2005 2006 f 6 chemistry project l.
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2005-2006 F.6 Chemistry Project

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2005-2006 F.6 Chemistry Project. A Famous Chemist Alfred Nobel. Life Profile. Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1833 Father was Immanuel Nobel Mother was Andriette Ahlsell Nobel Has three brothers. The house where Alfred Nobel was born. Alfred Nobel. 1842 1850-1852 1860 1896.

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2005 2006 f 6 chemistry project

2005-2006 F.6 Chemistry Project

A Famous Chemist

Alfred Nobel

life profile
Life Profile
  • Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1833
  • Father was Immanuel Nobel
  • Mother was Andriette Ahlsell Nobel
  • Has three brothers

The house where Alfred Nobel was born.

Alfred Nobel

life profile3




Family reunited in St. Petersburg

Life Profile

Travelled to Paris, Italy, Germany and the U.S.A.

Started his experiments with nitroglycerin

Suffered a stroke, and died in the villa in San Remo, Italy

research processes
Research processes
  • Met a young Italian chemist, Ascanio Sobrero in Paris
  • Knew that Sobrero had invented nitroglycerine
  • Started to develop nitroglycerine
  • Resulted in accidents
  • The experiments were banned by government

Barge on Lake Mälaren.

  • Moved his experiments to a barge or flat bottom boat  on Lake Mälaren
academic achievement invention of dynamite
Academic achievementInvention of dynamite
  • Mixing nitroglycerin, diatomaceous earth and a small admixture of sodium carbonate
  • Diatomaceous earth turn the liquid into paste which could be shaped into rods
  • Invent detonator and blasting cap


academic achievement invention of dynamite nitroglycerin
Academic achievementInvention of dynamite - nitroglycerin
  • Derived from glycerol molecule
  • Contains oxygen, nitrogen and carbon
  • A lot of energy is released when it explodes
  • The speed of the decomposition reaction makes nitroglycerin a violent explosive


academic achievement uses of dynamite
Academic achievementUses of dynamite
  • Construction 。 drilling tunnels。 blasting rocks。 demolition
  • Mining
  • Weapons
  • Underwater blasting

water blasting

nobel prizes
Nobel Prizes
  • Use his fortune to give prizes to those who have outstanding contributions to society
  • Prize categories。Physics 。Chemistry。Physiology or Medicine。Literature。Peace

The Nobel Medals

nobel prizes9
Nobel Prizes
  • The first Nobel Prizes were first awarded in 1901
  • 776 Nobel Prizes have been awarded until 2005
  • Each prize constitutes a gold medal, a diploma and   a sum of money

The first Prize Award Ceremony in 1901 at the Old Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm