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CHAMPLIN PARK YOUTH HOCKEY ASSOCIATION 2008-2009 SEASON. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING APRIL 21, 2009. Annual General Membership Meeting Agenda. ~ Gambling Report ~ Roll Call ~ Introduction of Pat Janostin ~ Approval of Minutes ~ Treasurer’s Report

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Presentation Transcript



2008-2009 SEASON


APRIL 21, 2009


Annual General Membership Meeting Agenda

~ Gambling Report

~ Roll Call

~ Introduction of Pat Janostin

~ Approval of Minutes

~ Treasurer’s Report

~ Introduction of Officers

~ Directors' Reports

~ 2008-2009 Highlights

~ Old Business

~ New Business

~ By-Laws Amendments

~Election of Officers, Results

~ Adjournment

Profits from Charitable Gambling assisted the Association in meeting our financial obligations to the City of Champlin for $50,000.00 and $10,000.00 for outdoor ice.

Gambling Oversight Committee established, which is made up of Board Members and gambling employees. Purpose is to ensure internal controls and to protect the integrity of the gambling operations.

New relationship with MN Gaming Services and CPA Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen Russ P.A.

Consent Order complete with the Gambling Control Board.

Fine assessed for $8,000.00 due to compliance issues in 2007.

Charitable Gambling


Continue to better understand the complexity of Charitable Gambling and the laws and statues.

Regular meetings with MN Gaming Services.

Gambling Oversight Committee to meet on a regular basis.

New employee policies and training.

Ongoing education with the Gambling Control Board.

Charitable Gambling

Charitable Gambling



Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Approval of Minutes

  • March 17, 2009
  • April 15, 2008
treasurer procedures
Contact your Treasurer with anything that has


A vendor is calling about an invoice.

Member is calling about the status of a check.

Reimbursement payment needed.

Ice bills.

Coach/Referee/Instructor/Director needs to be paid.

Question about handling cash in safe.

Treasurer Procedures
cash accounts

General Fund-Checking: $ 24,961 $ 2,064

General Fund-Savings 130,995 110,711

Multi-Use Facility-Savings 21,192 21,160

TOTAL CASH $177,148 $133,935


Committee Director Reports

  • Communications House
  • Fundraising Concessions
  • Special Events Multi-Use
  • S.K.A.T.E. Tournament
  • Registration/Traveling Ice
  • Registration/House Traveling
  • Sponsorship Coaches Selection
  • Equipment MN Hockey
  • Goalie Equipment Apparel
  • Girls Program By-Laws
  • Player Development
~ The association website (

~ Mass electronic mailings

~ Advertising on website

~ Public announcements – print and television

~ Recognition banners - ordering and updating

Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to assure an excellent, coordinated exchange of information to and from all Association members and our community. The Communication Committee is responsible for:


Joe’l Brenny – Committee Director

~ Lisa Lewis


Joe’l Brenny – Committee Director

~ Back-Up Webmaster - TBD

~ Lisa Lewis

Communications Committee Members

2008 2009 in review

~ Incorporated better user management tools

~ Implemented rotating news images on homepage

~ Automated team news populating homepage

~ Added Champlin Girls Park High School team

~ 9% increase in traffic on site from last year (3,000 new visitors)

Areas To Improve:

~ Online registration for season and clinics

~ Team manager user dropped significantly

~ Schedules (ice and team events)

Communications Committee

2008-2009 In Review
2008 2009 highlights
Website Metrics:

Stats from September 1, 2008 – March 30, 2009

69,638 visits by 13,001 unique visitors

6.71 pages viewed on average per visit

3.45 minutes on site average per visit

Most hits per day: October 13, 2008

Most hits per month: November, 2008

Bantam A page highest visited team page (2 years)

2008-2009 Highlights

Communications Committee

2008 2009 committee goals

~ Increase website traffic – get more people using the site

daily during the season.

~ Get House Team Managers back on board.

~ Improve website usability/stability/content.

