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30 Sep 08 30 Sep 07 CLASS A MISHAPS PowerPoint Presentation
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30 Sep 08 30 Sep 07 CLASS A MISHAPS

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30 Sep 08 30 Sep 07 CLASS A MISHAPS
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30 Sep 08 30 Sep 07 CLASS A MISHAPS

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    24. Navy Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USN AVIATION CLASS A MISHAPS (includes AGMs not included in the Flight Slide) 22 Jul 08 (CNAP/VP-1) P-3C overstressed during recovery after departing controlled flight. No fatalities. 13 Jun 08 (CNAL/VFA-15 & NAVAIRFORES/VFC-13) F/A-18C and F-5 had a midair collision at NAS Fallon. F-5 aircrew ejected safely. F/A-18C pilot suffered fatal injuries. 31 May 08 (NAVAIRFORES/VR-1) Two C-37B aircraft parked on flight line damaged by strong winds and hail. No injuries. (Ground Mishap) 20 May 08 (CNATRA/COMTRAWING 1) T-45C crashed during night practice landing at Meridian. Two aircrew ejected. 11 Apr 08 (CNAL/VFA-37) Two F/A-18C aircraft flew into thunderstorm with lightning and hail damage. Both aircraft recovered onboard ship. Four engines fodded and damage to FLIR. No Injuries. 14 Mar 08 (CNATRA/VT-6) T-34 aircraft wreckage found in mountainous area. 2 Souls on board. Injuries Fatal. 04 Mar 08 (CNATRA/VT-9) T-45 lost directional control after attempted arrested landing at Meridian. Aircrew ejected. Aircraft became airborne and crashed in woods. 27 Feb 08 (CNAL/VAW-125) E-2C port prop failed to feather during FCF engine shutdown. Aircraft incurred major damage during subsequent emergency landing at NAVSTA Norfolk. One minor injury. 12 Feb 08 (CNAP/VAQ-136) EA-6B Aircrew ejected due to in-flight fire after engine failure near Guam. 21 Jan 08 (CNAP/VAQ-136) EA-6B damaged by engine bay fire during high power turn at Atsugi (Ground Mishap) 16 Jan 08 (CNAL/HM-15) MH-53E struck antenna tower during night flight near Corpus Christi. 4 Souls on board with 3 fatalities, one major injury. 07 Jan 08 (CNAL/VFA-105 & VFA-11) F/A-18E and F/A-18F had a midair collision in the North Arabian Gulf. Aircrew ejected. 09 Nov 07 (CNAP/HS-2) H-60 executed night autorotation into water after loss of tail rotor while in transit to CVN in SOCAL Op Area. All seven crew and passengers rescued. 01 Nov 07 (CNATRA/VT-22) T-45A aircraft destroyed after engine failure due to FOD on takeoff at New Iberia LA during cross country flight. Aircrew ejected. 11 Oct 07 (CNAL/VFA-87) F/A-18A+ crashed in the water after pilot ejected during ACM training event in Cherry Point Op Area. Major injuries. 01 Oct 07 (CNATRA/VT-21) T-45A crashed after bird strike in the landing pattern at Kingsville. Aircrew ejected.

    25. Navy Short Narratives red indicates OIF mishap USN AFLOAT CLASS A MISHAPS 20 Sep 08 E4 died after becoming entangled and pinned in rudder ram aboard submarine while cleaning. 22 May 08 (CNAP/GEORGE WASHINGTON) Fire in auxiliary boiler exhaust trunk. 08 Mar 08 (CNAL/THEODORE ROOSEVELT) Wave slammed Sailor against bulkhead on CVNs sponson. 08 Mar 08 (CNSP/CROMMELIN) Over pressurized ballast tank resulting in bucking and split seams. 25 Jan 08 (USFF/MSC/USNS SUPPLY) Class B fire in MMR #1. USN PHYSICAL TRAINING CLASS A MISHAPS 02 Oct 07 (CNO/NAVY RECRUITING DISTRICT NEW YORK) OS2 lost consciousness during semi-annual PRT. Died 27 days later. USN SHORE CLASS A MISHAPS 31 Aug 08 (SPECWARCOM) SVM died attempting swim and pull messenger line across rapid river. 21 Jun 08 (USFF/NECC/NAVELSG) PC1 died as a result of a weapons handling accident at the Station Small Arms Range. 06 Mar 08 (SPECWARCOM) SOC was killed while conducting a tandem military freefall parachute jump. 13 Feb 08 (SPECWARCOM) SOCS was killed while conducting a pre-dawn HAHO parachute jump. 01 Feb 08 (NAVAL BASE KITSAP-BREMERTON) Transformer exploded and caught fire. 30 Jan 08 (SPECWARCOM/SEAL TEAM 5) SO2 was killed in a training mishap. 11 Oct 07 (SPECWARCOM/SDVT-2) SKSN drowned in a training accident when his RHIB collided with a tug boat. USN OPERATIONAL MOTOR VEHICLE CLASS A 29 Jul 08 (CNO/NAVFAC/NAVSUPPUN STATE DEPT CP REIMB) Fairfax, VA SW1 lost control of his motorcycle, crossed the median, and struck a barrier. He was on his way to a dental appointment. 30 May 08 (CNO/NAVCRUITREG EAST MILLIINGTON TN) Brazil, IN GOV driver struck motorcycle in the rear. Driver of motorcycle was declared deceased in route to the hospital. 13 Feb 08 (CNO/NAVY RECRUITING DISTRICT DALLAS) Athens, TX GOV driver struck and killed 2 Civilians. 24 Dec 07 (USFF/NAVELSG-FWD) Kuwait, MC1 was killed as a result of injuries he sustained in a non-tactical vehicle rollover.

    26. Navy Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USN PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE FATALITIES 21 Sep 08 (CNSP/TARAWA and ACB-1) San Diego, CA. E-4 driver and E-1 passenger died in a motorcycle accident while riding together on the same motorcycle. They were traveling at a high rate of speed and struck a tractor trailer as it turned into a driveway. 21 Sep 08 (CNSP/McCLUSKY) Chula Vista, CA. E-8 died in a motorcycle accident when he ran off the road and crashed into an embankment. 19 Sep 08 (NETC/NATTC Pensacola FL) Pensacola, FL. AR died in an automobile accident when the car in which he was a passenger had a head-on collision with another vehicle. 13 Sep 08 (CNAP/VX-9) Fountain Springs, CA. O-3 died in a multiple vehicle accident when his motorcycle, along with another motorcycle, collided head-on with a passenger car. 31 Aug 08 (SPECWARCOM/NSWG-3) Chula Vista, CA. O-2 died on 05 Sep 08 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. 27 Aug 08 (CNO/NAVY RECRUITING DISTRICT NEW ENGLAND) Plymouth, MA. E-5 died in a motorcycle accident when he impacted a guardrail. SNM was wearing proper PPE. Alcohol was not a factor. 24 Aug 08 (CNSP/PASADENA) Honolulu, HI E-6 died in a motorcycle accident when he lost control of his sport bike on an off-ramp. He was thrown from his motorcycle and struck a signpost. SNM was wearing proper PPE. 23 Aug 08 (CNAP/NAVSTKAIRWARCEN) Fallon, NV. E-3 died on 27 Aug 08 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. 23 Aug 08 (CNSP/COMSTOCK) San Diego, CA E-4 died after being stuck by a vehicle while crossing the street. He was removed from life support and died on 25 Aug 08. 16 Aug 08 (CNAL/GEORGE H.W. BUSH) Newport News, E-1 died from multiple trauma injuries during a motorcycle accident. 12 Aug 08 (NGB 2/ACU-4) Virginia Beach, VA E-5 lost control of the motorcycle he was operating, left the roadway striking a fence post in the vicinity of Newtown and Haygood roads. SVM was pronounced deceased on the scene. 