should the u s government provideuniversal health care coverage for all its citizens l.
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Universal Health Care:

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Should the U.S. Government provideuniversal health care coverage for all its citizens? Universal Health Care: SICKO

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universal health care

Health care and health insurance costs are rising far above the inflation rate. More than 45 million Americans do not have health insurance, and millions more have insurance that does not adequately cover them or their families. This issue affects not only low-income families, but middle-class families in part because employers who offer health insurance have dropped from 69% in 2000 to 60% in 2005. Estimates of the percentage of U.S. government funds that go toward health care vary, on the high end at 20% of government revenue, but just about all parties in the debate agree that the government’s contribution to American health care is large and growing.

Universal Health Care
what argument does this graphic make in favor of universal health care
What argument does this graphic make in favor of universal health care?

Countries that provide universal health care for its citizens


What argument does this news report make in favor of universal health care?

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Sicko Clip -- Dr. Linda Pino

Family Sues Cigna