~ Solicit and receive additional posting requests from the

association members.

~ Improve online registration.

~ Improve scheduling process (ice and team events).

2008-2009 Committee Goals

Communications Committee

2009 2010 committee goals
~ Improve communication to members and communities

(website, e-mail, publications).

~ Get back on track with monthly Rebel Power Play Newsletter

~ Assist Board and Committee Directors better communicate with association members.

~ Celebrate and communicate our success.

~ Research alternative methods for posting and displaying

ice schedules.

Communications Committee

2009-2010 Committee Goals
Again this season, CPYHA participated in the candy

bar fundraiser at registration.

The cost of the product was $8,160.00 (130 cases at $10,400.00 and 28 cases returned at $2,240.00).

A total of 321 members bought out the fundraiser with 102 members participating.

Total net profit was $28,155.00.

Fundraising Highlights

All CPYHA teams participated in the Sarpino’s Pizza Card Fundraiser. The potential for each family to sell 3 cards at $10.00 each was $12,940.00. The association collected a total of $5,390.00. Still waiting for a few payments.

Cartridge World of Maple Grove collected used cartridges throughout the season. The total rebate to CPYHA is $37.00. We were only paid on the small cartridges and this is an effort that should probably not be continued.

“Sarpino Pizza Night” raised $375.42.

A handful of teams participated in “team” projects to reduce their ice bills.

Need to fill the Fundraising Director position early in the season to allow time for efforts to reduce bills!


Other Fundraising Events

The annual “Parent Relief Night” was held at Serum’s in Anoka on March 21, 2009. Donations were taken at the door which totaled $333.00. Prizes for the evenings events were donated by various businesses. Serum’s is donating a portion of their sales back to the association. The check has not yet been received.

The Board of Directors would like to thank Jeanne Christoffer for putting together this event for CPYHA!!


Parent Relief Night

In September of 2008, the Special Events Committee brought three different photographer proposals to the Board. Linhoff Sports Photography was the chosen photographer. At the end of the season, CPYHA was given a rebate check of $925.00. The Special Events Committee recommends staying with Linhoff Sports Photography for the 2009-2010 hockey season.

A recommendation from the Committee is to host the first “Hockey Rebel Wear Garage Sale” fundraising event at the Ice forum during the 2009-2010 hockey registration.

The Committee will continue to explore, review, plan and communicate Special Event recommendations to the CPYHA Board of Directors.

Special Events Highlights

s k a t e committee
2008-2009 Committee Members:

Michele Garcia – Committee Director

Jen Holscher – Member

Kristie Rinehart – Member

Tami Schuster - Member

2009-2010 Committee Members:

Open – Committee Director

S.K.A.T.E. Committee
s k a t e committee budget
The budget for the 2008-2009 S.K.A.T.E. program was $1,200.00. Actual came in at $1,263.30 as the product from Champlin Park High School was higher than the original estimate.

The event was held on April 1, 2009, at The Champlin Park High School Auditorium. A total of 169 players qualified for the S.K.A.T.E. program which was down from 220 in 2007-2008. The event was split between Mite thru Squirt/10U and PeeWee/12U thru Jr. Gold. Over 100 prizes were given out between the two groups! There was not a major speaker this year, but the feedback from the event was good.

S.K.A.T.E. Committee Budget
thank you sponsors
Champlin Park Youth Hockey Association

Northern Edge Hockey

Champlin Athletic

Champlin Ice Forum

Regal Townhomes, Inc.

Janostin Hockey Camps

District 10

Broadway Pizza

Moonrock Bar & Grill

5-8 Grill & Bar

Dave’s Sport Shop

All Star Sports

s k a t e volunteers
Jen Holscher

Kristie Rinehart

Tami Schuster

Rhonda Van Tuyl

Roxy Shellum

JoAnn Holt

Joe’l Brenny

Wendy Lulloff

Laurie Peterson

Heather Loeffler

Lisa Lewis

Gordy Littler


Season Report for Online Registration 2008- 2009Jennifer Mayer Traveling Registration Director

Total number players registered: 423

Male: 346

Female: 77

Total of fundraiser buy- outs vs. participation

for candy bar sales:

Buy- out: 321

Participate: 102

Registration / Traveling

Total traveling players 258 (Male 212 and Female 46).

