnell (K-6) MAP (3-8) EPAS (9 & 10) Common assessments Balanced assessment framework & triangulation

    17. arshall Public Schools Data-Driven Decision-Making Tools Spreadsheets, pool lists, quadrant tool, item analysis, common assessments Collaboration time Grade-level team meetings, faculty meetings, professional development days, BCTs, curriculum review meetings

    18. arshall Public Schools Building-Level Data Teams What are performance targets to predict that 80% of students will be successful on the next WKCE-CRT? Which students are 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0+ SD below/above the class mean or norming group? Which students need intervention/enrichment and how can we group students to receive timely and specific services? Are interventions working to close the gap for students? Are 80% of students responding favorably to the core curriculum? Do our grades accurately reflect achievement?

    19. arshall Public Schools Problem-Solving Process Building Consultation Teams Referral Meeting Use of data to support student concerns Problem-solving to identify appropriate intervention(s) Identification of case manager Progress monitoring Communication with parents Review and evaluate success of intervention Change as necessary

    20. arshall Public Schools Service Delivery of Interventions Tier 1 General classroom Differentiation Common assessments aligned to curriculum Universal screeners

    21. arshall Public Schools Service Delivery of Interventions Tier 2 - Elementary Level Cardinal Time Daily ALL students Use of data and fluidity of students Literacy focus initially Standard protocol of interventions Progress monitoring

    22. arshall Public Schools Service Delivery of Interventions Tier 2 - Secondary Level Mentoring student achievement READ 180 ALEKS START Study Halls Study Skills Math and English Support

    23. arshall Public Schools Service Delivery of Interventions Tier 3 Intensity Frequency Time Individualized

    24. arshall Public Schools Allocation of Resources Scheduling Personnel Shifting roles Supplemental Curricula

    25. arshall Public Schools Reflections on Leadership Common Vision Shared Beliefs Understanding the Context Staff Development Curriculum Review Resource Allocation Staffing & Personnel Data Informed Decisions Service Delivery Considerations Building-Level Decisions

    26. arshall Public Schools Next Steps What is the right next question? Increasing Student Achievement

    27. arshall Public Schools Questions? Contact Information: Dr. Barb Sramek, District Administrator barb_sramek@marshall.k12.wi.us Barb Johnson, Elementary Principal barb_johnson@marshall.k12.wi.us