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FMP Technology Working Group Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FMP Technology Working Group Update. Jerzy Komorowski Hany Moustapha. Outline. FMP Technology Working Group Technology Matrix Technology Demonstrators Airbus Boeing EU FP-7 engagement and CSA CANAPE. FMP Technology WG.

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Fmp technology working group update l.jpg

FMP Technology Working Group Update

Jerzy Komorowski

Hany Moustapha

Outline l.jpg

  • FMP Technology Working Group

    • Technology Matrix

    • Technology Demonstrators

    • Airbus

    • Boeing

  • EU FP-7 engagement and CSA


Fmp technology wg l.jpg
FMP Technology WG

  • Workshop held in January in Montreal to update the Technology Matrix by 3 sub- groups (Aerostructures, Engines, Airborne Systems).

  • Leadership of sub-groups finalised:

    • David O’Connor, Magellan

    • Frederic Lefbvre, PWC

    • Philippe Molaret, Thales Canada

Fmp technology wg4 l.jpg
FMP Technology WG

All sub-groups have worked independently to redefine their Technology Demonstrator Proposals.

Target cost for each sub-group TDP - $40M/$40M (private/public)

Target date – end November 2010

Fmp airframe working group l.jpg

FMP Airframe Working Group

Progress Summary

Prepared: 18 Oct, 2010

Wg participants l.jpg
WG Participants

Coordinator: Dave O’Connor, Magellan Aerospace

(Bristol Aerospace Ltd.)

Team Members:

Wg progress l.jpg
WG Progress

Task 1: Refine Technology Matrix

  • A meeting was held to identify common priorities among the WG participants with respect to technology development and demonstration

  • Specific areas of interest were down-selected from the general Priority Technologies Matrix (previously published in June 2009 FMP report)

  • A summary of the final results was prepared and circulated among participants (refer to table on following slide for an overview)

    Status: Completed – September, 2010

Wg progress9 l.jpg
WG Progress

Task 2: Develop Tech Demo Project Proposals

  • A standard template was developed to facilitate the collection of project ideas from within the WG

  • Individual organizations were requested to prepare project proposals reflecting each group’s technology priorities – participants were encouraged to work together in the development of collaborative proposals

  • Original deadline for submission of project ideas was 1 Oct – subsequently extended at the request of the participants to allow additional time for proposal preparation

  • Currently expect to receive submissions by end of Oct (anticipate 13 – 15 projects)

    Status: On-Going

    Next Steps: WG meeting to be held early Nov to review submissions and

    decide on way forward

Slide10 l.jpg


Future Major Platform (FMP)

Intégrateur: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Leader: Frederic Lefebvre

Progress update, Oct. 25, 2010

P&WC Proprietary Information

Status oct 25 2010 l.jpg
STATUS (Oct. 25, 2010)

Original proposal in December 2008

Green Technology Demonstrator (GTD)

- Full core demonstrator

- SFC, Emission and weight reduction

- Advanced green manufacturing technologies

Quebec “AvionEcologique” program start in April 2010

Support the compressor development of the GTD

GTD project was redefined in October 2010, in line with FMP Technology Matrix and P&WC future product needs to respond to major OEMs

Next Generation Green Engine Demo “NGGED” : $80M over 3 years

Potential partners/collaborators identified

Next steps validate their interest

P wc next generation product vision l.jpg

Leveraging Core and Integration Technologies

-30 to -40%

Base TF

(Current RJ Engines)

Relative Fuel Burn


-13% to 21%

Base Turboprop

(Existing Fleet)

-2 to -3%


Advanced cycle

Advanced architecture

Integrated Prop/RGB

-2 to -4%

Material and coating development

Cooling technology (RMC)

Continued Integration More Electric technology

NGRT is required to preserve turboprop competitiveness

Ngged benefits l.jpg
NGGED Benefits

  • Secure the Next Generation Regional Turboprop applications

  • Help secure the single aisle market (A320 and B737 replacement)

  • Preserve turboprop long term competitiveness

  • Reduce mission fuel burn by 15% to 20% over the existing turboprop fleet

  • Increase power/weight by up to 30%

  • Reduce emission level to 50% of the equivalent future regulations

  • Reduce product and operating cost

  • Improve engine manufacturing and assembly flow

  • Ensure Canadian supply chain readiness

Ngged eight projects 80m over 3 years l.jpg
NGGED EIGHT PROJECTS ($80M over 3 Years)

