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NCBMP Spring 2005 Membership Forum Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Birmingham, Alabama May 11-15, 2005 Presented by: DR. BEVE

NCBMP Spring 2005 Membership Forum Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Birmingham, Alabama May 11-15, 2005 Presented by: DR. BEVERLY A. BRYANT President, National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners Director, Hospitality and Tourism Administration School of Business

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NCBMP Spring 2005 Membership Forum Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Birmingham, Alabama May 11-15, 2005 Presented by: DR. BEVE

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  1. NCBMPSpring 2005Membership Forum Sheraton Birmingham HotelBirmingham, Alabama May 11-15, 2005 Presented by: DR. BEVERLY A. BRYANT President, National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners Director, Hospitality and Tourism Administration School of Business North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina

  2. Membership Forum Purpose: • Provide a venue for sharing and discussing the future of the NCBMP organization, its history, operational structure, member benefits, NCBMP updates and meeting industry trends. • Respond to questions, obtain feedback and suggestions for growing a world class NCBMP organization

  3. NCBMP . . . Since 1983, the premier professional organization for • Black Meeting Planners, • Association Executives, • Suppliers, and • Other Hospitality Professionals.

  4. The Beginning - 1983Six Founding Members OFFICERS: • Chairman: Kermit Hall • President: Howard Mills • Vice President: Oliver Childs • Vice President: Lillie Van Landingham • Secretary: Sylvia Thomas • Treasurer: George Turner

  5. Early Board Meetings and First Conferences BOARD MEETINGS • National Urban League Office - New York • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Washington, D.C. CONFERENCES • 1st Annual Conference- Washington, D.C. • 45 members attendance • Corporate Partners:J. W. Marriott Hotel, John Dixon, GMEastern Airlines- Charles Wright (provided airline tickets for board members) • Management Companies: • Dean Sayles Enterprises • Slack, Inc. • OJA Associates, Inc. • 2nd Annual Conference - New Orleans, LA • 3rd Annual Conference - Miami Beach, FL

  6. The Board Challenge Beyond the horizon of time is a changed world, very different from today’s world. Some people see beyond the horizon and into the future. They believe that dreams can become reality. They open their eyes and lift our spirits. They build trust against the winds of resistance and give us the courage to continue the quest. We call these people “Leaders” . . . Your Board of Directors

  7. Current Board of Directors • Chairman: Richard Snow, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. • President: Beverly A. Bryant, Ed.D., CHE, North Carolina Central University • Vice President: Rosana Wright, National Black McDonald’s Operators Association • Secretary: Sharmagne Taylor, CMP, On-Site Partners • Treasurer: Carolyn Crawford, CMP, National Conference of Black Mayors, Inc. • Director: J. D. Andrews, Ph.D., The Council on Professional Recognition • Director: Donna Deberry, DRPDRP International • Director: Michael Gunn, Greater Birmingham, CVB • Director: Clayton Hicks, OD, National Optometric Association • Director: Roy Jay, The Idea Works, LLC • Director: Charles Jones, American Airlines • Director: Sandy Lynn, CMP, Sandi Lynn & Associate, Inc. • Director: Patricia Norman, CMP, National Medical Association • Director: Brian Parker, AB Parker & Associates, Inc. • Director: Shirley Rivers, Walt Disney World • Director: Sharon Seay, CMP, National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association • Immediate Past Chairman: John Crump, JD, CAE, CMP, National Bar Association • Chairman Emeritus: Howard Mills, CMP, L’Berta Enterprises, Inc. • General Counsel: Frank Seales, Jr., Esq.

  8. NCBMP Governing Body • Sixteen (16) Board of Directors • Elected at Fall Meeting • Two-Year Term of Office • Chairman Emeritus • Immediate Past Chairman • General Counsel • Twelve (12) Meeting Professionals • Four (4) Associate Members representing: hotels, conventions, visitors bureaus, and the travel industry.