Seven players waived out (3 girls and 4 boys).

Three players waived in (2 girls and 1 boy).

Two separate walk-in registration sessions.

One Jr. Gold walk-in registration session.

CPYHA Payments to USA Hockey $15,150.00.

CPYHA Payments to MN Hockey $4,369.00.

Registration / Traveling

Registration / Traveling

house registration highlights
Total House players 165 (male 134 and female 31).

Two house players waived in (boys).

Two walk-in registration sessions.

PayPal was an option this year.

Collecting the coaches and assistant coaches forms were a challenge this year.

Additional rostered coaches made for special sign-off’s with District 10.

Look at option to register with USA Hockey.

House Registration Highlights
The Sponsorship Director is responsible for:

~ Procuring sponsors

~ Ordering and distribution of the sponsor appreciation plaques

~ Ordering the sponsor appreciation banner for display at the

Champlin Ice Forum

The 2008-2009 Sponsors consisted of 3 Gold and 3 Platinum for a total of $1,750.00. Sponsorship was down from $3,550.00 in 2007-2008. Total cost for the committee includes 6 plaques at $13.25 each and 2 banners at $500.00 each for an total expense of $1,079.50. Expenses were up from $592.75. The Sponsorship Fee of $500.00 was waived for Sarpinos Pizza for the 2008-2009 season due to their generous fundraising efforts with CPYHA. The Sponsorship table was simplified by reducing the levels of sponsoring to Gold and Platinum.


thank you sponsors39

GSF Mortgage

Henningson & Snoxell Ltd

Sterling Trophy


Lewis Custom Homes, Inc.

Northern Edge Hockey

2008-2009 Committee:

Lee Olson, Committee Director

2009-2010 Committee:

Committee Director, Open

Members, Open

Equipment Committee

Expense Summary:

Traveling Jerseys $11,196.00

House Jerseys 2,965.90

Equipment 899.50

Stop Sign Patches 117.85

Name Tags 224.00

Total $15,403.25

Equipment Financials

expense comparison
Total Equipment Costs 2007-2008:


Total Equipment Costs 2008-2009:


Note: Donation of $2,000.00 received from Wells Fargo Bank for the house jerseys.



Goalie Equipment Highlights

Outfitted 30 goalies down from 36 goalies.Collected $1,600.00 in rental fees which will be used for new gear and repairs. Rental fees are down from $3,475.00 collected during the 2007-2008 season. Spent $5,525.00 for new equipment which is down approximately $1,400.00.

goalie equipment
Effective October, 2009, all goalie equipment will follow the NHL requirements. CPYHA will need to sell and replace all 12” leg pads and matching blockers/gloves. CPYHA owns 10 pairs, but should sell for 70% of value. Estimated budget is $4,000.00 for new gear.

Spike in interest from the younger kids wanting to play goalie!

Goalie Equipment
girls 2008 2009 highlights
Girls 2008-2009 Highlights
  • Team Statistics
  • District 10 does not allow statistics to be kept on any team below the 12U level.
  • The 12U-A team had a 14-4-3 record and finished fourth in their division in District play and attended Regions as District 10 fifth seed.
  • The 12U-A team took 3rd in the Heartbreaker Classic, 2nd in the Bemidji Tournament and 2nd in the Cow Town Classic tournaments.
  • The 12U-B team had a 5-12-5 record and finished 9th out of 12 teams in District play.
  • The 12U-B team won Consolations in the Super Rink Spectacular Tournament
girls committee highlights
Girls Committee Highlights

Marketing to the Public

~We did not have a booth at the 2008 Father Hennepin Days due to

lack of volunteers. There has not been any interest expressed

in participating again this year.

