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The Advanced Program

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The Advanced Program

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  1. TheAdvanced Program Grant Park High School Spring, 2002

  2. Our Goal To provide an encouraging, challenging & disciplined academic environment where students can… • foster their gifts and talents • develop a love of learning • learn to reason critically • study subjects in greater depth & at a faster pace • strive for personal excellence • develop study skills and habits for future academic success

  3. } Students apply for all four courses in Middle School Advanced Program Our Program The Advanced Program in Middle School includes advanced studies in: • French (optional) • Language Arts • Social Studies • Mathematics • Science

  4. What is “Advanced” about the Advanced Program? • Content will have greater depth and breadth • Critical thinking & Analysis are emphasized • Curriculum may be accelerated • For example, students will master more than 4 years of mathematics & science in Grades 7, 8 and Senior 1 • High academic standards are required • students who have exhibited strong academic performance and successfully passed entrance tests enter the program • students must maintain an average mark of 70% to continue in the Advanced Program

  5. Advanced Mathematics • Grade 7: Pre-Algebra • Grade 8: Algebra 1 • Senior 1: Algebra 1 & 2 • Saxon Mathematics Program • 10 years of successful implementation at Grant Park High School • Encourages and fosters independent study and acceleration • Skills-based approach with a cumulative approach to ensure continuous review and reinforcement of topics • Additional topics are taught in keeping with the provincial curricula for Grades 7, 8, S1 - e.g. Data Analysis, Probability, Geometry etc... • A variety of enrichment topics are included in keeping with NCTM Standards • Students prepare for and participate in Gauss and Pascal Mathematics Competitions, and the Math League Contests • Chess has been incorporated into classes, with a lunch hour chess club and a possible spring chess training institute • Enrichment model includes acceleration & telescoping • Students enter Advanced Senior 1 mathematics with algebra skills beyond those students leaving the regular Senior 1 math program • After three years of Advanced mathematics, students are in many areas advanced beyond the Senior 2 mathematics curriculum

  6. Students explore six modes of language use: Reading Writing Listening Speaking Viewing Representing Classroom activities include: Dramatic Activities Novel Study / Individual reading Reading Responses / Reports Writing Portfolio Creative Writing Projects Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary Development Advanced Language Arts

  7. Classroom texts include: literary texts (short stories, novels, poems, essays) media texts (newspapers, magazines, journals) photographs, visual reproductions, film, and material gathered from the Internet. a mandatory unit on human rights is part of the program Assessment ongoing and incorporates self, peer and traditional teacher assessments. rubrics are included with assignments , and students are encouraged to improve & revise work. final exam comprised of reading comprehension and writing process components Advanced Language Arts

  8. Advanced Science • Four years of science compacted into three years of study • Students complete Grades 7, 8, S1 science in two years • S2 science and an introduction to S3 Chemistry or Biology is completed in the third year • Enrichment includes: • Greater depth of study • Science Fair competition • Science magazine articles • Delta Marsh field trip • Integration of advanced mathematics

  9. Grade 7 - Spaceship Earth (Physical & Human Geography) Planet Earth Physical Environment & Resources Diversity in Human Life on Earth Patterns and People Ecological System of the Earth Advanced Social Studies • Grade 8 - People Through the Ages (World History) • Prehistoric & Early Historic Life • Ancient Civilizations • Life in Early Modern Europe • Life in the Modern World • Senior 1 - Canada Today (Canadian Studies) • Canada’s Physical Environment • Canadian Identity & Multiculturalism • Canadian Society: Politics, Law, Economics & Technology • Canada & the World • Canada & the Future • Enrichment includes... • Research Projects • Guest Speakers • Game Creation • Reports • Computer Time

  10. What is the direction of the Advanced Program? • Grant Park High School’s Advanced Program begins in Grade 7 and continues through to Senior 4 • Beginning in Senior 2, students may customize their studies by choosing any combination of regular and advanced courses to meet their interests and needs. • The program leads toward the internationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP®)Program at the Senior 4 level.

  11. The Advanced Placement Program • Advanced Placement (AP®) is an international program administered by the College Board in the United States. • Students complete university level subjects while still in high school. • Success on an AP Exam in a subject can earn academic credit or standing at universities in Manitoba, Canada and the U.S.

  12. Art (Studio) Biology Calculus Chemistry Computer Science English Composition English Literature Environmental Science* European History French Language German Language** Government & Politics Physics Psychology Spanish Language** Grant Park’s AP Program: * AP Environmental Science potentially offered next year ** AP German and Spanish Language written by students proficient in these languages

  13. Why aim for an Advanced Placement course? • Study courses in greater depth - comparable to introductory university level • Develop self-discipline & study skills essential for academic success • Get a head start - earn credit or standing for university • Have greater choice in courses at university • Save $$$ on tuition fees & books!

  14. Department Goals 2001-2002 • Broadening Enrichment • Math Problem Solving, Chess Club, Field Trips, Debating & Public Speaking, Creative Writing Club • Implementing New Curricula • Clarify roles of acceleration, telescoping & enrichment in new curricula • Gathering Data • Monitor progress of students, focusing on Grades 7 - Senior 1 • Examine participation & performance of ESL students in the Advanced Program

  15. In addition to the Core Academic Subjects, students may participate in... • Visual Arts • Band • Performing Arts • Physical Education • Practical Arts • Student Council • Student Clubs • Debating, Chess, Reach for the Top, Recycling, Cheerleading, Track, etc...

  16. Entrance Tests for the Advanced Program All students applying for the Advanced Program in Grades 7 through Senior 1 will be invited to the school for a morning of testing: • Standardized Aptitude Test • Standardized Reading Comprehension Test • Standardized Nonverbal Ability Test • Mathematics Problem Solving Assessment In addition, applicants must attach a copy of their most recent report card to their application form.

  17. Application Process • Submit a school application form, indicating interest in the Advanced Program • Attach an Advanced Program Applications form • Attach a copy of the most recent report card • Deadline is Monday, March 4th to be guaranteed a testing spot • Letters addressed to students will be mailed home notifying you of dates for testing. • Testing Dates: March 12 - 18 at Grant Park • Notification of acceptance will be sent home in mid-April

  18. Further School Information Homepage: E-mail: Phone: 452-3112 Fax: 477-5633

  19. Mr. Kattenfeld Grade 7 Math & Science Ms. Rebeck Grade 7 L.A. & Social Mr. Bilenki Grade 8 Math & Science Ms. Bras Grade 8 L.A. & Social Mr. ffrench Senior 1 Science Mr. Hutcheon Senior 1 Social Ms. Imperadeiro Senior 1 L.A. Mr. Patenaude Senior 1 Math & Science Mr. Timmerman Senior 1 L.A. Mrs. Treleaven Senior 1 Math Mme. Lisowski French Advanced Program Teachers