digital marketing agency in delhi ncr n.
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Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

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Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

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  1. Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR

  2. About Us Meshpixis a complete brand providing the digital marketing service and graphic designing service at the same place. The growth of the business depends on the marketing strategy and we strive to help you with various marketing strategies. Website:

  3. Services Digital Marketing Content Writing Graphic Designing Think like a publisher, not a marketer Website:

  4. Digital Marketing 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Social Media Optimization 3. Social Media Marketing 4. Pay Per Click 5. Email Marketing Website:

  5. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is process of getting the quality and quantity of traffic from natural or organic search result on your website through search engine. Website:

  6. Social Media Optimization Social Media Optimization is the process of increasing the awareness of a brand, product by using bookmarking sites, social news and RSS feeds as well as video, blogging and social media sites to generate viral publicity. Website:

  7. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is also known as Internet marketing. The process of social media marketing is to gaining the attention or traffic through the social media sites. Website:

  8. Pay Per Click Pay Per Click is the process to buying the visits for your website. In this process the advertisers pay each time when their ads is click. Website:

  9. Email Marketing Email marketing is the form of direct marketing. It is a tool for engaging, retaining and acquiring customers to help your business develop. Website:

  10. Graphic Designing 1. Logo Design 2. Banner Design 3. Brochure Design 4. Corporate Identity Website:

  11. Logo Design A logo is a symbol or graphic mark which is commonly used by organisations and commercial enterprises. Website:

  12. Banner Design Banner is the most important thing to represent your organisation or website. It is an equivalent to display in business card, magazine and newspaper. Website:

  13. Brochure Design A brochureis an informative document or paper which can be folded into a leaflet, pamphlet or template. Website:

  14. Corporate Identity Corporate identity is the combination of words, design, logo and color schemes which are used in various applications to promote the business. Website:

  15. MeshPix Thank you…. Website: