tips for travel to croatia l.
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Tips for Travel to Croatia PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Travel to Croatia

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Tips for Travel to Croatia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips for Travel to Croatia. Jessa Bush Export Control Analyst The University of Oklahoma. How do we stay safe, healthy, and secure in Croatia?. Considerations when traveling abroad. Safety Issues Travel Advisories and Consular Information Sheets Registration with U.S. Department of State

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Tips for Travel to Croatia

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    1. Tips for Travel to Croatia Jessa Bush Export Control Analyst The University of Oklahoma

    2. How do we stay safe, healthy, and secure in Croatia?

    3. Considerations when traveling abroad Safety Issues • Travel Advisories and Consular Information Sheets • Registration with U.S. Department of State Health Issues • CDC Information • Insurance, prescriptions, finding doctors and hospitals • TB Policy Security Issues • Export controls • “Sensitive” information

    4. Be safe… • How much do you know about Croatia? • • De-mining operations • Croatian Mine Action Center •

    5. Be safe… Hostilities in Croatia ended in 1995, however demining along former confrontation lines is not complete.

    6. Be safe… • Travelers to the following areas should use extreme caution • Eastern Slavonija • Brodsko-Posavska county • Karlovac county • Zadar and surrounding areas • Plitvice Lakes National Park

    7. Be safe… • Traffic Safety • No right turns on red • No use of hand-held cellular phones while driving • Headlights on at all times • Zero tolerance of driving under the influence • 0.00 Blood Alcohol level

    8. Registration with State • Why register? • Death or injury abroad • Arrest or detention abroad • Unforeseen crisis • Natural disasters • Terrorist events

    9. Privacy Act5 U.S.C. 522(a) • Expressed (written) consent must be given in order for consular officials to share information with next of kin and/or congressional representatives

    10. Stay healthy… • Centers for Disease Control • Vaccinations • Routine vaccinations such as measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine, etc. • Hepatitis A • Hepatitis B • Typhoid • Rabies

    11. Stay healthy… • Infectious diseases • Tickborne encephalitis (TBE) • Tuberculosis • OU Staff and faculty residing overseas for eight weeks or longer must comply with OU’s TB policy prior to returning to work •

    12. Stay healthy… • Bring the prescription medicines you take every day • Keep them in their original prescription bottles • Keep in carry-on luggage

    13. Stay healthy… • Health insurance • Domestic health insurance policies are generally not accepted outside the U.S. • Supplemental insurance info: • • Health Care in Croatia • Hospitals are good, but medicines may be in short supply • Upfront payment may be necessary

    14. Security: travel and export controls • Are you taking equipment, materials, tangible items? • Export issues for the “exporter of record” • Temporary exports should get a TMP letter/laptop letter • Permanent exports • May require export license

    15. Security: travel and export controls • Import Issues • Increase in laptops being stopped at the border in other countries • Requiring “proof” that the laptop was not purchased overseas and therefore subject to taxes/tariffs

    16. Security issues for OU employees • Sensitive information • FERPA (student records) • HIPAA (protected health information) • Intellectual Property/Export controlled information The Risk: • Loss • Theft • Compromise

    17. Increasing the risk… • Government sponsored trips • Security clearances, past or present • Travel to countries with sophisticated or aggressive intelligence communities • China, France, Israel, Russia, Taiwan

    18. Tips for securing information • Best advice: Do not travel with your laptop • Use disposable thumb drives for presentations • Send copies of slides via disposable TD, CD, paper copy • Keep antivirus and security programs current • Be prepared to say “NO”

    19. If you must take a laptop • Encrypt HIPPAA and FERPA • Take a generic (blank) laptop with TMP letter • If you travel frequently, annual TMP certification and letter is an option

    20. Also suggested: • Pre-travel briefing • Post-travel debriefing • Equipment or materials • Lost • Stolen • Comprised • Suspicious contacts

    21. Recap: Be safe • Know your destination • Check travel warnings, PA’s, CIS’s • Register with State • Leave a copy of itinerary and passport info with next of kin • Privacy Act waiver with next of kin

    22. Recap: Be healthy • • Check on health insurance, prescriptions • OU Tb policy

    23. Recap: Be secure • Be aware of • Export controls • Sanctions • Keep yourself, items, and information secure • Take laptop only if necessary and with proper security measures in place • Pre-travel briefing • Post-travel debriefing

    24. Contact info: Jessa Bush Export Control Analyst 405.325.5726