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Egyptian Webquest

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Egyptian Webquest. 7th Grade World Cultures -Miss Stouffer. Introduction.

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egyptian webquest

Egyptian Webquest

7th Grade World Cultures

-Miss Stouffer


Pharaoh Khufu, builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, has just passed away. As Egyptian custom requires, Pharaoh Khufu’s body must be carefully prepared for the afterlife, and he has chosen you to perform the necessary tasks.


1. Epitaph

2. The Tomb is Prepared

3. The Body is Prepared

4. Hieroglyphics

To Begin Task #1


a pharaoh dies
A Pharaoh Dies

Write a short epitaph for the pharaoh’s tomb. Epitaphs describe a dead person’s life and accomplishments and are often written in poem form.

Egyptian Guardians

Encyclopedia of the Orient

Pharaoh Khufu

To Begin Task #2


the tomb is prepared
The Tomb is Prepared

Explore the Pyramids of Giza and draw a diagram showing the passageways, Grand Gallery, King’s Chamber, and Queen’s Chamber. This diagram will help you to get the body to the right place during the burial ceremony.

Pyramids on PBS

Ancient Egypt

To Begin Task #3


the body is prepared
The Body is Prepared

Carefully mummify the pharaoh’s body to preserve it for the afterlife. As you work, write down step-by-step directions for the mummification process.

  • How are Mummies Made?
  • Mummies by National Geographic
  • Mummies by Salariya Books

To test your skills CLICK HERE

the mummy maker
The Mummy Maker

Be sure to check out The Mummy Maker game to test your skills!

The Mummy Maker

To Begin Task #4



Pharaoh Khufu’s coffin and pyramid must be carefully labeled so that his spirit will be able to find his body when it reaches the afterlife. Learn how to write the pharaoh’s name in hieroglyphics and make a cartouche to mark his tomb.

Hieroglyphics on PBS

Hieroglyphics Translator

Finished? Try these Extra Activities


extra activities
Extra Activities

Do you have extra time? Check out these Ancient Egyptian brainteasers!

How Big are the Pyramids???

Play Egyptian Senet

The Jeweller of Memphis

Lost and Found in Ancient Egypt

Tradesmen in Ancient Egypt

grading rubrics
Grading Rubrics

1. Project Content Rubric

- Check this rubric to find out what is expected for each of the

four tasks

2. Project Guidelines Rubric

- Check this rubric to find out about the guidelines of the project

- Find out how you will be graded based on neatness, spelling,

grammar, and handing your work in on time