09 Aug 08 (Jacksonville, FL) E-3 died on 29 Sep 08 from injuries sustained as a passenger in an automobile accident when the car was side-swiped and flipped. 09 Aug 08 (BUMED/NUMI GROTON CT) Groton, CT HM2, while westbound on route 184, was killed in an early morning automobile accident. 08 Aug 08 (CNAL/VFA-106) Virginia Beach, VA At 0230, AO3 was struck by an oncoming car. He and his passengers were pushing the vehicle to the side of the road after running out of gas. He died a short while later at a local hospital. 04 Aug 08 (CNSL/KEARSARGE) Williamsburg, VA ABF3 was fatality injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by his wife. The vehicle operator apparently fell asleep, ran off the road and collided with a tree. The service member was ejected from the vehicle and died of his injuries. Seatbelt usage is unknown at this time. 30 Jul 08 (CNAP/NIMITZ) San Diego, CA MMFN was struck by a vehicle while gathered with three other Sailors on a neighborhood street. He was pronounced dead on scene. None of the other Sailors sustained injuries.

    27. Navy Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USN PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE FATALITIES 28 Jul 08 (CNO/NAVAL ACADEMY ANNAPOLIS MD) Fort A.P. Hill, VA MID 1/C was killed when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. 26 Jul 08 (NETC/NAVRECTRA GREAT LAKES) Pleasant Prairie, WI EMC was killed when a car pulled out in front of him at an intersection while he was riding his motorcycle. 19 Jul 08 (CNAL/ENTERPRISE) Yorktown, VA E-5 was killed in a two-vehicle crash when the vehicle she was driving was T-boned on the drivers side by an SUV at an intersection. 11 Jul 08 (USFF/NMCB FOUR ZERO) Ventura County, CA BU2 was killed when he was involved in a motorcycle crash while traveling at high speed. BU2 lost control, ran off the road, impacted a tree and was pronounced dead at the scene. 03 Jul 08 (TPU NAS JACKSONVILLE FL) Riverdale, GA E5 was killed after being involved in a rear-end collision between the motorcycle he was riding and a truck. 26 Jun 08 (CNSP/BOXER) San Diego, CA At 2030, a 22-year-old E4 was involved in a motorcycle crash while racing with a 34-year-old E-5 from USS Boxer. The E-4 lost control and crashed. He died from his injuries on 28 Jun. The E-5 was arrested. Both were under the influence. 25 Jun 08 (NAVSEA/NAVSHIPYD NORFOLK VA) Virginia Beach, VA E5 motorcyclist was killed when the bike she was riding hit a guard rail on I-64 in Virginia Beach, VA. 22 Jun 08 (CNAL/VP-30) Jacksonville, FL AO1 was killed while returning home, when he lost control of his motorcycle. 19 Jun 08 (NETWARCOM/NAVCOMTELSTA SAN DIEGO) San Diego, CA E2 was killed on Interstate 8, 70 miles east of his new duty station. 09 Jun 08 (CNSL/HALYBURTON) Jacksonville, FL E5 on a motorcycle was traveling at high speed and ran into the rear of another vehicle and died. 31 May 08 (CNAP/CARL VINSON) Greenwood County, SC E3 was involved in a 4-wheel vehicle accident. The E3 was not wearing a seatbelt and was pronounced dead at the scene. 30 May 08 (CNI/CONSTITUTION) Boston, MA E2 lost control of his motorcycle in a curve and crashed into a catwalk on the shoulder of the roadway. 26 May 08 (CNSP/RUSHMORE) Ramona, CA EN3 on a motorcycle died in a crash involving 4-motorcycles and an automobile. 21 May 08 (CNSL/CARTER HALL) Virginia Beach, VA DCFN passenger died from injuries in a single car accident. Driver in critical condition. 17 May 08 (CNAP/RONALD REAGAN) San Diego, CA ABE3 was killed when his car hit a guardrail spun out and was broadsided by another car. 09 May 08 (NAVSEA/NPTU CHARLESTON SC) Mount Pleasant, SC EM3 was killed when his motorcycle and another motorcyclist were struck by a vehicle driven by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. The driver fled the scene but was apprehended a short time later.

