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communication. standardization. integration. ducation. volutionary. verywhere. -learning to. -life. e. @. Saltus. e lectronic - l earning i ngenuity f urthering e ducation. Format for the evening. The Curriculum in digital form. Website availability: - By Year level By term

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-learning to






format for the evening
Format for the evening
  • The Curriculum in digital form.
  • Website availability: -
    • By Year level
    • By term
    • By topic
    • A roadmap from P1 to Graduate Year
  • Linking Curriculum, Resources and Communication.
  • Teacher and Learner –Mr. Miles Allkins, Director of Educational Technology
  • Laptop 2003 – 04 –Mrs. Trudy Bucher, Manager of Information Systems


why laptops
Why Laptops?

Information Management

  • Students face a huge information integration/organization/management task.
  • Computers are the most powerful tool available for working with information. Therefore, students should be provided with computers to help them with the information management tasks they face.
  • This reasoning becomes especially compelling with regard to movies, animations, and simulations. These dynamic ways of presenting information can be very effective mediums for learning, but are not usable anytime and anywhere without a one-to-one computing infrastructure.
  • Computers don't replace existing tools like paper, writing implements, and calculators -- computers supplement them. Computers alone don't solve the information management tasks students face. They are one part of the whole milieu of student development, support, and molding forces that exist in schools.


why laptops5
Why Laptops?


  • This is seen in practice at schools with laptop programs such as ours through greatly eased communication between teachers and students, between students and students, and between students and families.
  • With a one-to-one computing infrastructure in place, faculty can easily distribute any information that can be put into a digital form. Assignment sheets, syllabi, useful Web links, and accumulated digital course materials become just a click away.
  • Students can more easily get their work to faculty via the network. Students can also collaborate more easily with each other because of the facilitated communications provided by their networked computers and various network servers.
  • Finally, students can be in touch with friends and family outside the school environment in ways that can make many students feel less isolated.


why laptops6
Why Laptops?

Digital Manipulation

  • Computers can provide virtual playgrounds, or what some prefer to call "digital manipulatives," for an increasing number of knowledge domains. By virtual playgrounds I mean programs that allow for the playful (or at least relatively painless) manipulation of the information of a knowledge domain. For an activity to be playful there must be no significant cost to experimenting.


curriculum development review

Subject Analysis and Summation

Stage 1 (Start date March 2003)

Pre-examination yearsJ7-S9 designed internally

Examination yearsS10-SGY2 resourced externally

  • Term
  • Topic
  • Topic content

Stage 2 (Start date May 2003)

Cavendish (P1 to P3)

Junior School (J4 - J6)


  • Communication of information
  • Unification of curricula
    • non-repetitive
    • consistency
  • Living document for evolution of curricula
  • Facilitates a framework for building and storing electronic resources
Curriculum Development & Review


courseware management distribution


Resource Organization


Courseware Management & Distribution

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a curriculum content distribution portal allowing access to multimedia education materials.

Personal Organization

Pastoral Communication

Personal/School Communication


development of materials action plan

Stage 1

Formation of framework on which to “hang” educational resources.

Stage 2

Training and development from May 2003.

Training and development from June 2003.



Insertion of curriculum content and resources into Blackboard server.

Stage 3

Development and creation of Educational Technology resources


Training and development from June 2003.

Development of Materials & Action Plan



content distribution and media styles
Content Distribution and Media Styles

SummariesNotes from teacher’s slideshow

SlideshowsInteractive classroom resources

MoviesDigitized movie resources from classes

Internet LinksResearched sources on the World Wide Web

Information SheetsExtra resources for value added learning


dell latitude d600
1.30GHZ Pentium M, 14.1 XGA

512MB 1 DIMM


20GB Hard Drive

Floppy Drive

Internal 56K Modem

Truemobile 1300 802.11b/g Internal Wireless Networking Card

Grey Logitech USB Optical Mouse

6-Cell Primary Battery

3 Year Warranty

Complete Care Package

Targus Sports Backpack

Windows XP Professional, SP1

Microsoft School Agreement

Trend Micro’s OfficeScan


Dell Latitude D600


pentium m processor
Pentium M Processor
  • Designed for mobile computing
  • Allows systems to be thin and light(5.30 lbs. with CDRW/DVD & battery)
  • Extended battery life
  • Excellent for running applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, as well as doing presentations and working wirelessly


  • 512MB 1 DIMM
  • Expandable to 2GB
  • Two slots available(one used for 512MB DIMM)
  • Dell recommends 512MB for optimal performance


3 year warranty
3 Year Warranty
  • For hardware failure not associated with wear and tear.
  • Includes parts and labour.
  • Repaired locally at BMS.
  • Batteries and A/C adapters have only a 1 Year Warranty.


complete care package
Complete Care Package
  • Covers accidental damage to the laptop

(Drops, spills, cracked screens, etc.)

  • Does not include theft, fire, or intentional damage.
  • Saltus suggests that you consider adding the laptop to your home insurance policy for theft or fire.
  • Coverage is for 3 years.


  • Windows XP Professional, SP1
  • Trend Micro’s OfficeScan (anti virus)
  • Mediator (web page design)
  • Microsoft School Agreement
    • Microsoft Office Professional
      • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia


microsoft school agreement
Microsoft School Agreement
  • Includes Microsoft Windows upgrades, Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.
  • Students will be entitled to the latest versions of the software listed above.
  • A yearly fee of approximately $53 will be included in the bundle cost for the first year.
  • Students will not receive media.


One time payment of $2020.00

Over a $600 savings from last year’s bundle



  • Saltus Help Desk
  • Ghosting procedures
  • Bermuda Microsystems, Dell Authorized Service Provider
  • We cannot service laptops purchased outside of Saltus
  • Spare laptops available