postcards from the road
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Postcards from the Road

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Postcards from the Road. Christine Conroy LIBR 500 Foundations of Information Technology [email protected] England. Over the years I’ve taken many trips. I’ve been to places such as. France. …a few times. Greece. even Ecuador.

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postcards from the road

Postcards from the Road

Christine Conroy

LIBR 500

Foundations of Information Technology

[email protected]

over the years i ve taken many trips i ve been to places such as
EnglandOver the years I’ve taken many trips.I’ve been to places such as


…a few times


  • evenEcuador
but the most life changing trip i took was leaving my home and my family in ontario
But the most life changing trip I took was leaving my home and my family in Ontario…

Not my whole family

Hi all,

Had great weather so far.

We swung through Wiarton to see if we could find the famous groundhog.

This was all we found.

The name of the statue…

“Willie Emerging”


rules of the road
Rules of the Road
  • Each driver takes two hours shifts (unless it’s bad weather then Clive drives).
  • The driver gets to pick the music.
  • The passenger is at the beck and call of the driver and must:
      • make lunches on her lap,
      • look after the music the driver selects,
      • stay awake to entertain the driver (unless she’s driving and then she’s on her own while he sleeps).
Hi there

We’re still not out of

Ontario. Been driving for days. Sigh.

Drove through Dryden and stopped when we saw the giant moose. Tons of dragonflies too. Had to scrape bug parts off the windshield.

Want to see more BIG things in Canada?

Visit Big Things, The Monuments of Canada

things to consider while driving across canada
Things to Consider While Driving Across Canada
  • If your car is old make sure you have a CAA


  • Manitoba really does have lots of mosquitoes . . .


  • Gas station coffee is really bad,
  • really bad.
  • Don’t rush.
  • There’s so much to see.

We drove through the prairies today, well I did. Clive slept. I could see the weather for miles. I’d forgotten just how flat it really is.

Not a lot of places for

pit stops though.

don t get stranded with no place to stay
Don’t get Stranded with no Place to Stay

The town of Wayne.

Ghost town.

Industry - 1.

You’re looking at it.

Last Chance Saloon $11 a night,

includes lumpy beds.


We’re in Drumheller, Alberta. It’s been sooo much fun! Clive got into the western way of life and tried wrestling dinosaurs. We should be in Vancouver in a couple of days.


All photographs by Chris Conroy

and Clive Tucker

The End

for now