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Tabloid Tradition

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Tabloid Tradition. Tab--loid. TABlet+alkaLoid. Tabloid’s tradition. 1833 The Sun (sold one cent on the street)

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tab loid
  • TABlet+alkaLoid
tabloid s tradition
Tabloid’s tradition
  • 1833 The Sun (sold one cent on the street)
  • “ While newspapers until then were very much establishment media, aligned with business and political interests, the Sun was the first American newspaper written less for merchants and politicians than for the general reader.”
newspaper circulation in england
Newspaper Circulation in England
  • 1828-1840
  • 78,000 to 300,000 ( attributable to the growth of the penny press )
penny press
Penny Press
  • Reporting skills:
  • Observation and interviewing
  • Not rely on documents e.g. court records
tabloid s tradition6
Tabloid’s tradition
  • 1883 New York World (Joseph Pulitzer founded) pushed a movement of Yellow Journalism
  • “ what is original, distinctive, dramatic, romantic, thrilling, unique, curious, humorous, odd, apt to be talked about….”
tabloid s tradition7
Tabloid’s tradition
  • Slogan for tabloid
  • All the news in 60 seconds
  • -New York Daily
tabloid tradition in china
Tabloid tradition in China
  • Tabloid 小報 = unofficial press
  • Official press = ordinary message
  • Unofficial press = extraordinary message
lord northcliffe
Father of Tabloid, he lectures to his fellow journalists on how to please the masses:

“the things people talk about are news-and what do they mostly talk about?

Other people, their failures and successes, their joys and sorrows, their money and their food and their peccadilloes.

Lord Northcliffe
lord northcliffe10
“ Get more names in the paper-the more aristocratic the better, if there is a news story round them.

You know the public is more interested in duchesses than servant-girls…. Ask the Amalgamated Press (Northcliffe’s periodicals concern) whether they do better in Lancashire with serial or periodical stories of factory life, or stories of high life.

Lord Northcliffe
lord northcliffe11
Lord Northcliffe

“ Everyone likes reading about people in better circumstances than his or her own.”

News as “anything out of the ordinary….the only thing that will sell a newspaper”

lord northcliffe12
Lord Northcliffe

He requested his editors of Daily Mail to “make the paper a happy one, fresh and free from dullness”. The main news page is the “surprise page”.

-in T. Clarke, My Northcliffe Diary, pp200-201)

tabloid in china
Tabloid in China
  • People in Sung Dynasty used to read Ti Pao as a routine/official newspaper and treated Tabloid as non-routine/unofficial newspaper
tabloid tradition in china14
Tabloid tradition in China
  • 1898 Ciao Fung Po 采風報
  • Owner of Ciao Fung Po explained reasons to operate a Tabloid-it aims to raise up moral standard
  • 「昨有岸然道貌, 規行矩步, 狀若八股儒者, 惠然肯來, 揖采風主人:『貴報采風也, 顧名思義, 所采何風?』主人曰:『人間風氣, 采取無窮, 吾之所采者, 世風、文風, 下之則雌風、淫風, 凡是風, 無所不采….』
tabloid tradition in china15
Tabloid tradition in China
  • A satirical dialogue to belittle newspaperman-a reflection against Wen Ren’s tradition
  • ….其人曰:『否。 昨日某在美仁里斗牌, 斗了一只東風, 被庄家和得五百十二合, 何以貴報不曾采入?』 主人不能答, 乃大笑而去。 其殆佯狂風世者乎?….」。
tabloid tradition in hong kong
Tabloid tradition in Hong Kong
  • 1940《中發白》Chung-Fat-Pai
  • Use names of cards of Mah-jong as the title of a newspaper, reasons-
  • Chung-neutral position
  • Fat-unveil the cover
  • Pai-easy to understand
tabloid tradition in hong kong17
Tabloid tradition in Hong Kong

「夫中發白也者, 並非教你打麻雀也, 孔老二曰, 不偏之謂中, 做報紙佬, 最緊要執「中」, 如不執中, 尿壺都要丟矣, 今之世界, 奸狡之世也, 騙術之世也, 夫如是, 則為之報紙佬者, 其可不盡量揭「發」之乎。本欄既以言論執中, 逢奸揭發為宗旨, 則甚想人人能洞燭社會之奸, 掌柜德叔固可閱, 大嬸姑娘不能不閱, 學生哥何妨一閱, 一切打工老豆點能唔閱, 既望人人能閱, 所以文字亦以淺「白」為主也。….」

tabloid tradition in hong kong18
Tabloid tradition in Hong Kong
  • Manifesto of 《探海燈週報》Search Lamp Weekly 1941
  • ….Several HK reporters to operate a tabloid to serve the country, to fight against Japanese troops, to wake up nation not to be fooled by Communists, to express grievances for the grass root level and not to be compromised….
apple daily
Apple Daily
  • Founded 20.6.1995
  • Jimmy Lai
  • Investment:700 ~1000 millions
  • Circulation:200,000
  • A Hongkonger’s newspaper
  • Defend HK’s core values-freedom and democracy
apple daily s manifesto
Apple Daily’sManifesto
  • We belong to Hong Kong
  • Readers orientation
  • Readers Focus Groups
  • Daily criticism and self-criticism meeting
  • New personnel policy
  • Dictatorship
apple daily 24 10 1998 human scum incident23
Apple Daily 24.10.1998“Human Scum” Incident
  • Apple Daily reporter paid $5,000 to Chan and encouraged him to call two prostitutes…..
apple tization
  • Graphics dominated pages
    • Designer call the shoot
    • Design graphics/dialogue
  • Information decreased drastically
apple tization26
  • Lines blurred
    • Tabloid and quality newspaper
    • News and supplementary
    • Gossip and important events
apple tization27
  • High structure
  • Division of labor
  • Reporter=assembly line worker
apple tization28
  • Interactive
  • Electronic media and printed media
  • Media and message receiver
  • Media and web
side effects of human scum
Side effects of “Human Scum”
  • Journalists Code of Ethics
  • Established HK Press Council
what makes a tabloid tick
What makes a tabloid tick?
  • Urban Population
  • Price
  • Simple word/sentence
  • Interesting topics
  • Large photos
  • Sensational headings
tabloid s features in hong kong
Tabloid’s Features in Hong Kong
  • 1. Low Price
  • 2. No taboos
  • 3. No Advertising
  • 4. Flat structure
  • 5. Short life span
tabloid s position in journalism tradition
Tabloid’s Position in Journalism Tradition
  • A revamp of reporting skills since 16 Century in the West
  • A rebellious newspaper against the conventional and pro-establishment newspaper
  • A betrayal of Wen Ren tradition in Chinese culture
  • A pioneer of market-driven media
the future of tabloid
The Future of Tabloid
  • Your statement…..