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The Advanced Program

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The Advanced Program Grant Park High School Spring, 2002 Our Goal To provide an encouraging, challenging & disciplined academic environment where students can… foster their gifts and talents develop a love of learning learn to reason critically

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the advanced program

TheAdvanced Program

Grant Park

High School

Spring, 2002

our goal
Our Goal

To provide an encouraging, challenging & disciplined academic environment where students can…

  • foster their gifts and talents
  • develop a love of learning
  • learn to reason critically
  • study subjects in greater depth & at a faster pace
  • strive for personal excellence
  • develop study skills and habits for future academic success
our program


Students apply for all four courses in Middle School Advanced Program

Our Program

The Advanced Program in Middle School includes advanced studies in:

  • French (optional)
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
what is advanced about the advanced program
What is “Advanced” about the Advanced Program?
  • Content will have greater depth and breadth
  • Critical thinking & Analysis are emphasized
  • Curriculum may be accelerated
    • For example, students will master more than 4 years of mathematics & science in Grades 7, 8 and Senior 1
  • High academic standards are required
    • students who have exhibited strong academic performance and successfully passed entrance tests enter the program
    • students must maintain an average mark of 70% to continue in the Advanced Program
advanced mathematics
Advanced Mathematics
  • Grade 7: Pre-Algebra
  • Grade 8: Algebra 1
  • Senior 1: Algebra 1 & 2
  • Saxon Mathematics Program
    • 10 years of successful implementation at Grant Park High School
    • Encourages and fosters independent study and acceleration
    • Skills-based approach with a cumulative approach to ensure continuous review and reinforcement of topics
  • Additional topics are taught in keeping with the provincial curricula for Grades 7, 8, S1 - e.g. Data Analysis, Probability, Geometry etc...
  • A variety of enrichment topics are included in keeping with NCTM Standards
  • Students prepare for and participate in Gauss and Pascal Mathematics Competitions, and the Math League Contests
  • Chess has been incorporated into classes, with a lunch hour chess club and a possible spring chess training institute
  • Enrichment model includes acceleration & telescoping
  • Students enter Advanced Senior 1 mathematics with algebra skills beyond those students leaving the regular Senior 1 math program
  • After three years of Advanced mathematics, students are in many areas advanced beyond the Senior 2 mathematics curriculum
advanced language arts
Students explore six modes of language use:







Classroom activities include:

Dramatic Activities

Novel Study / Individual reading

Reading Responses / Reports

Writing Portfolio

Creative Writing Projects

Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary Development

Advanced Language Arts
advanced language arts7
Classroom texts include:

literary texts (short stories, novels, poems, essays)

media texts (newspapers, magazines, journals)

photographs, visual reproductions, film, and material gathered from the Internet.

a mandatory unit on human rights is part of the program


ongoing and incorporates self, peer and traditional teacher assessments.

rubrics are included with assignments , and students are encouraged to improve & revise work.

final exam comprised of reading comprehension and writing process components

Advanced Language Arts
advanced science
Advanced Science
  • Four years of science compacted into three years of study
    • Students complete Grades 7, 8, S1 science in two years
    • S2 science and an introduction to S3 Chemistry or Biology is completed in the third year
  • Enrichment includes:
    • Greater depth of study
    • Science Fair competition
    • Science magazine articles
    • Delta Marsh field trip
    • Integration of advanced mathematics
advanced social studies
Grade 7 - Spaceship Earth (Physical & Human Geography)

Planet Earth

Physical Environment & Resources

Diversity in Human Life on Earth

Patterns and People

Ecological System of the Earth

Advanced Social Studies
  • Grade 8 - People Through the Ages (World History)
    • Prehistoric & Early Historic Life
    • Ancient Civilizations
    • Life in Early Modern Europe
    • Life in the Modern World
  • Senior 1 - Canada Today (Canadian Studies)
    • Canada’s Physical Environment
    • Canadian Identity & Multiculturalism
    • Canadian Society: Politics, Law, Economics & Technology
    • Canada & the World
    • Canada & the Future
  • Enrichment includes...
    • Research Projects
    • Guest Speakers
    • Game Creation
    • Reports
    • Computer Time
what is the direction of the advanced program
What is the direction of the Advanced Program?
  • Grant Park High School’s Advanced Program begins in Grade 7 and continues through to Senior 4
  • Beginning in Senior 2, students may customize their studies by choosing any combination of regular and advanced courses to meet their interests and needs.
  • The program leads toward the internationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP®)Program at the Senior 4 level.
the advanced placement program
The Advanced Placement Program
  • Advanced Placement (AP®) is an international program administered by the College Board in the United States.
  • Students complete university level subjects while still in high school.
  • Success on an AP Exam in a subject can earn academic credit or standing at universities in Manitoba, Canada and the U.S.
grant park s ap program
Art (Studio)




Computer Science

English Composition

English Literature

Environmental Science*

European History

French Language

German Language**

Government & Politics



Spanish Language**

Grant Park’s AP Program:

* AP Environmental Science potentially offered next year

** AP German and Spanish Language written by students proficient in these languages

why aim for an advanced placement course
Why aim for an Advanced Placement course?
  • Study courses in greater depth - comparable to introductory university level
  • Develop self-discipline & study skills essential for academic success
  • Get a head start - earn credit or standing for university
  • Have greater choice in courses at university
  • Save $$$ on tuition fees & books!
department goals 2001 2002
Department Goals 2001-2002
  • Broadening Enrichment
    • Math Problem Solving, Chess Club, Field Trips, Debating & Public Speaking, Creative Writing Club
  • Implementing New Curricula
    • Clarify roles of acceleration, telescoping & enrichment in new curricula
  • Gathering Data
    • Monitor progress of students, focusing on Grades 7 - Senior 1
    • Examine participation & performance of ESL students in the Advanced Program
in addition to the core academic subjects students may participate in
In addition to the Core Academic Subjects, students may participate in...
  • Visual Arts
  • Band
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Practical Arts
  • Student Council
  • Student Clubs
    • Debating, Chess, Reach for the Top, Recycling, Cheerleading, Track, etc...
entrance tests for the advanced program
Entrance Tests for the Advanced Program

All students applying for the Advanced Program in Grades 7 through Senior 1 will be invited to the school for a morning of testing:

  • Standardized Aptitude Test
  • Standardized Reading Comprehension Test
  • Standardized Nonverbal Ability Test
  • Mathematics Problem Solving Assessment

In addition, applicants must attach a copy of their most recent report card to their application form.

application process
Application Process
  • Submit a school application form, indicating interest in the Advanced Program
    • Attach an Advanced Program Applications form
    • Attach a copy of the most recent report card
    • Deadline is Monday, March 4th to be guaranteed a testing spot
  • Letters addressed to students will be mailed home notifying you of dates for testing.
  • Testing Dates: March 12 - 18 at Grant Park
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent home in mid-April
further school information
Further School Information



Phone: 452-3112

Fax: 477-5633

advanced program teachers
Mr. Kattenfeld Grade 7 Math & Science

Ms. Rebeck Grade 7 L.A. & Social

Mr. Bilenki Grade 8 Math & Science

Ms. Bras Grade 8 L.A. & Social

Mr. ffrench Senior 1 Science

Mr. Hutcheon Senior 1 Social

Ms. Imperadeiro Senior 1 L.A.

Mr. Patenaude Senior 1 Math & Science

Mr. Timmerman Senior 1 L.A.

Mrs. Treleaven Senior 1 Math

Mme. Lisowski French

Advanced Program Teachers