~Flyers handed out during soccer picture night.

~Assisted High School Booster Club with Youth Night at the Forum

with recruiting, crafts and drawings.

Exciting Events

~Attended U of M Women’s Gopher Hockey games as a group. A total of 74

players and parents attended.

girls committee highlights50
Girls Committee Highlights

Work In Progress

Continue to have a used hockey equipment drive. We have used equipment on

hand so we can encourage families to experience clinics without the added

expense of purchasing equipment until they are sure they want to continue

with the sport. The equipment also helps us supplement 8U girls with full gear.

High School Coach Involvement

~ Clinics sponsored by High School Booster Club and Coach Grandner.

~ Girls High School hockey players each donate 8 hours to the Girls

Hockey Program and assist with practices.

~ Spring/Summer dryland clinics.

falls skills clinics 2008
2008 2007 2006


Taste of Hockey 44 21 20

Initiation 24 N/A 26

Mite / Squirt Camp N/A 12 14

Mite 59 72 63

Squirt 37 42 35

Intermediate Girls 10 N/A N/A

PeeWee 20 16 32

Advanced Girls 16 26 N/A

Bantam 16 36 43

High School Boys 34 35 37

Goalie 24 22 24

Falls Skills Clinics 2008
financial results
2007 Financials 2008 Financials

Gross Revenue $44,650 $44,680

Refunds ( 1,450)

Net Revenue $43,200

Less Ice ($23,820) (27,298)

Instructors ( 14,159) (15,129)

Admin Costs ( 1,934) ( 1,764)

Net Income $ 3,287 $ 489

Note: Includes CPYHA Open Hockey

Financial Results
clinic highlights
Expanded our offerings for our very youngest skaters by bring back the Initiation Clinic to its traditional September/October slot.

Many parents reluctant to commit to the Initiation Clinic once they realize that there will be a substantial Skills Clinic component in the beginning of the Mite season.

Added “Girls Intermediate” Clinic.

The Girls Intermediate allowed us to keep the Advanced Girls Clinic faster and better aimed at highly skilled girls.

Mixed success on both from an enrollment standpoint.

Unlikely that we have sufficient numbers of interested skaters to support both clinics with 20 plus skaters.

Offered 3 goalie clinics during the season. Negative feedback on the early hours, but excellent goalie attendance. Better attendance from coaches.

On-Line Registration for CPYHA Clinics and Open Hockey. Thank you to Joe’l Brenny for making this possible!

Clinic Highlights
Committee Highlights

During May of 2008, the Player Development Committee spent a significant time

exploring the possibility of changing the “look and feel” of the Mite “C” and “D”

teams together with the Squirt teams.

Included potential changes in the way the season is structured.

Smaller number of players on each team.

Shared ice practice format with 3 teams on the ice at the same time working together within the drills, rather than splitting off to work as a single team.

After much discussion within CPYHA involving House, Traveling, Ice and the

Board, it was decided not to pursue the concepts outlined in the Mite/Squirt


goals for 2009 2010
Enhance the Fall Skills Clinics whenever possible.

In-Season Goalie training for goalies and coaches.

Provide 3 members to participate in Coaches Selection.

Better publicize the “Rink Rat Program.”

Design and implement Defense Clinics

Work with HS Coaching Staff, Girls, House and Traveling to create a unified coaches’ manual and help train coaches.

Spring Checking Clinic 2010

Provide Skill Development expectation for each level

Provide better training and communication for Mite coaches.

Goals for 2009-2010
Thanks to our Committee Members!

Kevin Moore (Director/Co-Clinic Director)

Jerry Krych, Member

Kevin Lindstrom, Member

Gordy Littler – Board Liaison

Al Lundstrom, Member

Jay Lysne (Co-Clinic Director)

Lee Olson, Member

CJ Smith, Member

house accomplishments
House Accomplishments

Registration Overview

communications0907-08 registration total 152 (9 8U and 33 Mites total 42)

08-09 registration total 149 (6 8U and 34 Mites total 40)

house accomplishments60
House Accomplishments

S.P.E.E.D. Clinic

Skills, Placement, Excellence, Education, Development

Started October 12th and Ended November 23rd

Pinnies used to identify clinic time/location

Developing skills were the focus of the clinics

The goal is to place players at the level that best fits their current skills and develop equally talented teams.

