E2 p2 add energy efficiency to your p2 toolbox
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E2=P2 Add Energy Efficiency to your P2 Toolbox - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E2=P2 Add Energy Efficiency to your P2 Toolbox. Peter Crawford Vermont Small Business Development Center Regulatory Assistance Program www.vtsbdc.org. Good Environmental Manangement = Good Business $ense.

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E2 p2 add energy efficiency to your p2 toolbox

E2=P2 Add Energy Efficiency to your P2 Toolbox

Peter Crawford

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Regulatory Assistance Program


Good environmental manangement good business ense
Good Environmental Manangement = Good Business $ense

  • Energy Efficiency Improvements frequently have the highest return on investment possible (usually loan cash flow positive)

  • Don’t just pay electric bills, examine them for conservation opportunities

Demand side management
Demand Side Management

  • Reduced demand = lower electric bills

  • Business pay an additional surcharge on KW demand (15 min. peak/month)

  • Some utilities have off peak vs. peak demand pricing (switch big KW users to off peak)

  • Switch big KW users to alternative fuel (electric to gas hot water heater)

  • Peak Shaving for industrial users

  • Get rid of any electric baseboard heaters!

Energy use lighting
ENERGY USE - Lighting

  • Fluorescents – new Super T-8 electronic ballast fluorescents use 30+% less energy than older style fluorescent fixtures*

  • Compact Fluorescents* – last up to 10X longer than incandescent bulbs, use ~1/3 of the energy (not economical to use with dimmers). Lots of selection nowadays.

    * Flicker Checker: 800-MLI-0089

Energy use lighting1
ENERGY USE - Lighting

Exterior lighting:

  • Switch to motion sensors and/or Compact Fluorescent flood lights

  • Photocells run lights ~4300+ hours per year (twin 150 watt floods on photo uses ~$150+/yr)

  • Compact security type lights: 9-70 watts = 680-6400 lumens for <$25 each, uses $5-$36/yr.

  • Lots of selection nowadays!

  • Metal Halide & Sodium (replace & recycle Hg vapor lamps)

Energy efficient lighting
Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Recommend energy efficient lighting for lights left on for more than 6 hours/day.

  • T-5 High bay fluorescents (~225 watts/ea.) vs. 1000 watt Metal Halides

    The Sheraton Hotel in Burlington Saved: $13,610 in one year through energy efficient lighting upgrades.

Energy use lighting2
ENERGY USE - Lighting

  • Many areas are over lighted

  • Use light meter to determine if area is over lighted (20-50 foot candles=office)

  • Use task lighting where appropriate

  • Retro-fit Exit signs (incandescent or fluorescent) with LED, uses 5.4 watts, lasts 10+ years! $15.00 www.efi.org. Replacement exit sign=$25+, uses 2 watts, lasts 25 years

Energy use lighting3
ENERGY USE - Lighting

Lighting Controls:

  • Motion sensors (in less used areas)

  • Occupancy sensors (adjust from default)

  • Dimmers (use what you need)

  • Rewiring ceiling fluorescent to switch to % of room coverage vs. halves

  • Timers – can switch use to off peak

Energy use general
Energy Use - General

  • Commercial Coffee makers’ heating elements run 24/7 even when turned off – place on timers

  • Insulate all basement hot water pipes, run water at 120-130 F max.

  • Replace worn door weather strip

  • Use pool insulation covers at night

  • Use ENERGY STAR equipment

Energy refrigeration
Energy - Refrigeration

  • Why not use NE winter temperatures to cool product with an “Economiser”?

  • Older compressors, evaporators and fans can be far less efficient (>10+ yrs. old)

  • Are compressors well ventilated? Dust free?

  • Cooling empty space? Keep coolers/freezers full or downsize units

  • Replace hot walk-in incandescent light bulbs with cool compact fluorescent bulbs

  • Stand alone beverage coolers very inefficient

Energy heating cooling
Energy – Heating/Cooling

  • Programmable set-back thermostats can save 10%+ for a 10F+ setback

  • Use Premium, high efficiency motors for >1 hp, 3 phase motor replacement (~2-3% more efficient than standard grade)

  • Variable speed drives on larger motor & circulation pumps

E2 resources
E2 Resources

  • DOE software Tools: www.oit.doe.gov/bestpractices/software_tools.shtml

  • Energy Federation Inc. E2 Products: www.efi.org/

  • Energy Star: www.energystar.gov

  • Energy Guide E2 Products: www.energyguide.com (also has a detailed business energy analyzer)

  • Energy Efficiency Pays-A Guide for Small Businesses: www.asbdc-us.org/energy_efficiency.pdf

  • Lighting Retro-fit Calculator: www.goodenergy.com/electricity_consulting_products/lighting_retrofit_saving_calculator.asp