  • Advanced combustion technology ($20M)

  • Advanced compressor-combustion integration ($8M)

  • Turbine advanced aerodynamic and cooling technologies ($14M)

  • Advanced rotor materials and coating technologies ($8M)

  • More Electric Architecture ($10M)

  • Hybrid RGB configuration ($8M)

  • Advanced and lean manufacturing and assembly processes ($8M)

  • Advanced composite materials ($4M)

Green technology demonstrator potential partners and suppliers l.jpg

École Polytechnique

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

L’École de Technologie Supérieure





University of British Columbia

Howmet Laval, Georgetown

Air Data Inc

Concordia University

Hamilton Sundstrand

National Research Council (NRC)

United Technologies Research Centre



University of Toronto




GREEN TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATORPotential Partners and Suppliers

Potential partners/suppliers identified and to be validated

Fmp technology company mapping l.jpg
FMP technology – company mapping

Early 2010 FMP technology matrix was updated by all sub-groups

Under NDA signed in October 2009 Airbus provided confidential technology needs information for FMP to NRC, IC.

NRC Aerospace (IAR, IRAP) and IC have developed a confidential list of companies in Canada relevant to the Airbus needs.

AIAC has been encouraging these companies to join FMP TDPs

Airbus is working on ways to develop a path for lower tiers to Airbus new programs.

Eu fp7 engagement and csa l.jpg
EU FP7 Engagement and CSA

Mr. Liam Breslin, Head of Unit, Aeronautics Research, Directorate, General for Research and Technological Development, European Commission visit to Canada in June 2010.

Meetings with AIAC, IC, NRC, DRDC, DFAIT in Ottawa

Meetings with Industry, CRAIQ, AQA, AeroMontreal in Montreal

Vists to PWC, CAE, Bell and Bombardier

Eu fp7 engagement and csa20 l.jpg
EU FP7 Engagement and CSA

Industry Canada and NRC to lead and coordinate Canadian efforts with help from DFAIT in Brussels and Ottawa.

Mr. Liam Breslin, lecture in Canada Pavilion at Farnborough Air Show.

Coordinated Support Action (CSA) announced – EU funding for activities to help identify and set up EU – Canada collaborations under FP7

Eu fp7 engagement and csa21 l.jpg
EU FP7 Engagement and CSA

  • Attendance at various information gathering events to understand the CSA approach and to build relationships (Farnborough Air show, Transport Days in Brussels, Can EU JSTCC, etc.)

  • Circulation of latest call for research proposals to GARDN, AeroMontreal, NRC, CRIAQ

  • Canadian - EU team to develop proposal established (led in EU by UK)

  • Canadian CSA proposal “core team” and “steering committee” terms of reference developed in coordination with EU partners

  • Canadian CSA proposal “core team” established: NRC, IC, DFAIT, NSERC, AIAC

  • Canadian CSA proposal “steering Committee” scoped out – not confirmed yet

  • Preliminary draft of CSA proposal under discussion

  • Preliminary budget for Canadian side developed

  • Questionnaire to Canadian Industry (AIAC AGM) developed

  • Results of questionnaire will help us determine how aggressively we continue to pursue this initiative.

Slide22 l.jpg

Activities to include:

- workshops, road shows and meetings

- Studies, fact finding, monitoring,

- Strategy development,

- Working or expert groups,

- Involvement of industry, organsiations and academia

- Operational support, data access and dissemination,

Information and communication activities

Cooperation with other European research schemes

( No technical research / development / demo activities…)

* Max. EU funding : 300 k€ + Canadian contributione.g. in kind

* Typically up to 2 yearduration

CANNAPE(CANadian Networking Aerospace Project for Europe)

Competition under FP7: Exploring opportunities and stimulating research cooperation with Canada

Dr. Gill Richards co-ordinator

Expected impact of cannape l.jpg
Expected Impact of CANNAPE

  • Form a European awareness of Canadian aerospace capabilities.

  • Produce a Technology Roadmap for strategic alignment.

  • Dissemination of CANNAPE material by road shows, workshops and websites.

  • Increase Canadian/European collaboration in joint projects.