Placement evaluations took place on 10/26 and 11/23.

house accomplishments61
House Accomplishments

S.P.E.E.D. Clinic

2 four on four sessions

Placed two girl teams

One 8U

One Mite

Players were evaluated and scored by 6 different evaluators from outside of the house program.

Based on the feed back from parents and coaches, the placement clinic was very successful.

This would have not been possible with out CPYHA Board support. Thank You for your support.

house accomplishments62
House Accomplishments

Game scheduling

Oct 30, 2008

Forced teams to be designated before teams are formed.

Coaches Development

Coaches education meeting – November 17, 2008

Year end coaches meeting

house accomplishments63
House Accomplishments

Team Level breakdown

Mite A games with Anoka went well.

Mite B – competitive.

Mite C – very equal teams. Saw a big improvement in skill development.

Mite D – competitive season.

Girls 8U- very dominant with District 10 teams.

Mite B Girls team – Great feedback-Thanks Wade and coaching staff!

Squirt C – Very competitive. First year competing in Districts. Won Consolation Championship!

house accomplishments64
House Accomplishments

Monthly house meetings

7 Youth Nights at High School Games

Thank You HS Booster Clubs!

Ice – Exceptional!

Skill Sundays – Once a month

three on three cross ice hockey.

Mite Jamboree

Jeanne Christoffer and the Jamboree committee did a great job.

concessions highlights of the 2008 2009 season
Updated and organized product before the season

Equipment instruction and procedures expanded

Continued to use Watson’s for most food, dry goods and paper products

Season started off slow

Lack of accountability for members

Scheduling teams continues to be the biggest part of Concessions.

ConcessionsHighlights of the 2008-2009 Season
concessions recommendations for 2009 2010
Improve communication to parents at mandatory team meetings

Parent and team accountability

More scheduling time needed between registration and team selections

Better communication between house team managers and Director

Minor adjustments for product and pricing

Replace seal on cookie oven door

Purchase commercial grade microwave

Better communication with special events held at the Forum

Improve communication with the High School Booster Club

House pre-season skills at the Champlin Forum verses Brooklyn Park

Posting of all game calendars in concession

Stats on daily waste – better control

Alternative method of dispensing beverage cups and lids

ConcessionsRecommendations for 2009-2010
2008 2009 rebel connection
2007-2008 2008-2009

Beginning balance $ 19,598.00 7.000.00

Total Expenses:

Rent paid to the City of Champlin 6,250.00 6,500.00

Permit/Hennepin County 150.00 150.00

Repair/Hotdog Machine ` 416.94

Postage and office supplies 214.70 16.80

Cost of products 32,553.54 30,858.26

Cash for registers and petty cash 460.00 2,240.00

Wells Fargo/Deposit Forms 25.98

Stop Payment (Sarpinos’s check) 29.00

Bank fee 2.00

Total Deposits $64,455.90 58,359.62

Ending Balance $43,951.74 25,610.36

Total Profit $24,353.74 18,610.36

Total Profit 2006-2007 $20,847.43

2008-2009 Rebel Connection
rebel connection cost of product

Watson’s $24,385.63 $23,700.27

Pepsi 5,418.62 5,410.49

Sarpino’s 1,757.49 1,747.50

Trading Cards 666.00 293.00

Director (misc) 325.80 859.76

Rebel Connection/Cost of Product
multi use summary
The outdoor sheet of ice was used for CPYHA practices and High School STP Programs.

The Ice Director scheduled a total of 113 hours for CPYHA teams at the outdoor rink.

Original plans on the width of the building caused multiple issues with sewer, electrical and drainage. The next step would be to look at a two-level building which has been discussed in brief with the City of Champlin.

