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FAU Barry Kaye College of Business

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FAU Barry Kaye College of Business Business Internship Program A Value of Internships Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience under the guidance of a supervisor (mentor) in the work setting, as well as a professor in the academic setting.

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fau barry kaye college of business

FAUBarry Kaye College of Business

Business Internship Program

a value of internships
A Value of Internships
  • Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience under the guidance of a supervisor (mentor) in the work setting, as well as a professor in the academic setting.
a value of internships3
A Value of Internships
  • The internship is a unique window into the operation of businesses and organizations in the real world.
a value of internships4
A Value of Internships
  • Student interns hone their skills and gain insights relating how companies perform in their competitive industry sectors.
a value of internships5
A Value of Internships
  • Internship placements are in industries and operations closely aligned with a student’s academic major enabling the student to evaluate his or her career choice while still enrolled in the university.
a value of internships6
A Value of Internships
  • The internship enables the employer to evaluate the career potential of the intern leading to the decision to offer or not offer the intern a full time position upon graduation.
academic credit
Academic Credit
  • All business majors may receive academic credit for an internship.
  • Students register for MAN 4940 – Management Internship.
  • Students complete a series of activities and reports throughout the term, culminating with an Internship Portfolio at the end of the term.
  • Students enrolled in an internship for academic credit will receive an actual (letter) grade for the course based on a number of specific criteria.
  • Since they are receiving academic credit for their management internship, students’ actual work performance is only a part of their grade. Superior work performance does not necessarily ensure a superior, e.g., A, grade.

The management internship requires both satisfactory work performance evaluated by the student’s on-the-job supervisor or mentor, as well as satisfactory academic performance evaluated by the professor.

student progress reports
Student Progress Reports
  • Students will submit two Progress Reports to the professor during the course of the semester.
supervisor reports
Supervisor Reports
  • The student’s on-the-job supervisor will complete two formal Mentor Evaluations during the semester.
purpose of reports
Purpose of Reports
  • Student Progress Reports and Mentor Evaluations highlight the work experiences and progress the student is making on the job. These reports are also used to identify any problems the student is having with his or her work assignments. The professor may consult with the supervisor by phone, email, or work-site visit should the need arise based on either supervisor or student concerns.
  • Details instructions and forms are provided in writing, on the course web site, and in a mandatory Internship Orientation Session scheduled at the beginning of the semester. Students will also participate in an online Discussion Forum, responding to questions posed by Dr. Pollack regarding internship activities and/or articles that Dr. Pollack will post on the course site during the term.
student submissions
Student Submissions
  • The professor will evaluate the student’s academic performance based on the production of several types of student submissions:
  • Online Discussion Forums
  • Project Overview
  • Project Report/Portfolio
online discussion forums
Online Discussion Forums

Students respond to specific questions posed by the internship professor throughout the term regarding internship activities, as well as other topics based on articles relating to organization issues and protocol posted on the Blackboard internship course platform. Points are awarded points based on the clarity and thoroughness of the responses. Responses must be substantive in order to receive full points. Students are encouraged to comment on the postings of other interns.

project overview
Project Overview

Since no two are precisely alike, students are required to prepare a Project Overview early in he internship describing their major activities and how they intend to present their experiences in the end-of-term Project Report/Portfolio.

Students are provided detailed information regarding the required content for each section of the Project.

project report portfolio elements
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Company Overview: Overview of the company in which the student is interning. This includes a discussion of what the company does, the industry in which it operates, whether it is a headquarters or branch operation, and other pertinent information. This section is based on research of company printed material and websites, as well as other sources of information and report on the company.
project report portfolio elements19
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Internship Description: An elaboration of the nature of the internship job description, including a discussion of the reporting relationship of the intern, a biography of the supervisor, an evaluation of the relationship between the intern and his or her supervisor.
project report portfolio elements20
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Internship Activities: A series of sections (A, B, C ….) detailing specific tasks performed and activities undertaken. Each section has about a one-page description written by the intern followed several pages of examples of work performed illustrating what the student has described.
project report portfolio elements21
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Assessment of Supervisor as a Leader: An analysis of the characteristics and effectiveness of the supervisor as a leader in the organizational setting. References to the Leadership Qualities and Leadership Assessment exercise, as well as items read in the Wall Street Journal as appropriate.
project report portfolio elements22
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Learning Outcomes: This section focuses on the learning outcomes of the internship from the student’s perspective. Students write an honest appraisal of the value, or lack of value, of doing an internship in this company. To be effective, this section must be detailed, pointing out the good or bad points and the reasons why they are good or bad points.
project report portfolio elements23
Project Report/PortfolioElements
  • Wall Street Journal Industry Sector Articles: An on-going assignment for students is to monitor the Wall Street Journal daily for articles dealing with their industry sector. Students “clip” articles that can be used as references in their end-of term Internship Project. The articles are then summarized briefly and, along with copies of the articles, included as an Appendix to the Internship Project. A minimum of 8 articles is required.
the successful internship
The Successful Internship

The successful internship is one in which both the student and the employer benefit.

  • Students seek practical experience to complement their academicstudies.
  • Employers seek a practical way to evaluate potential new employees who bring up-to- day information, curiosity, and enthusiasm to the workplace.