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Major M. Pharm Specializations PowerPoint Presentation
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Major M. Pharm Specializations

Major M. Pharm Specializations

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Major M. Pharm Specializations

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  1. Major M. Pharm Specializations

  2. After the completion of B. Pharm, you might be ready to pursue a master degree. But which specialization to choose is always a dilemma with many options available in front. Always pick the subject or area you are most knowledgeable and interested in, at the same time, look out for its scope and career opportunities in India and abroad.

  3. Here are some of the best M. Pharm specializations available in the best colleges in Kerala. Have a thorough understanding and then decide the one that suits your interest and ambitions.

  4. M. PHARM IN PHARMACEUTICS: A masters in pharmaceutics deals the technologies and concepts behind the production of medicines. Thus, a post-graduate has diverse career scope in the formulations of drugs, research in formulations and excipients, manufacturing, drug regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical companies.

  5. M. PHARM IN PHARMACOLOGY: It is the study of drug actions, how medicines work and are processed by the human body. M. Pharm graduate in pharmacology can work in clinical hospitals to pharmaceutical companies. Job responsibilities include patents or clinical trials, a consultancy in pharmacy, drug research, drug regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance.

  6. M. PHARM IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY: If your interest lies in the fields of research and analysis of new medicines, this is your field. Here you can indulge in various fields of research, quality control, analysis fields and development of new therapeutics.

  7. M. PHARM IN PHARMACOGNOSY: It is precisely the study of medicines and drugs made of natural sources such as plants, microbes and animals. Jobs are limited in this field, yet if you are competent enough to make a career out of it, you definitely can.

  8. M. PHARM IN BIOTECHNOLOGY: M. Pharm in biotechnology is an advanced study of hybridomas, along with topics related to biotech pharmaceutical drugs, pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical biotechnology products. It is easy to get a job in biotech based industries focusing on researches.

  9. M. PHARM IN HOSPITAL PHARMACY: If your interest lies in a retail pharmacy or clinical trials, you may choose hospital pharmacy which involves stocking and dispensing of medicines to inpatients, advising patients, doctors and nurses on medicinal usage and effectiveness etc.

  10. From the numerous M. Pharm courses available in the best pharmacy colleges in Kerala, take your time to decide the apt course and join for a prosperous career within and outside India. None of your educational qualifications will go in vain.

  11. Prepared by Pharmacy college in kerala