The plans for the dryland facility have been put on hold due to lack of financing. Out goal would be to raise at minimum $200,000.00 to fund the building.

Multi-Use Summary
tournament report
The Tournament Committee once again had a successful year and focused on three main areas:

1. Setting up Invitational Tournaments for Traveling Teams

2. CPYHA Rebel Thanksgiving Classic

3. Bantam A District 10 Tournament Host

Tournament Report
rebels thanksgiving classic

Tournament Fees $ 9,520.00

Gate Fees 4,640.00

T-Shirt Sales 853.50

Chuck-A-Puck 260.00

Total Revenue $15,273.50


Ice Rental $ 6,007.50

District Tournament Fee/Refs 1,652.00

Bag Tags 588.60

T-Shirts 537.45

Trophies 479.00

Medic 500.00

Total Expenses $9,764.55

Rebels Thanksgiving Classic
rebels thanksgiving classic75
Total Revenue for the Rebels Thanksgiving Classic was $5,508.95.

CPYHA was the host to the District 10 Bantam A Tournament in

February. All volunteer positions were filled and the Bantam A

District Coordinator was once again pleased with our facility and

the involvement from our members. For the 2009-2010, The

Tournament Committee recommends hosting an additional home

tournament. The Committee would also recommend that 1 or 2

parents from each team assist the Director for the 2009-2010


Rebels Thanksgiving Classic

Gary Rodin (John)

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey


Bill Lawler (Tom)

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

head coaches thank you
Bill Blake Squirt A

Dan Kaltved Squirt B1

Pete Williams Squirt B2

Kevin Moore PeeWee A

Mike Fredrick PeeWee B1

Frank Anderson PeeWee B2

Kevin Barta PeeWee C

Mark Dickmeyer Bantam A

Dave McNeil Bantam B1

Pete Lewis Bantam B2

Head Coaches – Thank you!
head coaches thank you81
Tim Peluf Girls 12U-A

Chuck Otremba Girls 12U-B

Rusty Ryon Girls 10U-A

Chuck Youngquist & Dave Veronkis Jr. Gold A

Chuck Otembra & Daryl Hathaway Jr. GoldB

Larry Enright 16U


Head Coaches – Thank you!

Win Percentages

Gray Indicates Record of 750 & Greater


District 10 Tournament

Bantam A

PeeWee A

PeeWee B1

PeeWee C

Girls 12A

Did not place

Did not place

3rd Place

Did not place

5th Place


Region Tournament Qualifier

PeeWee B1

Girls 12A


State Tournament

Jr. Gold 16U Champions

Coaches Selection

Mike Fredrick (Dan)

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

2008 2009 committee members
Mike Fredrick – Director

Open – Director Elect

Bill Lawler – Traveling

Dale Lessard – Traveling

Pete Williams – Traveling

Kevin Moore – Player Development

Kevin Lindstrom – Player Development

Dan Kaltved – Board Liaison

2008–2009 Committee Members
highlights of 2008 2009 season
The Coaches Selection Committee is made up of members from Player

Development and the Traveling Committee.

Duties included interviewing both parent and non-parent candidates for all

traveling teams.

The Committee is comprised of non-board members as the Board of Director’s has the final vote on coaches.

Coaches evaluations were collected as well as final exit interviews.

The Committee also assists coaches during the season with issues that may arise.

Highlights of 2008-2009 Season
Minnesota Hockey

Gordy Littler

(Pete & Dan)

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey


Scott Miller

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

apparel highlights
Our apparel sales this year were $13,620.00 which

was down from last season’s high of more than

$25,000.00. Champlin Athletic continues to

partner with CPYHA for all our apparel needs.

This years commission back was $1,362.00.

Jewlery sales were held at the Mite Jamboree and

raised a total of $301.00.

Apparel Highlights

Craig Dokken

Champlin Park Youth Hockey

Champlin Park Youth Hockey