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Taoism: Symbols & Images PowerPoint Presentation
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Taoism: Symbols & Images

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Taoism: Symbols & Images - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taoism: Symbols & Images .

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Taoism: Symbols & Images

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    1. Taoism: Symbols & Images • - Ying-Yang dyagram is the most important of all Taoist symbols, represents the movement of heaven or the Tao. The small opposing dots in each area to represent the fact that in all evil there exists some good, while in all the good there exists some evil. Also, it represents dark and bright, night and day, dry and moist, aggressive and passive; sun and rain. • Fu-hsi is the creator of pakua - one of the Chinese cultural heroes. • Pakua is the eight triagrams that constitutes the inner structure of the sixty-four hexagrams of I-Ching. This symbol created by Fu-Hsi  • The dragon is one of the Yang symbols, represents the power, sage or saint

    2. Taoism: Symbols & Images • The three sages are Buddha, Confucius and Lao-Tzu. They represent money, power and talent. • The sacred tortoise with pukua on its back is the symbol of wisdom and divinatory power. • Kua is a hexagram formed of six continuous or discontinuous lines. • The I-ching coin is one of the symbol of Taoism, which three coins are used to consult the oracle

    3. Taoism:Numbers of Adherents In The World&Influence In The 21st Century • - Membership of Taoism: 2.7 million • - Percentage of the world <1% • “Ki or Vital Energy” training transforms human energy into its superhuman or divine form. • Today there are more than 200 non-profit International Chun Do Sun Bup Ki Energy Centers operated by Korean and Western Masters who teach this ancient art in South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.