tobacco mosaic virus n.
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Tobacco mosaic virus PowerPoint Presentation
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Tobacco mosaic virus

Tobacco mosaic virus

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Tobacco mosaic virus

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  1. Tobacco mosaic virus M.M. Hernandez

  2. Tobacco mosaic virusTMV • Genus Tobamovirus 15 members naked, rigid rod, + unsegmented ss RNA • No family assignation by ICTV

  3. 2 nm 18 nm NC protein STRUCTURAL FEATURES OF TMV CAPSID 30 nm Helical symmetry RNA genome Images:P. Sforza, 2001

  4. TMV genome organization 6,395 nt Capsid CP Replicase RdRp tRNAhis 183K 17.6 K 30 K UAG (leaky) Movement MP MT-Hel 5’ cap 126 K

  5. Host:Nicotiana tabaccum(Solanaceous ) & other 9 plant families susceptible too

  6. Disease:Mosaic (calico)

  7. Mosaic disease on Tobacco leaf

  8. Chlorosis Necrosis Stunting Mosaic disease: significant losses in yield & $ value

  9. TMV Life cycle 5’ cap Host Rb a) Virus entry trough abrasions on plant tissue. Inside cell associates with ER b) spontaneous release of few capsid (CP) subunits 5' end of genome is uncovered c) Host ribosome attaches to viral RNA, moves down displacing more CP units …/… Modification of a diagram from: L. Stannard, Department of Medical Microbiology, U. of Cape Town

  10. TMV Life cycle (cont.) 5’ d) Ribosome meets start codon, translates first two proteins (126K ,183 K) while uncoating continues “co-traslational disassembly” e) 126 K ( MET-Hel) & 183 K ( RdRp) use viral RNA as template to make full length complementary neg. strand RNA …/… Modification of a diagram from: L. Stannard, Department of Medical Microbiology, U. of Cape Town

  11. TMV Life cycle (cont.) RdRp + Strand (genome) Neg. strand f) Neg. RNA strand used by viral replicase (RdPp/MET-Hel ) as template for +RNA g) Also, neg. RNA strand has internal promoters used by replicase to make mRNA for 30K protein (MP) and 17.5 K (CP) promoters Transcription by RdRp MP mRNA CP mRNA

  12. TMV Life cycle (cont.) h) MP combines with viral +RNA to move it into new plant cells through plasmodesmata

  13. TMV Life cycle (cont.) i) Accumulation of +RNA & CP proteins stimulates assembly of progeny virions Viral RNA interacts with discs CP units self assemble into discs Electrostatic interaction stabilizes structure into helix M. Olvera de la Cruz

  14. TMV Life cycle (cont.) j) massive TMR replication occur in the X-bodies (viroplasmas) Szecsi et al. 1999 Hamacher et al. 2003

  15. TMV Life cycle (cont.) k) Virus will remain in plant tissue and sap until delivered to a new plant host usually by mechanical means

  16. TMV diagnosis • Symptoms • E.M. & Serology • RT-PCR & RFLP Letschert et al. 2002 HTTP;//BAKERLAB.BERKELEY.EDU/?IMG=1

  17. Current Research on TMV • Improving diagnostic techniques • Characterization of MP and viral movement through plant • Characterization of the Helicase & RdRp

  18. Questions?

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  21. 2. Add ssTMV+ RNA (assembly infective virus): Electrostatic attraction stabilizes viral assembly. 1. Solution of TMV Capsid Proteins Electrostatic repulsion inhibits + protein +protein aggregation. Salt (M) ZRNA= -1/mer 3. Sphere-like (icosahedral) RNA virus (Tsuruta et al) Acidity 4. Capsid + Hole (density ≈ RNA crystal) self-assembles from capsid protein + viral RNA solution