  9. Rationale for Board Composition • NCBMP’s PURPOSENCBMP is a meeting professional organization dedicated to the training of African American meeting planners and association executives for the purpose of increasing the business opportunities for Supplier Members. The organization provides a unique venue for Supplier Members to develop business partnerships that results in lucrative contracts for their individual properties. • SUPPLIERS’ PURPOSESuppliers primary purpose for joining NCBMP is to network and obtain business from an untapped market of professional executives. Supplier Membership benefits include: • Serving as mentors and conference presenters • Hosting the Fall and Spring Conferences to highlight their cities and hotels • Sponsoring events to market their cities and hotels • Sponsoring scholarships and providing job opportunities for NCBMP student attendees to demonstrate their companies’ commitment to the future of the meetings and hospitality industry • Unparalleled networking opportunities • Participation in educational and professional development opportunities

  10. The Common Goal:A “Win-Win” Situation for both Meeting Planner and Supplier Members are encouraged to work diligently to develop business partnerships with reliable suppliers resulting in lucrative contracts for their individual properties. Suppliers are encouraged to work diligently to help strengthen the educational programs of NCBMP and promote the mission of the organization so that more meeting planners are attracted to join.

  11. NCBMP Operational Structure Chairman (Board of Directors) President (NCBMP Daily Activities) Vice President (Committee Oversight) Treasurer (Financial Oversight) Executive Committee (Board of Directors) Secretary (Minutes/Meeting Notices) General Counsel OJA Associates Committees/ Volunteers

  12. Member Service Opportunity:Suppliers and Meeting Planners • Standing Committees • Membership and Ethics • By-Laws and Recommendations • Conference/Program Planning • Educational Assistance Program • Budget and Finance • Nominating • Ad-hoc Committees • Public Relations/Communications • Fundraising • Awards • Site Selection

  13. Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees • All Committees present the results of their work in the form of a recommendation or information through the Committee Chair or the Board Liaison. • The Board approves/disapproves the recommendation.

  14. NCBMP HeadquartersDid You Know . . . • NCBMP Headquarters - Prime Location/Rent Free • NCBMP Dedicated Private Office • Full-time staff, no overhead • Coordinates and prepares all financial records for accountant and auditor • Web Master - In-kind Services • Develops and prints all publications except newsletter • Facilitates on-line membership and spring and fall conference registration • Provision of all logistical arrangements for Board operations and meetings • Implements daily on-going operations of the NCBMP Headquarters • Provision of all logistical arrangements NCBMP Fall and Spring conferences • Facilitates the logistical work of all committees, teleconferencing and mailings • Assumes committee responsibilities when they are forfeited

  15. Our Vision - Their MissionThe management company’s mission is to fulfill our vision • Teamwork: We are all working for the same cause! • Strategic planning, project time-lines, tasks assignments, budget considerations • Effective communications and early submission of work to be facilitated by the Management Company • Timely submissions of suggested topics, speakers, and conference themes for fall and spring conferences • Suggestions for conference format and methodologies for workshops and seminars • Each member find and recruit a member - Let’s grow our membership! • Active participation of each member in marketing the organization, soliciting sponsors for scholarships, conference events, and outstanding speakers.

  16. Our Vision - Their Mission (cont.) • Members taking an active role in reclamation and retention of members • Committee volunteerism and active participation • Positive voices for NCBMP • Sharing best practices • Members willing to be part of the solution/answer • Mentoring of new members and meeting planners • Embrace life-long learning • Voice our comments in the family - Let’s work it out! • Submit interesting trends for the NCBMP web-site • Write tips for meeting planners • Know the spending power of the African American meeting dollar

  17. NCBMP’s Educational Assistance Program • Established scholarship program 1986 • Awarded over 112 scholarships to minority students • Sponsored all expense paid travel awards for over 520 minority students at fall/spring conferences • Annually hosts high school students for educational forum and luncheon at each destination where its fall and spring conferences are held • NCBMP members serve as mentors for participating college students at fall and spring conferences • NCBMP appreciates its members for identifying scholarship donors to support and continue its Educational Assistance Program

  18. Member Benefits Supplier • Networking • Business opportunity • Mentoring • Professional development • Community service • Sponsorship/Marketing • Committee volunteerism • Opportunity showcase • Conference presenter • Access to untapped market Meeting Planner • Networking • Professional development • Certification training • Mentoring • Community service • Committee volunteerism • Conference presenter • NCBMP ambassador

  19. What NCBMP Members Want: • Training tracks for each member category • Entry and advanced educational training • More time for networking • Longer time for opportunity showcase: begin at the opening reception • Continue to offer certification training • Planner member retention • Availability of data on organization’s financial strength