    28. Navy Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USN PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE FATALITIES 27 Apr 08 (USFF/NMCB 133) Indiana, CE3 sustained fatal injuries when he maneuvered his vehicle to avoid a deer and hit rear of semi. 26 Apr 08 (CNSP/RENTZ) Huntsville, AL E3 in an unauthorized leave status sustained fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. 25 Apr 08 (SPECWARCOM/NSWG-1) San Diego, CA ET2 sustained fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident at HWY8 and HWY 163. 22 Apr 08 (CNSL/HALYBURTON) Jacksonville, FL CS1 sustained fatal injuries when his motorcycle collided with a bus that made a left turn in front of him. 19 Apr 08 (CNI/NAVSUPPACT NORFOLK VA) Virginia Beach, VA CS2 took an off ramp at high speed and impacted the retaining wall. 28 Mar 08 (NETC/NPTU CHARLESTON) Charleston, SC LT was found deceased in his damaged vehicle in a wooded area below an off ramp on I-526. 17 Mar 08 (CNSL/USS ELROD) West VA, IT1 was traveling on I-64 when his vehicle drifted off road, hit embankment and rolled several times. Injuries Fatal. 15 Mar 08 (SPECWARCOM/SBT-12) Buffalo, TX Driver lost control of vehicle resulting in mishap that killed EN3 passenger. 13 Mar 08 (CNSL/USS WASP) Norfolk, VA GM2 sustained fatal injuries when he lost control of his motorcycle in a parking lot and ran into a building. 08 Mar 08 (CNSL/WASP) LT killed when his vehicle hydroplaned crossed median and struck car carrier. 18 Feb 08 (CNAL/ENTERPRISE) Newport News, VA E-4 was killed in a single vehicle accident when driver lost control and hit a utility pole. 17 Feb 08 (SUBPAC/SUBRON 11) San Diego, CA EM3 killed when his motorcycle impacted a van. 07 Feb 08 (USFF/NMCB 7) Gulfport, MS UT3 was a passenger on motorcycle when she fell off, her helmet came off and she was fatally injured. 27 Jan 08 (USFF/CNMAWC/MCM CREW CONSTANT) Roanoke, TX EM3 was killed in a head-on collision by a driver who passed in a no-passing zone. 26 Jan 08 (CNO/U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY) Gaithersburg, MD MIDN 2/C died when his motorcycle collided with a cement barrier. 26 Jan 08 (CNE/NAS SIGONELLA) Sicily, IT MA3 died in a multi-vehicle accident.

    32. Marine Corps Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USMC AVIATION CLASS A MISHAPS 15 Sep 08 (HMLA-269) AH-1W crashed in the desert during night weapons test fire/weapons proficiency flight. No aircrew injuries. 14 Jul 08 (VMA-542) AV-8B sustained a gear up landing. Main wheels down and locked. Right outrigger and nose wheel not locked. Aircraft came down on nose and right wing. 01 Jul 08 (HMM-365) CH-46E sustained hard landing due to suspected loss of engine power on short final. 15 May 08 (VMAT-203) AV-8B crashed near Yuma as a result of engine failure during an air to surface sortie. Pilots safely ejected. 13 Feb 08 (HMM-365) AV-8B crashed after pilot ejected following an under run during formation join up on RTB to Cherry Point. 27 Nov 07 (VMA-513) AV-8B crashed near Yuma as a result of engine failure during a night training flight. Pilot ejected. 06 Nov 07 (2nd MAW/VMMT-204) MV-22B aircraft had nacelle fire on short final during night external load training near New River. Major damage, no injuries. USMC GROUND CLASS A 10 May 08 (Albany, GA) Civilian electrician burned on high-voltage system resulting in permanent total disability. 23 Mar 08 (4TH MGL/6TH ENG SUPP BATT) LCPL collapsed and died shortly after commencing PT. 11 Jan 08 (I MARDIV/IMEF MCCES K9R) PFC died during command sponsored PT. 26 Oct 07 (2ndMLG/2nd MED BN) HM3 died while participating in command sponsored physical training. 19 Oct 07 (1stFAST/2nd PLT MSF) CPL died after completion of command physical training. 06 Oct 07 (MVSD/CLB-15) PFC was changing the split rim tire on 130 Grader when it exploded. Injury was fatal. USMC OPERATIONAL MOTOR VEHICLE 07 Aug 08 (1st MLG/CLB-1/MAINT CO) Karmah, Iraq MRAP was traveling when it hit a hole in the road at an "S" curve, causing the vehicle to roll over into a canal. Driver and gunner were killed. 19 Jun 08 (1st MARDIV/1st TANK BN/B CO) 29 Palms, CA SGT and LCPL injured and M1A1 tank rendered inoperable when round combusted in Turret. 08 May 08 (MCTSSA) Camp Pendleton, CA PFC was driving MTVR and swerved into the oncoming lane of a Dodge Neon. SGT driving the Neon was killed on impact. 09 Mar 08 (4th MARDIV/ATB) Fort Rucker, Alabama, LCPL killed when a charter bus with 23 other Marines overturned.

    33. Marine Corps Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USMC OPERATIONAL MOTOR VEHICLE 05 Feb 08 (12th MCD/RSS MONTEBELLO) South El Monte, CA SGT had attended an off-site meeting (PCS) and was in route to his RSS when a delivery truck pulled out in front of him. He collided with the left body side of the delivery truck. SVM died on impact. 28 Nov 07 (IIMEF(FWD)/MWSG-27/MWSS-372) CPL died as a result of an HMMVW rollover. 22 Oct 07 (IMEF/3rdMAW/MACG-38) CPL was returning to MCAS for duty when he lost control of his vehicle, impacting a corner wall. CPL suffered Permanent Total Disability injuries. USMC PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE FATALITIES 26 Sep 08 (CARDF ALBANY GA) Albany, GA. SGT was killed after being struck by a motor vehicle while walking alongside the road. The driver of the vehicle did not stop. 19 Sep 08 (W CO/1ST BN/4TH MAR) Pala, CA. E-4 died in a motorcycle accident when he lost control and crashed due to gravel on the road. 07 Sep 08 (1ST MARDIV/3RD AA BN) Amboy, CA. E-4 died from injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident. 05 Sep 08 (GARDENERVILLE, NV) SNM died when his vehicle left the road and he was ejected. 27 Aug 08 (WEAPONS TRAINING BN/MCB CAMP LEJUNE) Onslow County, NC. E-4 died in a single vehicle accident when he drove across oncoming traffic lane and into a ditch. The car flipped and landed on its roof. 23 Aug 08 (INDIA CO/3RD BN/9TH MAR) Wilmington, NC PFC was killed when the driver of another vehicle pulled out from a parking lot into the path of the motorcycle that the PFC was driving. The Marine's motorcycle crashed into the driver's door of the vehicle, and the Service member was ejected from the motorcycle. He was transported via helo to a medical center where he was later pronounced dead. 16 Aug 08 (3 MAW/ MAG 11/ HMH-361 )Romona, CA LCPL was riding motorcycle with 2 others, lost control and ran into tree. 08 Aug 08 (2nd BN/8th MAR/2nd MARDIV) Jacksonville, NC PFC traveling South on US 17 swerved from the left lane to the right lane. His motorcycle struck a guardrail ejecting him resulting in fatal injuries. 26 Jul 08 (8th ENGSUP BN/2nd MLG) Jacksonville, NC PFC was killed while riding a motorcycle when he collided with a parked car in a parking lot. 19 Jul 08 (2nd CBT ENGR BN/2nd MARDIV) Newport, NC 2nd LT was traveling east on highway 24 when his motorcycle struck another vehicle at the intersection of Salty Shores RD and Highway 24. He was pronounced dead at the scene by North Carolina Patrol Trooper. 17 Jul 08 (I&I STAFF/F CO/4th LAR BN/4th MARDIV) Columbia, SC SGT was killed after losing control of his motorcycle, striking a telephone pole and a fence.

    34. Marine Corps Short Narratives red indicates OIF/OEF mishap USMC PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLE FATALITIES 12 Jul 08 (4th MAW/MAG-49/VMGR 452) New Windsor, NY GYSGT died in a hospital after he and his passenger were thrown from the motorcycle they were riding. After losing control, he left the roadway and crashed down an embankment off World Trade Way and Brooks St. 11 Jul 08 (HQ BN/1st MARDIV) Staten Island, NY at 0410 SGT riding on a motorcycle collided with a guardrail, was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained fatal injuries. 06 Jul 08 (RECRUITING STATION SAN DIEGO) Yucca Valley, CA at 0414 SSGT killed in a motorcycle crash when his motorcycle veered off the road striking a curb, then impacting a tree. 05 Jul 08 (WEAPONS AND TRAINING BN/MCRD PARRIS ISLAND SC) Ladys Island, SC at 0420 CPL died of injuries he received when involved in a motorcycle crash after hitting a curb and being thrown to street. 29 Jun 08 (1st MLG/CLR-15) Winchester, CA at 2010 HM1 assigned to Camp Pendleton and his wife and 4 year old son were killed when the car they were driving was struck head on by the driver of a pick-up truck that crossed the double yellow lines. 22 Jun 08 (BLT/2nd BN/6th MAR REGIMENT) Holly Ridge, NC LCPL was a passenger in a vehicle on HWY 17. Another vehicle driven by a USMC SGT crossed the centerline and struck the LCPLs vehicle head-on. The LCPL died on 24 June. The SGT has been arrested and charged with DUI and involuntary manslaughter. 17 Jun 08 (MC DET FORT LEONARD WOOD) Pulaski County, MO. Marine SGT suffered fatal injuries when the vehicle he was driving ran off the right side of the road and struck a tree. 08 Jun 08 (2ND MLG/CLB-22) Jacksonville, NC PVT departed a social event and was walking in the road when he was struck by a civilian vehicle and died. 28 May 08 (2D MLG/CLR-25/CLC-21) LCPL who was TAD to Recruiting Substation Rocky Mount, died after being involved in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle crashed into a building in Roanoke Rapids, NC. 19 May 08 (A CO/1st BN/11th MAR/1st MARDIV) Near Grand Rapids, MI LCPL on leave was discovered at the roadside dead from an apparent motorcycle accident. 17 May 08 (WEAPONS CO/1st BN/7th MAR/7th MAR REGIMENT) Upland, CA PFC died when he hit an SUV and lost control of his motorcycle. 16 May 08 (MCAS Camp Pendleton) Fresno, CA SSGT was involved in a motorcycle accident. He passed away 15 days later from injuries received in the mishap. 08 May 08 (MCRS Kansas City) Northeast of Platte City, MO PFC died from injuries received when he and two other passengers were involved in a head-on collision at approximately 1359. 01 May 08 (A CO/HQBN MAGTFTC/ MCAGCC) 29 Palms, CA SSGT ran a red light on his motorcycle as another vehicle was transiting the intersection. The SSGT was fatally injured in the collision. 30 Apr 08 (USSSOUTHCOM) Miami, FL GYSGT died from injuries sustained when his motorcycle was struck by an F150 pickup truck going at a high rate of speed.