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Mount St. Mary’s University Student Government Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Mount St. Mary’s University Student Government Association

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Mount St. Mary’s University Student Government Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mount St. Mary’s University Student Government Association. THE Voice of the Students. 2007-2008 Executive Board. President- Laura Fenaroli Vice President- Jason Werden Secretary- Erica George Treasurer- Todd Westen. Fall 2007 Goals. Top Ten List.

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Mount St. Mary’s University Student Government Association

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Presentation Transcript
2007 2008 executive board
2007-2008 Executive Board

President- Laura Fenaroli

Vice President- Jason Werden

Secretary- Erica George

Treasurer- Todd Westen

top ten list
Top Ten List
  • Transparency and a better working relationship with Public Safety
  • Complete upgrades to Purcell to establish a true Student Union
  • Have a clear student voice in establishing the guidelines for the new residence hall.
  • Increase sports equipment for club sports.
  • Campus wide SGA forums: Student Forums.
top ten list cont
Top Ten List (cont.)
  • Implement at least two leadership retreats for student leaders.
  • Encourage freedom of speech for the Mountain Echo.
  • Create a student task force on the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure student participation in all Bicentennial events.
  • Formalize a system to ensure student representation on all search committees.
new top ten list
New Top Ten List
  • Establish a strong student voice in Terrace renovation decisions.
  • Increase the voice of clubs within SGA.
  • Ensure student input in Public Safety regulation decisions.
  • Increase support of faith development for all denominations.
  • Ensure the continued movement towards an increase in accessibility on campus.
new top ten list cont
New Top Ten List (cont.)
  • Improve Executive Board support of Advisory Board Committees.
  • Create a completed first draft of a University Honor Code.
  • Support the move towards glass recycling on campus.
  • Enhance student involvement in the local community.
  • Enhance SGA communication to the campus community.
other achievements10
Other Achievements
  • New Advisory Board structure implemented
  • Bicentennial Time Capsule created
  • Bicentennial Hall Tours occurred
  • Class of 2011 Officers Elected
  • Successful Alcohol Awareness Week supported
  • Casino Night Fundraiser raised $5000 for Casey Cares Foundation
other achievements cont
Other Achievements (cont.)
  • Successful Family Fest Weekend
  • Fells Point Sold Out
  • CAB received 3 awards at a Regional Conference
  • Community Service Opportunities List being created
  • Senior Formal booked – April 12th in DC
  • “Recycle Mania” participation
  • New Agenda Format Created – process for accomplishing student needs streamlined
other achievements cont12
Other Achievements (cont.)
  • Student Insurance Meeting held
  • Composting of to-go containers occurring
  • Commuter Luncheons held
  • IT Help desk hours clarified and published
  • Extramural Basketball Tournament being researched
  • Majors Expo held
  • Class of 2010 Dance-a-thon raised $2000
  • Sophomore Week at Career Center occurred
other achievements cont13
Other Achievements (cont.)
  • New office for the Executive Officers
  • Lawn Maintenance Notifications going out
  • Addressed water concerns
  • Increase recognition of Cleaning Staff
  • Class of 2010 Advisory Board Created
  • Larger recycling bins being priced
  • Vending Machines now on Mount Card access
  • Junior Exploration Week at the Career Center
other achievements cont14
Other Achievements (cont.)

Helped clarify use of the new Commuter, staff, admin parking lot

Class of 2011 t-shirt design competition

Proposed increase in funding for clubs

Proposed making the entrance to Patriot Hall more accessible

Held a “Lunch with the Dean”

Been present at town meetings to offer student views on campus concerns

Assisted in the roll out of Microsoft 2007

other achievements cont15
Other Achievements (cont.)

Held successful Mr. Mount and Mount Oscar events

Helped give feedback via surveys on Laundry, library hours, laptop and vending

Did a formal assessment of the SGA Advisor

Successful Seminary Open House

Board of Trustees representative reports

Have offered clubs to present to SGA weekly

Chose the Kevin J. Carty Award winner

Helped support the Richards Awards Nominations

other achievements cont16
Other Achievements (cont.)

Created an AIM screen name for SGA “The Mount Buddy”

Trips to NEC Championship, Dayton and Raleigh organized to support the Men’s Basketball team

Appeals Board participation

Initiated program of bi-weekly information table in Patriot Hall to address student concerns

New Printers for McGowan Computer Lab

Leadership retreat held for CID club leadership

Established an SGA Facebook group

other achievements cont17
Other Achievements (cont.)

Mount Basketball Road trip to Navy occurred

Co-Curricular Transcript being finalized

Clarified the “mold myth” - all building are safe

Supporting CAB’s Breast Cancer Walk Philanthropy

Supported outreach to commuters through luncheons, donut days and bulletin board

Had guest speakers from across campus at meetings

Increase of number and awareness of healthy food options

Class of 2009 and BSU Fashion Show