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Salvage and Overhaul Drill

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Salvage and Overhaul Drill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Salvage and Overhaul Drill. 10-9-06 1900-2100 hrs Station 701. Salvage. Salvage operations consist of those methods and operating procedures related to fire fighting that aid in reducing fire, water, and smoke damage during and after fires. Why Salvage?. Saving property! Reducing fire loss!

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salvage and overhaul drill

Salvage and Overhaul Drill


1900-2100 hrs Station 701


Salvage operations consist of those methods and operating procedures related to fire fighting that aid in reducing fire, water, and smoke damage during and after fires.

why salvage
Why Salvage?
  • Saving property!
  • Reducing fire loss!
  • Contents often have more value than the building components.
  • Monetary & sentimental value.
  • Some items can never be replaced.
  • Outstanding public relations.
tools of the trade
Tools of the trade
  • Full PPE, CO monitor, Eye protection,
  • Salvage covers, floor runners, Squeegees.
  • Water scoops, mops, mop wringer with bucket, water vacuum, sponges, rags, chamois,
  • Automatic sprinkler kit
  • Roofing supplies, nails, screws, stapler & staples, plastic sheeting, lathing, tools, power tools.
maintenance of equipment
Maintenance of equipment
  • When done clean equipment with mild soap and water.
  • Put all equipment back better than you found it.
how and when
How and when
  • Salvage can be performed before extinguishment or as it is occurring.
  • Command might delay fire attack until salvage is occurring or complete. We need more manpower for this to happen.
  • If there is an attic fire or fire on a second story, get a salvage crew in on the first floor or basement.
  • Move all furniture into middle of room, put everything else on top of couch & chairs, then cover it all with tarps.
how and when8
How and when
  • Roll up area rugs
  • Often we remove items if they are far enough away from the fire area.
  • If necessary place tarp on top of everything, then place loose items on bed to protect the bed and dresser while attack operations are taking place.

Overhaul is the practice of searching a fire scene to detect hidden fires or sparks which may rekindle and to note the possible point of origin and cause of fire.

tools needed
Tools needed
  • Full PPE & eye protection
  • CO monitor
  • Thermal camera
  • Pike poles
  • Plaster hooks
  • Axe & prying tools
  • Carryall, buckets
  • Shovels, hooks, forks.
what to watch out for
What to watch out for
  • Weakened floors and walls.
  • Concrete that has spalled due to heat.
  • Weakened steel roof members.
  • Walls offset due to elongation of steel roof supports.
  • Weakened roof trusses due to burn-through of key members.
what to look for
What to look for
  • Discoloration of materials.
  • Peeling paint.
  • Smoke emissions from cracks.
  • Cracked plaster.
  • Dried wallpaper.
  • Feel the walls with the back of your hand.
  • Listen for popping and cracking.
  • Use Thermal camera or heat detectors to find hot spots.
overhaul time
Overhaul time!
  • Get rehab and put your PPE back on.
  • Expose all hot spots and make sure ALL of the fire is out.
  • There should be nothing hot when companies clear the scene.
  • Use caution not to disturb any possible evidence for the investigators.
  • Properly identify any evidence.
  • Smoldering contents can be removed for overhaul
overhaul time14
Overhaul time!
  • Hang the nozzle out the window while overhauling to reduce water damage to building.
  • Use smaller lines for this operation.
  • Check window sills, door frames…places where fire might hide.
  • Thoroughly check insulation, remove if needed.
  • Load bearing members should not be disturbed.
  • Post a lookout for firefighter safety.
  • Just a reminder that we still use the passport system during salvage and overhaul.
time to practice
Time to practice!
  • Accordion Fold
  • Constructing a Catchall
  • Constructing a Water Chute
  • Splicing a Water Chute and Catchall