  20. What NCBMP Members Want: (cont’d) • Hold conferences where planners can realistically host a meeting. • Encourage student membership and retention upon graduation. • Sponsor Regional Seminars • Web Site Enhancement (interactivity of website) • Annual Recruiting Drive (fall conference) • Develop Branding Strategy • Results of random telephone interviews/membership summit

  21. NCBMP Updates • Held first NCBMP Membership Summit • Began process of Bylaws revision • Membership Application and Conference Registrations now available online at www.ncbmp.com • New Zoomerang Survey Software (Donated by National Urban League) • NCBMP Survey Results now available online at www.-ncbmp.com

  22. NCBMP Strategic Planning Summit March 18-19, 2005 Washington, D.C. Action Item Summary: • Technology plan • Recruitment plan • Sponsorship package • Spring conference format

  23. Why Sell Black America?Our Spending Power is Powerful! • 2003 Total Black Income in US $665.3 Billion • 2003 Expenditures by Blacks $385.363 Billion • Alcoholic Beverages $2.561 Billion • Entertainment and Leisure $2.772 Billion • Lodging, Travel and Transportation $4.818 Billion • Lodging out-of-town • Airline fares • Auto Rental out-of-town • Ship Fares • Local transportation out-of-town • Truck Rental • Tax fares • $1.141 B • 1.300 B • .173 B • .171 B • .050 B • .048 B • .029 B

  24. Demographic Profile of the Black American Market • 54% of the Black American population live in the South • Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia are states with one million or more • The number of U.S. residents who are Black American is 36.4 million • Black Americans make up 12.9 percent of the U.S. population • The median age for the Black American population is 29.5 years • There are 11.8 million Black American children under the age of 18 in the U.S. The Buying Power of Black America, 2003, Target Market News, Inc.

  25. What would make NCBMP more value-added? • Experienced focused training • Increase the number of meeting planners in attendance • On-line membership directory • Incentive program for recruiting new members • Open opportunity showcase to local residents in destination of meeting.

  26. What about the NCBMP organizational culture would you like to see changed or enhanced? • Provide minutes of Board of Directors to membership • Capture value of “Doing Business With Our Friends” • CVB member leads sent to NCBMP Suppliers • Share best practices on the NCBMP web-site • Distribute copy of by-laws at each meeting • Revise meeting planner profile- put on-line • Suppliers should track contracts executed by NCBMP members and send data to NCBMP headquarters

  27. What barriers /perceptions prevent NCBMP membership growth and retention? • Individual personal commitment to their professional development? • Off-shore destinations • Include world and health issues in educational program • Conduct survey of the true identity of the NCBMP meeting planner • Who is a meeting Planner? And what is the true number of NCBMP meeting planners?

  28. What member services do you receive from other associations that are different from NCBMP? • On-line directory • Career planning, job bank • On-line training and audio conference • Conference proceedings • Press Releases of NCBMP activities in local papers ( community service, high school forum) • Recognition of Membership in NCBMP (15-year) • Sponsorship opportunities

  29. Dedication and Commitment of Members • Foster unity and support for the organization • Evaluate member contributions on committees, consideration for re-appointment • Uphold the professional image of our organization • Hold each member responsible for helping to strengthen NCBMP’s professional image and profile

  30. NCBMP Viability isEvery Member’s Responsibility • OWNERSHIP • It’s everybody’s business! • Commitment and dedication • NURTURE • See the whole picture • Teamwork to grow the organization • Positive Role models - representing the name of the organization • CULTIVATE • Financial support • Volunteerism/In-kind services

  31. NCBMP’s Code of Professional Conduct Members are encouraged to . . . • Maintain the highest stands of professionalism and personal conduct at all times. • Negotiate all agreements in good faith, respecting the rights of all parties involved. • Use only ethical and legal means in all activates relating to the convention, hospitality or travel industries. • Use written contracts stating clearly all charges, services, products and other essential information. • Refrain from activities that will cause damage or discredit to the NCBMP, industry-related organizations or the meeting planning profession. • Cooperate with professional colleagues, suppliers and employee to provide the highest quality of service. • Never use positions as meeting planners or supplier for personal gain or benefit to the detriment or disadvantage of the association or organization, and to advise their organization of any circumstances that may have the appearance of a conflict of interest.

  32. Thank you!

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