resources at the point of care np students and pdas l.
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Resources at the Point of Care: NP Students and PDAs PowerPoint Presentation
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Resources at the Point of Care: NP Students and PDAs

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Resources at the Point of Care: NP Students and PDAs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resources at the Point of Care: NP Students and PDAs Deborah Booton-Hiser, PhD, ARNP University of Oklahoma College of Nursing Professor & Director Nurse Practitioner Program PDA Information Today Based on “today” but constantly advancing

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resources at the point of care np students and pdas

Resources at the Point of Care: NP Students and PDAs

Deborah Booton-Hiser, PhD, ARNP

University of Oklahoma College of Nursing

Professor & Director

Nurse Practitioner Program

pda information today
PDA Information Today
  • Based on “today” but constantly advancing
  • Facilitate you to embrace more technology to enhance your educational journey AND your clinical practice
  • Begin or continue your journey with the POSSIBILITIES of PDAs
  • Handout with ALL the links! Monday the links will be electronically available to you on-line.
critical issues
Critical Issues
  • Must have readily accessible information as you learn
  • Knowing is important but having immediate access to information is MOST critical
  • Quality documentation is essential to capture costs
  • Medication errors are at epidemic proportions
  • Knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate > defies memory capabilities
  • There is less time and more care to provide
pda use is a viable solution
PDA Use is a Viable Solution
  • Accessing CURRENT knowledge at POC
  • POC Rx referencing (dosing, contraindications, drug interactions, etc)
  • Extensive references “in the palm of your hand”
  • Automated updates to critical information
  • Quicker “e” consultation for resources and documentation
  • PDA generated prescriptions (readability) upon graduation
  • POC documentation incorporated in practice management upon graduation
which one describes you
Which ONE describes YOU
  • No PDA
  • PDA, barely touched
  • PDA, Love the games, address book and calendar
  • PDA, with pharmacotherapeutic resource and a bit of downloads
  • PDA, downloads, texts, and free/share ware
  • PDA, utilizing an integrated system in practice
decisions decisions the plight of pda purchases

Operating system

Issues of medical software compatibility are less


Screen (resolution, color)


MP3 Player

WiFi, Bluetooth, BlackBerry wireless Internet access capabilities

Phone/PDA combo

Decisions Decisions – The plight of PDA purchases!
no 2 are alike yet all are functional
No 2 are alike - -Yet All are functional - -

iPAC h2215







Treo 300


Zire 71





Considerations - -
  • What brand, operating system is the best “fit” with your use and needs –
  • What software will be utilized (OS, memory)
  • The cost of the PDA is only about 50% of the total expense – Remember there are accessories, peripherals, software, & wireless application protocols
essential pda qualities
Essential PDA Qualities
  • Screen
    • COLOR
    • Resolution
  • Memory (for Palm OS)
    • Built in PLUS
    • Expansion (SD Cards, Memory Sticks)
  • Size (weight 4-6 oz, bulk)
  • Battery life
  • +/-Processor speed (200-400 MHz)
  • +/-Interface
  • +/- Wireless access
strategies for making the best choice
Talk to many other PDAers

Go to the Internet – manufacturers and reviewers

PLAY with various PDAs

Identify your NEEDS, wants, and BUDGET

Identify the +’s & -’s of each PDA

Decide which one FEELS right for YOU

Make your best decision and buy “it” – This isn’t life or death

Whatever you purchase now, it will NOT be your last PDA

Strategies for Making the BEST choice
limitless software for pdas
Limitless Software for PDAs





Electronic Records


Coders & Billers


Clinical Guidelines

software considerations
Software Considerations
  • Edition, development date
  • Author/Designer expertise
  • Evidence based
  • Funded by - -
  • Update capabilities
  • Interface capabilities
  • Navigationally intuitive
  • Readability
  • Cost
software considerations16
Software Considerations
  • Freeware ($0)/Shareware ($)
  • Commercial/Proprietary
  • Textbooks/Guidelines/Resources
  • Individual versus bundled references
  • Subscription & Renewal
  • Updates
textbooks modified for pdas
Griffith’s Five Minute Clinical Consult

Merck Manual



Washington Manual

ETC - - - -


Reference @ POC

Less reliant on memory


Facilitates currency

Remember – just like textbooks, these become dated & must be repurchased for newer editions

Textbooks Modified for PDAs
inter relational data bases suites and libraries
Inter-relational data bases, Suites and Libraries
  • IRDB
    • Pharmacotherapeutic resources
    • Medical management resources
  • Suites & Libraries (multiple resources/databases)
    • Lexi-Comp
    • Handango’s Suites
    • Pocket Clinician Library
    • May offer “auto updates”
    • May require annual renewal fees
    • MORE
      • Comprehensive
      • Expensive (secondary to more resources)
      • MEMORY required
evidenced based best practice resources
Evidenced Based/Best Practice Resources
  • Nationally recognized treatment guidelines
    • NHLBI (Asthma, COPD, BMI, Obesity, Cholesterol)
    • CDC, etc.
  • Resources that are based on EBP/BP (by design & auto updates)
medical references
Medical References
  • Expands your horizon of differential dxs
  • Integrates contemporary health risks (ie. SARS, bioterroism agents (signs/symptoms/treatment/disposition)
  • Provides contemporary management recommendations
  • Based on IRDB, facilitates prescribing based on formulary plans
pharmacology resources 1 use
Pharmacology Resources, #1 Use
  • Growing field to choose
    • Quality programs are not free
  • What is the source of the data
    • Pharmaceutical manufactures?
  • Method for updating
    • Auto updates
  • General/Comprehensive resources
  • System, disease, age specific resources
a sampling of pda drug references a sampling
A Sampling of PDA Drug References (a sampling)
  • ePocrates
    • Rx Clinical Drug Database –free
    • Rx Pro > $
  • Lexi-comp
    • Lexi-Drugs
    • Lexi-Interact
  • Pharmacopoeia
  • Fact and Comparisons
infectious disease antibiotic resources sampling
Infectious Disease Antibiotic Resources (sampling)
  • Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases Antibiotic Guide (free)
  • Lexi-Infectious Diseases
  • Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial
other specialty resources rx generating programs sampling
Other Specialty Resources & RX Generating Programs (sampling)
  • Alternative Meds
  • Lexi-Natural Products
  • Lexi-Poisoning & Toxicology
  • MANY more specialty references (yes peds too!)
medical calculators
Medical Calculators
  • Minimal memory
  • Freeware/shareware
  • From accurate and useful to inaccurate and worthless
  • Beamable
online pda resources
Online PDA Resources
  • General resources provide a variety of benefits
    • PDA news/press releases (i.e. the recent purchase of Handspring by Palm)
    • Notification of new hardware/software
    • Wide array of products (purchase/free)
    • General and specialty resources
    • Reviews
quickly changing world how to keep informed
Quickly Changing World: How to Keep Informed
  • Reviews
    • Manufacturers
      • New products
      • Patches, Repairs and Updates
    • Users
    • “Experts”
      • Cnet
      • PC resources
      • PDA websites
foundation software
Foundation software
  • Documents to Go
  • HanDBAse
  • Isilo
  • TealInfo
  • Tealdoc
making it all work
Making it all WORK
  • Download program from Internet to PC
  • File in PDA “space”
  • Unzipping
  • Synching
market is expanding
Market is Expanding
  • Increasing sophistication of the technology
  • Increasing software applications
  • Extending beyond the HCP and Health care settings
  • Extending into the homes and hands of our patients
  • Seizing the opportunity to improve their clinical practice
  • Seizing the opportunity to improve the health of society
  • Embracing the opportunity to integrate technology
  • Beaming, WiFi’ing, tracking, scripting, calculating and coding with PDAs!